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SearchWP - Instantly Improve Your Site Search v4.1.12 + Addons

Download Free SearchWP – Instantly Improve Your Site Search v4.1.22 + Addons

SearchWP – Instantly Improve Your Site Search + Addons Free Download 4.1.22 – | SearchWP – Instantly Improve Your Site Search v4.1.22 + Addons instantly integrates using product search for the most popular e-Commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, Easy Digital Downloads and more… It Instantly improve your website search without writing a line of code! SearchWP WordPress Search Plugin uses your existing search forms and results template…

For common e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, Quick Digital Downloads, BigCommerce for WordPress, WP E-Commerce, and more, SearchWP integrates immediately with product search.

Index all content, including content from Advanced Custom Fields, CMB2, and several other popular custom field plugins, stored as WordPress Custom Fields. It also indexes material from PDF, Office, plain text, and more from several document formats.

To find out what your visitors are searching for, log searches, and more importantly, decide whether they have found it.

What are your visitors searching For?

The activity of search engines on-site can provide very valuable information into the behaviour of visitors.

The people who visit have been actually telling them what they’re looking for!

SearchWP is aware of and appreciates the importance of the power of on-site search can be, and not just for your customers but for you as well.

With an efficient online search engine, your customers will be able to share what they’re searching for. SearchWP can help people to find it.

The SearchWP Metrics Extension analyzes your web traffic and shows you what people are looking for in the first place, as well as what they are failing to find.

Data from SearchWP can assist you in improving your website content!

Automatic Theme Integration

(Don’t be concerned about developers custom integrations, hooks and custom integrations are also a major focus! )

WordPress already comes with search capabilities, SearchWP steps in by connecting to existing search forms and templates. already-in place search page as well as templates for results.

The good news is that there is no code needed to modify your existing results or keyword search form template! SearchWP seamlessly integrates with the native WordPress search forms for:

  • Themes that default
  • Custom-designed themes
  • You choose your Themes!

Find Missing Search Result

Contrary to WordPress, SearchWP returns results based on relevancy to your content intend to look up. It is no longer a case of non-existent content types or results that were not found, as well as poor sorting!

The SearchWP is compatible with the existing template for search results by sorting the results based on the type of content and the criteria you set and includes:

  • Fields that are custom Fields (post metadata) including ACF Fields
  • Ecommerce product details, variations, & attributes
  • Categories, Tags, custom taxonomies
  • Shortcode output
  • Document content (PDF, .docx, .txt, etc.)
  • Custom database table contents

Help you search your documents!

You can instruct SearchWP to take the text out of files (PDF, Office, rich or plain text, and many more!) that are uploaded into the WordPress Media library and make it searchable.

The results of a document search are integrated into your results template which will display your Media Library title and a hyperlink to that Media entry.

Further, SearchWP is able to create the contextual fragment which cuts through search terms.

Ability to search all kinds of things

Many of the modern WordPress websites utilize far beyond the types of content accessible directly through WordPress.

Custom database tables are utilized to dramatically increase performance when needed However, it removes the information is not accessible to WordPress search results..

SearchWP was designed to meet this need It SearchWP can create indexes (and create searchable) contents from almost every local database table.

Aware of Taxonomies & Shortcodes

Terms from taxonomy like categories as well as Tags include incredible content that is search-oriented.

Native WordPress search doesn’t take into account the content.

Shortcodes are extremely well-liked in WordPress however, the native WordPress search doesn’t utilize the output.

SearchWP lets you integrate taxonomy-related terms and Shortcode output into your search operations!


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Changelog SearchWP Nulled Instantly Improve Your Site Search


  • [Change] Plugin settings moved to the top-level menu
  • [Fix] Undefined function error during the \’index\’ CLI command execution
  • [Fix] Merging words in some cases during HTML content tokenization


  • [Fix] Synonym application too broad in some cases
  • [Fix] Document content reindexing in some cases
  • [Fix] Missing method reference in Comment source
  • [Fix] Forced phrase search returns no results if the search string doesn’t contain non-phrase tokens
  • [Improvement] Search string normalization
  • [Improvement] String highlight application when synonyms are applied
  • [Improvement] Handling of double quotes in synonym logic in some cases


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