Scraper (v2.0.8) Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress Free Download

Scraper - Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress
Scraper - Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress

Download Free Scraper – Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress v2.0.8

Scraper – Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress Free Download 2.0.8  – CodeCanyon | Scraper – Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress Nulled v2.0.8  is a plugin that automatically copies content and posts from any website. Scraper WordPress plugin brings content creation to a different level with several useful and special features.

Scraper Nulled will automatically pick up and post 7/24 to you, and design your own scraping procedure with visual editor.

Scrape Any Website

You can scrape any website with Xpath and regex methods!

Get Attributes

Scraper can scan element attributes, so that connections, image sources, video resources can be obtained.

Set Feature Image

Any image that can be set as a featured image can be extracted.

Duplicate Title Skip

Scraper checks that the same title is not available previously.

Fix Encoding

The plugin fixes encoding errors and posts them after the error has been fixed.

Language Translation

Scraper recognizes and translates material to any language automatically.

Content Spinner

Scraper Nulled supports the plugin A.I. Spinner, so you can build unique content.

Support Categories

In any category you created you can post your new contents.

Regex (JSON) Parser

An information containing JSON items may be analyzed.

Gallery Images

Scraper Nulled will scan and create a gallery for any picture series.

Search & Replace

With a search & substitute function you can turn your content.

Content Template with Variables

With transform function, you can create your unique content template.

WooCommerce Products

It’s very simple to create Scraper WooCommerce goods. All tags of WooCommerce can be assisted by Scraper Nulled.

Math Functions

Any number with math may be summarized, subtracted or split. The price calculations can be useful.

Scraper – Automatic Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress Free Download Link

Changelog Scraper – Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress Nulled

04/30/2021 (v2.0.4)

- Bug: Fixed issue while adding more than 26 fields.
- Bug: Fixed Scheduled tasks get stuck in queue
- Bug: Fixed key name for new data field
- Added Cron URLs that can be run directly via server's Cron Job
12/16/2020 (v2.0.3)

- Bug: Fixed Duplicate Image download
- Bug: Fixed Scheduled tasks get stuck in queue
- Bug: Fixed XML/RSS feed scrapping
- Feature: Added Task URLs that can be run directly via server's Cron Job
- Feature: Added option to export output to excel directly without posting it to WP
- Added: Ready to use templates
- Removed Unnecessary Files & Folders
05/19/2020 (v2.0.2)

- Bug: Author not set when posts imported via scheduled tasks
05/14/2020 (v2.0.1)

- Bug: Fixed Scheduled tasks get stuck in queue
04/27/2020 (v2.0.0)

     - Introducing Scraper Pro (for ajax scraping)
     - Updated Documentation link
     - Feature: Added support for `Alt` & `Title` for featured image
    - Feature: Green Highlighter for Feed link selector
        - Bug: Fixed warning issues
     - Bug: Fixed Incorrect XML / RSS parsing message
     - Bug: Fixed HTML Source scrapping issue
10/21/2019 (v1.1.3)
        + Bug Fixes
07/06/2019 (v1.1.1)
        + UI Changes
        + Fixed: Scheduled Posts
        + Added: Ajax data parsing
        + Fixed: Parsing XML Feeds
        + Added: Non-english language support
        + Fixed: Local timezone capability
03/20/2019 (v1.1)
        + UI revamped, many changes across the plugin and visual editor
        + Introducing Simplified view in "Scheduled Tasks" tab
        + Clone task feature introduced. 
02/10/2019 (v1.0.42)
        + ignore_params database issue has been fixed.
02/07/2019 (v1.0.41)
        + product attributes issue has been fixed.
        + Split delimiter bug fixed for gallery images.
01/12/2019 (v1.0.40)
        + DeepL Translation integration.
        + Disable URL parameters for URL uniqueness option.
        + Set featured image with post parent ID.
        + Total run limit functionality has been added.
        + Set author option has been added.
        + Set post slug option has been added.
12/06/2018 (v1.0.39)
        + Multiple p element issue has been fixed for post_content.
        + Page increase stuck issues has been fixed.
11/27/2018 (v1.0.38)
        + (Bugfix) Used images won't be downloaded again.
        + Next page jump and auto-reset functions has been improved.
        + cURL gzip enabled.
        + WooCommerce product_cat and product_tag issues has been fixed.
11/13/2018 (v1.0.37)
        + Bulk list URL problems has been fixed.
        + URL path issues has been fixed.
        + Next page trigger functions has been updated.
        + Gallery selection issues has been fixed.
        + Visual selector has been improved.
        + Default value for product attributes has been updated.
        + Next page selector has been improved.
        + Article content selector has been improved.
        + cURL feature has been added.
        + Proxy issues has been fixed.
        + Visual editor zoom issue has been fixed for low resolutions.
        + product_tag creation issue has been fixed.
        + Same variable name issue has been fixed for visual editor.
11/02/2018 (v1.0.36)
        + URL Path issues has been fixed.
        + Bulk URL list option added.
        + Yandex Translation API has been added.
        + tbody issue has been fixed for Chrome.
        + Post formats has been added on project settings.
        + Ajax request error has been updated.
        + Index selection issue has been fixed for complex tables.
        + New track option added : no change on post status.
        + Notices removed from settings area.
10/22/2018 (v1.0.35)
        + Pagination issues has been fixed.
        + Image download and is required issues has been fixed.
10/19/2018 (v1.0.34)
        + Memory issue has been fixed.
10/19/2018 (v1.0.33)
        + Aliexpress image issue has been fixed.
        + Error display added for timeout and memory issues.
        + Remove element for removing popups, preloaders.
        + "Required" field added. It pass if field is empty.
        + Special Conditions section added.
        + Task limit issue has been fixed.
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