Rey Theme (v2.8) Fashion & Clothing, Furniture Download

Rey Fashion & Clothing, Furniture Nulled Free Download
Rey Fashion & Clothing, Furniture Nulled Free Download
Rey v2.4.5 Fashion & Clothing, Furniture Free Download

Rey Theme Fashion & Clothing, Furniture Free Download

Rey Theme – Fashion & Clothing, Furniture Nulled v2.8 | Rey Theme – Fashion & Clothing, Furniture Free Download v2.7.5 | Rey theme Nulled is probably one of the most unique items on the WooCommerce market, being fit for Furniture stores, Fashion/Clothing & Apparel stores, Artists or Painters store, and many others. A Jack of all trades for ecommerce business. (LATEST)

Rey – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Rey Theme Nulled is a well crafted WordPress theme, with lots of features, a gorgeous design and a rock solid infrastructure to provide a foundation for your upcoming projects. While it was mainly thought as an ecommerce dedicated theme, this is just a fraction of its powers. So you can safely use it for pretty much any type of website.

I’m dedicated exclusively to this theme and i want to continuously update it with features, improvements, fixes and new astonishing designs.

Feel free to reach me if you have feature requests. I have a huge list of features to do and your requests will help me prioritize them better.


Rey Theme Free Download (LATEST)

Changelog Rey – Fashion & Clothing, Furniture Nulled

17 Aug 2023

Improvement: Added Before/After widget for Elementor;
Improvement: Carousel added auto-scroll option for continuous animation;
Improvement: Custom sidebars, added control to make sidebar override Shop page;
Improvement: Double Slider, added option to wrap slide with link;
Improvement: Menu widget in Categories skin, ability to exclude categories;
Improvement: Checkout form, scroll to first invalid field when submitting form;
Fix: Sometimes Carousel images don’t set a width/height attribute;
Fix: Unable to save in Customizer in certain conditions;
Fix: Loop teasers not showing in Custom templates on Product Categories;
Fix: Tabs migration issue if using global section shortcode;
Fix: Exclude categories from Shop page not working sometimes;
Fix: Cart counter not showing the correct counter if site is cached;
Fix: Current query (original) fixed pagination;
Fix: Product Grid Current query, sorting not working sometimes;
Fix: Filters on product page redirect to Shop page;
Fix: Product Grid widget in Cross-sells mode, added option to feed from current product;
Fix: SKU search for both Parents & Variations, only showing variations parent;
Fix: Pitchprint compatibility with Rey’s checkout images script;
Fix: Menu element, hide svg icon inside if dropdown is disabled;
Fix: Price range widget, checkboxes;
Fix: Product Categories/Attributes widget, dropped dependency of Ajax filter module;
Fix: Sometimes After added to cart shows incorrect error notice;
Fix: Apply filters button loading animation not visible when used in Top Bar;
Fix: Discount badge in price not showing sometimes when used in Product Grid;
Fix: Double Slider cover, upwards navigation;
Fix: Buy now button’s background and text color not changing;
Fix: Heading’s special show/hide on parent hover not showing on mobiles;
Fix: Custom tabs migration script not properly migrating under certain conditions;
Fix: CSS refresh when changing Elementor’s features settings;
Fix: Deprecated PHP notice;
Fix: Checkout fields validation incompatibility with a custom fields plugin;
Fix: In Stock filter sometimes returning opposite results;
Fix: Immediate wishlist counter load (if products exists);
Fix: Minicart quantity control disable to improve compatibility with some plugins;
Fix: Page cover carousel not updating when filtering products;
Fix: Better compatibility for Carousel with product categories card template and dynamic tags;
4 July 2023

Improvement: Filtering widgets, added URL friendly key and values options;
Improvement: Added Custom Fields filter widget with ACF compatibility;
Improvement: Taxonomy filtering widget, automatically list taxonomies without registering first;
Improvement: Added MailerLite Newsletter widget for Elementor;
Improvement: Options autoloading optimisation;
Improvement: Products per page module, renamed key from “reycore-ppp” to “products-per-page”;
Improvement: Product navigation in Product page, added alternative adjacent functionality;
Improvement: Product page Custom Tabs better sync with Custom global defined tabs;
Improvement: Multiple customisation options for Stock info in both catalog and product page;
Improvement: Product Grid, added ajax control for manual selection of products (instead of IDs);
Improvement: Product Grid and Product Archive, added Current Query (as Original), to inherit main query;
Improvement: Orders refund now default to ‘wc-completed’ and ‘wc-processing’ statuses;
Improvement: WPML compatibility with Rey’s Elementor widgets;
Fix: Menu in click mode, fix when overlay is disabled;
Fix: Incompatibility with Woo Product Bundles causing short description toggler;
Fix: Button widget’s icon, vertical middle alignment;
Fix: Sticky add to cart bar on mobile, not floating properly in Safari;
Fix: Menu widget with custom items inheriting target;
Fix: Custom checkout layout on mobile, horizontal scrolllbar;
Fix: Mobile gallery’s images not display the alt tag;
Fix: Improvement compatibility with Filter Everything;
Fix: Filters top bar, positioned after title not showing correctly;
Fix: Tooltip in Checkout not adjusting based on viewport width;
Fix: Number field in Customizer forcing default instead of empty;
Fix: Customizer php error when changing mobile logo;
Fix: Mega menu styles when menu is cached;
Fix: Swatches tooltips showing Title when only Description should display;
Fix: View switcher with Elementor Product Archive not working on successive switch;
Fix: Search input when using Cover split in page, blocking spacebar;
Fix: Product Grid, Cross-sells not pulling Cart items properly;
Fix: Fatal error in ACF gallery dynamic tag;
Fix: Quantity min/step correct when manually updating cart;
Fix: Sometimes Wishlist widget counter is not showing up;
Fix: Clip Section scroll effect, infinite effect error;
15 June 2023

Improvement: Added Size Guide Button element for Custom template;
Improvement: Added Label display option for Attributes, to stretch or inline a swatch label;
Improvement: Add to cart widget (for product page), added stock display and customisation controls;
Improvement: Product page Tabs widget, added heading style controls;
Improvement: Customizer control to disable product page’s special style;
Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce 7.8.0;
Fix: Importer Ajax responses sometimes breaks due to deprecated PHP messages;
Fix: Mini-cart getting stuck on a 10vw value;
Fix: Submenus of Menu Nav. not showing on mobiles inside of a Mega menu;
Fix: Dropdown filters spacing and stretching visual issues;
Fix: Reviews Count & Link widget, not applying stars color;
Fix: Duplicated price and Add to cart button in specific setups;
Fix: Loop quantity input not listening manual change events;
Fix: Estimated delivery, deprecated strftime notice;
20 May 2023

New: Added a new demo importer, which is much lighter and performant;
New: Added a new plugin manager, lighter and independent of external libraries;
New: Added new product catalog item skin – Minimal;
New: Added new product catalog item skin – Aero;
New: Added new module – Size Guides;
Improvement: Split Slider added button styles control;
Improvement: Custom hook for of overriding Quickview content with a template or custom content;
Improvement: Added control in theme settings to hide some admin links from Rey’s menu;
Improvement: Remove page custom logos when it has changed globally in Customizer;
Fix: Product subtitle in product page, only rendering as “p” (paragraph);
Fix: Product page custom tabs, not overriding titles in Accordion mode;
Fix: Included “address 2” in Custom checkout “Ship to/Bill to” box;
Fix: Rey quick menu not showing up anymore in Editor toolbar;
Fix: Wishlist tooltip inside of a carousel;
Fix: Menu items with icons are stretched out;
Fix: Trigger widget image, support for dynamic image;
Fix: Variable price showing large gap in catalog;
Fix: DIscount badges in variable products, better display;
Fix: Variation Swatches margins adjustments;
Fix: Hotspots, Add to cart button fix to open Mini-cart;
Fix: Product grid load more, fixed offset problem;
Fix: 360 gallery not visible on mobile gallery;
Fix: 360 gallery not visible on mobile gallery;
Fix: Variations quantity values in mini-cart;
Fix: Wishlist counter when removing all;
Fix: Polylang compatibility fixes with ajax requests;
Fix: Product Nav, modified where post clause to disable post date comparison;
8 May 2023

Fix: Variations form not changing variation_id in certain conditions;
Fix: Before/After Add to cart button, unable to disable Global sections per product.
6 May 2023

Improvement: Product subtitle, added way to show it in Cart and Checkout with custom snippet;
Improvement: Offcanvas panel, new options to customize close button;
Improvement: Added Contact Form 7 widget style controls;
Improvement: Checkout Custom Layout, added Country/State/Postcode fields validation before stepping to Shipping;
Improvement: Quantity min/max/step per variations;
Improvement: Trigger button element, added option to go to slide/carousel item;
Improvement: Updated ACF Pro to 6.1.6;
Fix: Brands link in Woo. Products menu not working;
Fix: Narrow gap not working on mobiles;
Fix: In some cases, the menu ids are duplicated and cause the mobile menu to prevent opening;
Fix: Template JS dependency on main object;
Fix: Filter button is not opening the side panel under certain circumstances;
Fix: Product badges not loading styles under certain conditions;
Fix: Better compatibility with PHP’s “mod_pagespeed”;
Fix: Double shown prompt in product page when variations are not selected;
Fix: Dynamic tag for ACF Repeater field sometimes not pulling the data;
Fix: Elementor Popup and tabs, not working under some circumstances;
Fix: Filters not working in Search page when WPRocket’s Delay JS is active;
Fix: Sticky header global section’s late loaded css if main header is the same;
Fix: Container and background overlay not showing up;
Fix: Rey primary/secondary fonts and Custom Elementor fonts;
Fix: Split cover, sometimes scrolls automatically;
Fix: Checkout checkboxes, visually more proeminent;
Fix: Sticky Add to cart bar, variable products sometimes not showing aligned;
Fix: Estimated delivery’s Show in Cart/Checkout pages, not able to be disabled;
Fix: Split Cover sometimes jumping from top;
Fix: CF7 form sometimes shows list empty;
Fix: Request a quote, WPForms integration, form reinitialization;
Fix: Product Grid’s load more, problems with multi row grids;
Fix: Related product carousel arrows unstyled;
Fix: Related products in carousel mode, loading multi-row effect;
Fix: Sliders autoheight;
Fix: Size Charts plugins, compatibility for button icon;
Fix: Inner container sticky improvements;
Fix: Force Fixed header as Absolute, if Sticky Top is enabled;
FIx: Wishlist remove button, fix for Wrapped skin;
13 Apr 2023

Improvement: Removed “Font Preload” option from the theme settings, in favour of internal ways of avoiding duplicated font loading. Replaced it with a selector for Font Weights & Font Subsets to have more control over font performance;
In case you spot font-weight problems, please access the theme settings and select the weight you previously had ex: (or select All, although it’s not recommended for some font families).
Improvement: Streamlined Cart panel customizer options into accordions
Improvement: Added controls for Cart panel to include custom content before, after or before the totals;
Improvement: Mini-cart panel, added vertical list of products;
Improvement: Cart panel, added controls for changing Checkout button color;
Improvement: Custom Checkout layout, added option to disable steps;
Improvement: Distortion cover, new controls to disable delaying & animation on first slide;
Improvement: Better loading of Svg icons in JS scripts to avoid extra Ajax requests;
Fix: Ordering in Product Archive element;
Fix: Sometimes synced carousel don’t work;
Fix: Columns control on Containers, not working with Boxed layout;
Fix: Sometimes price slider is not updating in certain conditions;
Fix: Elementor editor mode, Custom CSS buttons sometimes don’t work;
Fix: Mini-cart quantity hidden if Product page Quantity is also hidden;
Fix: Button element with Rey’s Add to cart enabled, show dynamic regardless if product is selected;
Fix: Custom fields display in mini-cart, showing on same row;
Fix: Top sidebar on mobile when showing after title;
Fix: Request a quote not working sometimes with WPForms.
31 Mar 2023

Improvement: Product Grid choice to exclude terms from query;
Improvement: Grid/Carousel widgets, added Product Attributes as source;
Improvement: Toggle element, added option to have it starting open;
Improvement: Grid/Carousel, Categories ability to choose taxonomy type;
Improvement: Heading parent hover animation, compatibility with Containers;
Improvement: WooCommerce’ notices changed button colors for better contrast;
Improvement: Grid galleries, added option to stretch the uneven ones;
Fix: Elementor PRO cart fragments override causes the cart to be empty;
Fix: Removed “Prefetch links” because it sometimes causes a high CPU consumption;
Fix: Coundown widget php error;
Fix: Metro skin, sometimes not showing the image;
Fix: Sometimes Schedules sales are not displayed;
Fix: RTL section slideshow styling problems;
Fix: Carousel sync not working sometimes;
Fix: Inline search styles are not applying in certain conditions;
Fix: Error with missing term id;
Fix: Tabs showing opened in global sections;
Fix: Attributes elements in Brands mode, not picking brand image styles;
Fix: Attributes element, alphabetic mode and images list visual problems;
Fix: Sliding horizontal menus in Mega menus;
Fix: Inline search position when switching desktop/mobile;
Fix: Header Search text not showing sometimes;
Fix: Variation swatches deselection resetting labels;
Fix: Disable quantity field option, not working;
Fix: Sticky add to cart variation swatches alignment.
15 Mar 2023

Fix: Recently viewed products in Product page not loading;
Fix: Mobile menu sometimes not opening properly;
Fix: Mini-grid product grid element fatal error;
Fix: Horizontal Menu with Vertical display on mobile, centering not working;
Fix: Currency switcher on mobile displaying unstyled inline list;
Fix: Header’s mini-cart count with “hidden on empty” enabled, not working sometimes;
Fix: Grid gallery with video, margins problem.
Fix: Wishlist drop-panel not setting its height properly;
Fix: Cart template file not able to be overridden in child theme;
Fix: Split Cover, video on mobile in main slide;
Fix: Some Icons sometimes not show properly;
Fix: Offcanvas panels, mobile width not working in some cases;
Fix: Woo Product Bundles compatibility fixes;
Fix: Products per page switcher only shows text when less then minimum products in query;
Fix: Filter panel’s widget showing all items when in a custom page with Product Grid element;
Fix: Container columns adding values by default;
Fix: Cover Skew, swipe events not working;
Fix: Tabs compatibility with Elementor Unoptimized DOM;
Fix: Metro grid’s sudden background-color;
Fix: Product page’s After content global section not stretching anymore;
Fix: Utility classes to stretch left/right don’t work sometimes;
Fix: Header Inline search on mobile, sometime showing broken form;
Fix: Elementor full-width page tempalates shifts stretched sections.
7 Mar 2023

Fix: Fatal errors with cached menu’s assets collection;
Fix: Filters widgets, showing 2 columns sometimes;
Fix: Custom Icons in the Header’s elements, not keeping their defined size;
Fix: Customizer Additional CSS box, extra scrollbar;
Fix: Offcanvas panels sometimes not working;
Fix: Estimated delivery in Checkout, when display type is set for Days;
Fix: Variation Swatches selection not working sometimes;
Fix: Stretched sections shifted in Elementor Product Archives;
Fix: Fixed summary in default product page skin, sometimes not working;
Fix: Lazy load background with Filters and Page Cover;
Fix: Js error with Products per page component;
Fix: Request quote button in catalog showing regardless if disabled;
Fix: Quickview navigation not showing next content;
Fix: Compare page not working with WPML;
Fix: WPRocket compatibility issue;
Fix: Search on mobile not showing up;
Fix: Grid gallery showing vertically stretched images if summary is taller;

4 Mar 2023

Improvement: Various backend and frontend code rewrites and optimisations (over 300 code commits);
Improvement: Added Dynamic Tags module (for posts, products data, archives, ACF fields, site data etc.);
Improvement: Added “Card Global section” module to be used in Rey’s Grid & Carousel elements as a template base;
Improvement: Grid element, added Ajax “Load More” button for all source types;
Improvement: Added Countdown element;
Improvement: Refunds form, support for quantity, multiple products and reasons;
Improvement: New module “Minimum Order Amount”;
Improvement: Carousel/Grid elements, added “Post Categories” as source type;
Improvement: Updated ACF Pro to 6.0.7;
Improvement: Added basic [current_year] shortcode and replaced footer’s year in all demos;
Improvement: Sliders & Carousels initialization delayed until in view;
Improvement: Header navigation’s mobile trigger, split into separate script for better compatibility with delayed JS;
Improvement: Product grid, Current query support for Ordering;
Improvement: Product Grid element, added customisation controls for the grid header components;
Improvement: Modified the Product Titles “equalize” option to be able to add custom height limit;
Improvement: Updated Google Fonts list;
Improvement: Custom CSS in Elementor, better display of inserting buttons;
Improvement: Ability to disable autoselection of single variation;
Improvement: Created a new shortcode called “rey_attributes” . Mainly to be added in the Product Subtitle field if needed, but can be used anywhere;
Improvement: Request a quote, added support ti display button in catalog products;
Improvement: Mega menu items in menu backend, added edit button for quick editing of global sections;
Improvement: Carousel/Grid elements, added Product Reviews as source;
Improvement: New module “Local pickup enhancements” in Checkout, better display of pickup address as well as forcing it as shipping address inside the Order;
Improvement: Default header, added a Call to action button set of options;
Improvement: Added control in Site performance options, to exclude styles or scripts;
Improvement: Query controls to support edit link of global sections;
Improvement: Submit product review via Ajax, without refreshing the page;
Fix: Unable to install plugins through Ajax in Wizard or Rey’s dashboard;
Fix: Cart panel issues with integrity of the tag which seems to be invalid sometimes;
Fix: Fatal error in default footer;
Fix: Section Background Slideshows, sometimes not showing 2nd image slide;
Fix: Elementor gallery vertical alignment;
Fix: Revolution Slider, sometimes doesn’t start if Site preloader is active;
Fix: Better compatiblity with LiteSpeed css inline styles;
Fix: Cart button, hiding 0 counter;
Fix: Button accessibility tweaks for some Toggle text buttons;
Fix: SideSlide cover not showing 2nd slide;
Fix: Newsletter confirmation text, sometimes not inheriting proper text color;
Fix: Menu icons when rendering them after the text;
Fix: Discount text color in Cart page, not inheriting discount color;
Fix: Header’s Wishlist panel links color is overwritten by parent section;
Fix: Automatic Subcategories Menu not working because of cached state;
Fix: Refine filters not showing up anymore for empty results grid;
Fix: Cart’s coupon code form not stretching properly;
Fix: Hovering over search icon can sometime show another title attribute;
Fix: Deprecated Elementor php notices;
Fix: Body font in admin editor;
Fix: Better compatibility with Elementor PRO theme builder templates;
Fix: Estimated delivery not showing up when Product meta is disabled;
Fix: Lazy loaded Product grid in Elementor Pro single template not working;
Fix: Carousel with empty items per page, per breakpoint causing browser freeze in Firefox;
Fix: Archive with top & shop sidebar showing broken;
Fix: Post edited with Elementor, not having proper paddings;
Fix: Lazy Off-canvas panels sometimes not loading properly;
Fix: colorize better support for other elements through the “dp-colorize” css class;
Fix: Some template parts versions shown as outdated by WooCommerce;
Fix: Sticky animated Header compatibility with Container element;
Fix: Offcanvas panel compatibility with Polylang;
Fix: Fatal error happening sometimes when “Fix Variables Sale Prices Display” is enabled;
Fix: Tabs compatibility with Elementor Popups;
Fix: Sometimes Modal section appears to miss its styles;
Fix: Error in Compare reset button;
Fix: 360 gallery thumb not showing icon properly;
Fix: Clearing variations form is not resetting the labels;
Fix: Related products with Iconized skin, add to cart breaks the layout’s icon;
Fix: Ajax filters, sometimes throws fatal error when term link is broken;
Fix: Products per page switcher, fix with caching plugins;
Fix: Quickview arrows misaligned;
Fix: Buy now button, conflict with Sticky Bar;
Fix: Sometimes Lazy loading of background is not fired;
Fix: Cart panel still opens even if “After add to cart” is disabled;
Fix: Sliding menus in Offcanvas, not setting proper height to submenus;
Fix: Estimated delivery on Cart/Checkout not accurate sometimes;
Fix: Distortion cover, forced a custom image size to avoid image deformation;
Fix: Fatal error with WPML passing term object instead of string/number;

21 Dec 2022

Improvement: Added Navigation Menus caching;
Improvement: Some select lists controls in Elementor widgets options, dynamic ajax loading;
Improvement: Modularized global sections visibility;
Improvement: Mini-cart, include fees row after subtotal;
Improvement: View Switcher, added support for mobiles;
Improvement: Woo Attributes Widget, added Image list and rearranged some of the controls;
Improvement: Products Carousel, added “Slides to Move” control;
Fix: Woo Attributes element, Custom URL is not applying it sometimes;
Fix: Blocked Cart button loading state happening sometimes;
Fix: Out of stock variations;
Fix: Scrolling to target links;
Fix: Sliding vertical menu, activate current item’s submenu;
Fix: Buy now Ajax request, switched to WooCommerce Ajax, to improve compatibility with other plugins;
Fix: PHP error in variation swatches happening sometimes with invalid terms;
Fix: Sidebar in Elementor causing a broken markup;
Fix: Spacing at the bottom of some pages;
Fix: Related products preloader showing up regardless if there aren’t any;
Fix: Related products, Column per mobile;
Fix: Top Filters Sidebar showing in custom templates;
Fix: Swatches, large buttons, not working with Dimmed inactive variations;
Fix: Sticky content sections, side margins;
V2.4.4.2 REY CORE
6 Dec 2022

Improvement: Carousel/Grid elements, on Images mode, ability to link all items;
Improvement: Heading widget, Word Styles, new choice for simple block styled mark;
Improvement: Container element, default padding adjustment;
Fix: Elementor Canvas side spacing;
Fix: Header’s Account panel sometimes not showing on click;
Fix: Mega menu causing site overflow scrollbar;
Fix: Sliders images sometimes not showing rest of slides;
Fix: Section spacing on mobiles;
3 Dec 2022

Improvement: Elementor menu lists control, added link to edit menu;
Improvement: Text element, toggle text option, added custom height control;
Improvement: Icon Box, bottom margin reset when no text;
Improvement: Custom CSS Class “u-fix-shadow” for fixing carousel boxes shadows due to hidden overflow;
Improvement: Icon element, added custom height control;
Improvement: Carousel element support for vertical direction;
Improvement: Container added Stretch control;
Improvement, option to enable modal scripts in page;
Improvement: Grid element, added masonry layout;
Improvement: New card skin Harlem, for Carousel and Grid elements;
Improvement: Carousel/Grid element, added option for a global section teaser;
Improvement: Icon Box, added skin to wrap element in link;
Improvement: Extended “Hide for” (logged in/out) option, for widgets too;
Improvement: Container element, wrapped, set on row, added option to set equal columns;
Fix: Product page accordions scroll to top by default on mobile (should be disabled by default;
Fix: Sometimes Cart panel remains locked on loading;
Improvement: Button icon animation, top to bottom (vertical);
Fix: Customizer not generating styles sometimes;
Fix: Column links not working anymore with other Button links inside;
Fix: Carousel & Grid, Posts with manual selection not getting proper post type results;
Fix: Carousel & Grid, Posts, not excluding page duplicates;
Fix: Mega menus in deeper nested Containers not working properly;
Fix: Custom templates for product page, without Elementor, breaking page;
Fix: Trigger on hover flickering;
Fix: Horizontal gallery with Inline Video;
Fix: Wishlist element icon, hidden counter;
Fix: Search with multiple post types, not directing properly the View all results button;
Fix: Shop Sidebar in Elementor built archive, not transforming into a side panel on mobile;
Fix: Removed catalog’s second image hover transition delay;
Fix: Product page gallery, zoom icon appearing filled, not outlined;
15 Nov 2022

Improvement: Woo. Attributes widget, added compatibility with Brands images;
Improvement: Added Santiago & San Francisco section templates into the library;
Fix: Rey’s dashboard boxes incorrectly alignment;
Fix: Sometimes the mobile menu is not closing;
Fix: Search’s abort sometime results in infinite loop;
Fix: Click on submenus with link enabled, don’t swap indicator icons;
Fix: Main menu, last submenu reaching screen end, flip direction;
Fix: Lazy BG on columns not working;
Fix: Sticky Add to cart bar with bundled products;
Fix: Z-index auto fix applying to menu elements regardless if Overlay disabled;
Fix: Side container spacing with Elementor Canvas & Full width templates;
Fix: Cart panel, compatibility with Ultimate Addons plugin;
Fix: View switcher not showing up after sorting catalog grid;
Fix: Search inline not applying custom text color properly;
Fix: Custom OTF font not working at all;
Fix: PHP Discount badge ceil function with comma decimal prices;
Fix: Search keyword suggestions click not working on mobile;
Fix: Estimated delivery in Cart/Checkout translatable;
Fix: Stretched template with side spacing;
Fix: Product Before/After in the backend not showing product titles correctly;
Fix: Text Attributes in catalog not following the general spacing;
Fix: Search JS error when in Sticky Top Content mode;
Fix: mb_convert_encoding error on servers where it’s not installed;
Fix: URL escaping error happening sometimes;
Fix: Blog teasers recursive global section rendering and infinite loop;
Fix: Compatibility with Advanced Woo Search plugin;
Fix: Column link with New window target, opening multiple times;
Fix: Fixed Hide cart if empty option;
Fix: Offcanvas still loading duplicated with WPML installed;
Fix: Proto product item skin, non-padded, cutoff price;
Fix: Prevent product grid blowout with unwrapped titles;
Fix: Elementor editor not loading when PRO is installed and modals are somewhere in the page;
Fix: Compatibility problems with Related products Elementor Pro widget;
Fix: Variation images on mobile gallery not setting properly the height in some cases;
Fix: Total count placeholders;
Fix: Cover distortion, php round() error with custom non-numerical values;
Fix: Variations are sometimes disabled if Stock qty. is 0, regardless if managing stock is enabled;
Fix: Shopping cart loading icon from fading to spinner;
Fix: Carousel & Grid element in Product Categories mode, added Menu Order as alternative to Term Order;
Fix: Accordions not working in Quickview panel;
Fix: Product page’s gallery Flip thumbs and video inline not display properly;
Fix: Clip effect, disabled ratio tolerance;
Fix: Swatches settings on demo import;
Fix: Search wide panel conflict with main menu, causing to close;
Fix: Filter panel’s widgets with custom height;
Fix: After Add to cart popup, continue button not working;
Fix: Sticky Add to cart with Elementor built product pages;
Fix: Product Item Variations Form Popup;
Fix: Sticky Add To Cart Text/Icon Mobile;
Fix: Compatibility with bundled products and discount badge.
V2.4.2.1 REY CORE
2 Nov 2022

Fix: Ajax Search timeout error;
Fix: Modal error in JS console;
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