Résumé Tumblr Theme v1.2

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Résumé Tumblr Theme

Download Free Résumé Tumblr Theme v1.2

Résumé Tumblr Theme Free Download 1.2 – ThemeForest | Résumé Tumblr Theme v1.2 will allow you to showcase on your personal site everything you need. You can turn on or off different content blocks, and in any order you want, you can reset any field on the page.

Your showcase contains all the regular Tumblr entries, but your skills are sold via the theme. Different call-to-action buttons invite people to hire you, and a “Job open” message can be specified.

Testimonials, Skills, Experience and Clients

There is something different in and content block. Whether it is your list of past places of work (and when you worked there) or the numerous “skills” you know (with a percent of expertise for each of them).

The customer logos of firms you’ve been working with in the past are also available in a block, with two reports from people who can advise on their work.

Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter Widgets

All this, as well as your work from other sources — your most recent Instagram or Flickr images, Dribbble designs, or Twitter ideas and ties. These appear in the sidebar as widgets.

Social buttons allow people to follow your social media adventure — we help hundreds of different icons and networks (and still add more!)

Your Own Newsletter

You can only link your own newsletter with a form from MailChimp. Only configure stuff at MailChimp, then copy and paste the “integrated code” into the topic settings.

This allows you to subscribe to your own mailing list where your jobs, goods, or services will keep them updated.

Stylish, Square Posts

Each post is laid out in a square grid, which has various designs depending on whether you’re on a desk, tablet or phone. The poster is arranged in a stylish grid.

For readers, it’s easy to use these basic Tumblr features, to reblog or to connect to their blogs.



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