Quizzy – Online Examination Platform v4.4

Quizzy - Online Examination Platform

Download Free Quizzy – Online Examination Platform v4.4

Quizzy PHP Script Free Download 4.4 – CodeCanyon | Quizzy – Online Examination Platform is a full-featured online test and quiz platform built on Codeigniter 3.

Prepare candidates for exceptional performance with an easy-to-use, highly interactive platform that simplifies the assessment cycle. The script includes a one-step AJAX installer and the following features:


  • Install Quizzy on own server
  • Manage Quiz and Materials
  • Sell Quiz, Materials and Membership


  • Register and apply to become Tutor
  • Create and manage own Quiz and Materials
  • Check progress of students


  • Create account browse Quiz and Materials
  • Like, Share and Favourite Quiz, Study Materials
  • Buy Quiz, Materials and Subscription
  • Attend available quiz and check progress
  • Learn through study material and prepare for exams

Why Quizzy?

A highly scalable and powerful Online Exam System to manage categories, quizzes and multiple choice questions. Prepare candidates to perform extraordinarily with an easy to use highly interactive platform and simplify the assessment cycle.

What’s new in 4.4

  1. Question bank
  2. Custom URLs
  3. Math toolbar List/Grid view
  4. And many more…


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Changelog Quizzy: Online Examination Platform

Version 4.4 – 15 Aug, 2022

New Features:

  • Question bank
  • Math toolbar
  • Multiple categories can be assigned to a single quiz
  • Title slug – to all applicable pages. example, Category Name, Blog Category, Blog Post, Study Material, etc
  • Custom URLs for quiz, page, blog post, etc
  • Verticle tabs on quiz admin pages
  • Difficulty levels
  • Option to change items per page on list page
  • Quiz: ‘Allow Retry’
  • Display notification for retry the quiz on user dashboard, also send the email with retry link once all current attempts failed
  • Confirm user can’t attempt once the allowed + extra attempts are over
  • Settings: ‘Renew Notification’: <1-28> days
  • New page with quiz wise history: Title, attempts, Result


  • Improved membership options
  • Option to delete multiple questions
  • Category display on home/menu will display in home grid
  • Option for view all quiz (send on search page), also check pagination on search page..
  • Added sort by on search page and add sort by alphabet
  • Question type and option to numeric
  • Quiz background image
  • Thumbnail and Grid list views on quiz list page
  • Showing related quizzes
  • Quiz title limit removed
  • Upgraded admin -> email template


  • Edit coupon error resolved
  • Only 12 quizzes are showing in category