Prophecy v4.2.1 – An Online Game Predictor Nulled

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Prophecy - An Online Game Predictor

Download Free Prophecy – An Online Betting Platform v4.2.1 Nulled

Prophecy – An Online Betting Platform Free Download 4.2.1 – CodeCanyon | Prophecy v4.2.1 – An Online Betting Platform is a online prediction management system. It’s a tool to predict the outcome of WorldCup and Tournament matches as a form of prediction.

The participants compete to guess the correct outcome of any type of game. Soccer, Cricket Baseball Basketball, Soccer, or even Yes/No type questions such as for example: Will Brazil be the winner of at the next World Cup. The first step is to make a deposit to be able to predict. The user will receive interest, followed by a ratio.

If you require assistance of any kind you can contact us (The support email address has been included in the document file). We will always be there to assist you.

Admin Features:

  • Financial Statistics & Information
  • Manage Event
  • Single Refund Prediction Amount
  • Can See Total Prediction Amount Each Event
  • Can See Closed Event with Total Prediction Amount
  • Prediction Result Manage
  • Make winner
  • List of user Each threat with amount
  • Complete Payment History
  • Add Manual Withdraw Method using form Builder
  • Refund Prediction Amount
  • User Management
  • Mollie Payment Gateway Added
  • User Statistics & Reports
  • Testimonial Manage
  • Charge Control System
  • Privacy Policy Manage
  • 12+ Automated Payment Method
  • Manage Tournament
  • Manual Payment/ Bank deposit System Added
  • Withdraw Request Log
  • How It Wok Manage
  • Withdraw Report
  • FAQ Manage
  • Admin Role Permission
  • Slider Manage
  • Web Logo, footer, Favicon Can update
  • Can Change Admin Prefix
  • Terms & Condition Manage
  • Email + SMS Notification
  • About Us Manage
  • SEO Setting
  • Blog Manage

User Features:

  • Make Prediction
  • Withdraw Money
  • Prediction Log
  • User To User Balance Transfer System
  • Deposit Money
  • Withdraw Log
  • Profile Information
  • Deposit Log
  • Email + SMS Notification
  • Transaction Log

Download Free Prophecy v4.2.1 – An Online Game Predictor Nulled(43)


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