Project Panorama Pro v1.6.2 – Project Management Plugin

Project Panorama Pro - Project Management Plugin Nulled
Project Panorama Pro - Project Management Plugin

Download Free Project Panorama Pro v1.6.2 – Project Management Plugin Nulled

Project Panorama Pro WordPress Plugin Free Download v.1.6.2 - | Project Panorama Pro v1.6.2 – Project Management Plugin will impress your all valued clients and save your precious time so that you can bill more. All by visually communicating project progress.

The Project Panorama Pro Nulled can be described as a visually-oriented project management tool that works with WordPress that can eliminate the stress which cost time and money while managing your projects.

It visualizes the project process, allowing your clients as well as team members to see an overview of the status of your project within a matter of seconds. Members of the team and clients receive their own customized dashboard that gives them a view of the projects they can access and the distance they’re to finalization.

Your clients with your impressive presentation

Your stunning portal to your project will keep your clients informed of the status of their projects, requiring minimal effort from them. They’ll appreciate it and they’ll love you for it.

Make sure you save time

Eliminate unnecessary status meetings, phone calls or emails. Team members and clients will not require assistance because they’ll know precisely what’s happening in all time!

Do more

Utilizing an WordPress project management system built on WordPress allows you to use the hundreds of plugins and perform tasks that unlike traditional PM systems!

Bill more

Your time added and more satisfied customers will result in more business and longer hours of work. Panorama can help you make more money!

Unlimited Projects

Do not spend more money to be more successful. Unlike SAAS solutions There are no limitations on the number of tasks you can handle.

Unlimited Users

Stop paying each time you’re required to add someone else to your system for managing projects.

Keep everyone in sync

Provide team members and clients customized dashboards that display the status of projects and their the progress of the project. After login, you’ll be able to see exactly what your project’s status is.

Automatically track progress of the project

Get the most current condition of every project, without efforts or manually calculated calculations. Panorama automates calculation and automatically updates the progress of projects and their timing.

You (and your customers) won’t have to worry about whether you’re ahead or behind!

Delegate, discuss and monitor the progress

Tasks are the foundation of every project. In Panorama the ability to allocate tasks and establish deadlines, discuss the tasks and handle the approval of documents.

Maintain documents and get approvals

Team members and clients can upload, read and review documents and. Chatting allows for comments, questions, or revisions. All of which can be streamlined by keeping all documents in one location.

Keep everyone in sync

Provide team members and clients personalized dashboards that show the status of projects and their development. After log-in, you’ll be able to see precisely where your projects are.

Control task state and workflows

This Project Panorama Kanban add-on makes navigation through multi-stage task workflows as well as task status an easy process. You can customize the lanes on a per-project basis , and even update the task completion date!

Set permissions, access and capabilities

You must ensure that your team as well as your clients know exactly what you need without a second thought, and not less. Particularly, you should:

  • Make sure clients only view only their own projects
  • Limit what clients are able to do / aren’t do
  • Team members should have access to the entire project, or just the ones they’re assigned.
  • Users can develop as well as manage own project (but not view or collaborate with other people’s)
  • You can control access to specific parts of Panorama or even your entire site similar to an membership plugin!

Project Panorama Nulled WordPress Plugin 1.6.2


  • Visual Project Dashboard
  • Automate Your Process
  • Consolidate Information
  • Track Phases and Tasks
  • Ccentralize Communication
  • Get an Overview
  • Group Projects
  • Manage Your Teams
  • Simplify Your Workflow
  • Impress Your Clients
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Brandable
  • Manage Access
  • Data Visualization
  • File Management
  • Output Leaderboards
  • Save Time, Bill More
  • Clone Projects
  • Automatic Updating
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • 1,000ft View
  • Own Your Data
  • Translatable
  • Extendable
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