Post Status Notifier v1.9.5

Post Status Notifier v1.9.5

Download Free Post Status Notifier v1.9.5 WordPress Plugin

Post Status Notifier WordPress Plugin Free Download v.1.9.5 – CodeCanyon | Post Status Notifier v1.9.5 WordPress Plugin is just the beginning of what Post Status Notifier (PSN) can accomplish!

It works with all types of custom post types, supports all custom taxonomies such as other plugin categories and tags. In your custom alert messages, you can catch all these taxonomy values and custom fields attached to a post and use them as placeholders. PSN has a strong conditional template syntax with many filters and features to make the most of the placeholders!

Set as many notification rules as you need for all settings, such as custom CC, BCC, and FROM email addresses. You can expand the PSN! Build your own module to implement a new notification system.


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