Polylang Pro Nulled v3.3.6 – The Most Popular Multilingual WordPress Plugin Free Download

Polylang Pro - The Most Popular Multilingual WordPress Plugin
Polylang Pro - The Most Popular Multilingual WordPress Plugin

Download Free Polylang Pro – The Most Popular Multilingual WordPress Plugin v3.3.6

Polylang Pro Free Download 3.3.6 | Polylang Pro Nulled v3.3.6 – The Most Popular Multilingual WordPress Plugin Nulled is the most popular multi-language plugin in the WordPress directory. Write your posts or pages and you create categories and tags for your posts as usual, then assign a different language for each one of them.


The translation, regardless of whether it’s either in default or non-default languages, is not required.

The integration of Polylang fully integrated with WordPress and using just its core features built-in (taxonomies) maintain consistent performance on your website and build a multilingual website that can be accessed only one additional language, to 10 or more based on the requirements of your site.

There’s no limit on your number of language options you can add and WordPress Language packs automatically download when they are ready.


  • Translate posts, pages, media, categories, tags
  • REST API Support
  • Translations can share the same slug in the URL
  • Premium support
  • Translate slugs in URLS (custom post types, taxonomies and more…)
  • Translate menus and widgets
  • Use subdirectories, subdomains or separate domains
  • WPML API compatibility
  • Duplicate posts across languages
  • Translate Custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Enable or disable languages
  • Additional integration with ACF Pro

Simple to use and effective

Create your own languages, install a language switcher and then you can begin translating! Polylang perfectly integrates into the WordPress administration interface and doesn’t alter your routine. Additionally, it integrates duplicate content across multiple languages for a smooth workflow.

High Performance

Polylang does not use any additional tables, and does not rely on shortcodes that are too long to analyze. It is a simple application that uses WordPress the built-in core features (taxonomies). It doesn’t need much memory nor impact any performance issues for your site. Furthermore, it’s compatible with the majority of cache plugins.

SEO Friendly

Polylang is compatible with the most popular SEO plugins, and it automatically manages multilingual SEO, such as opengraph and html hreflang tags. Additionally, it allows you to choose as you wish, one directory, a subdomain or one domain for each language.

Other Features:

  • You are able to use any number of languages you’d like. RTL scripts are also supported. WordPress Language packs will be downloaded automatically and then updated.
  • The original content such as categories, post tags, and other metas are automatically copied when you add an article or page translation . Two posts could be synchronized so that they appear the same in various languages.
  • You can translate pages, posts categories, media, post tags menus, categories, post tags… custom post formats as well as custom taxonomies sticky posts, types of posts. RSS feeds, and the standard WordPress widgets are available.
  • The language can be defined by the content, or the language code in the URL, or you could use a separate subdomain or domain for each language .
  • A language switcher that can be customized is available in the form of a widget or the menu for navigation.

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Changelog Polylang Pro Nulled

3.3.3 (2023-04-11)
Pro: Adapt the submenu colors of the navigation language switcher block to WP 6.2
Pro: Fix the dropdown setting in the navigation language switcher block
Add Amharic, Aragonese and Spanish from Dominican Republic to the list of predefined languages #1248
Fix a deprecated notice in WP 6.2 when using multiple domains without the Internationalization PHP extension (intl) #1245

3.3.2 (2023-03-06)
Pro: Add compatibility with FSE changes introduced by WP 6.2
Pro: Adapt the navigation language switcher block for consistency with WP 6.2
Only store term ids in taxonomy relationships cache for WP 6.0+. Props @ocean90 #1154
Remove usage of get_page_by_title() deprecated in WP 6.2 #1213
Fix fatal error if the mu-plugins folder is not readable #1217
Fix a compatibility issue with plugins not expecting a null ‘update_plugins’ transient #1224

3.3.1 (2023-01-09)
Pro: Allow to translate Oembed, URL and Email ACF fields
Pro: Fix ACF REST API mixing fields
Pro: Fix ACF compatibility loaded when no language exist
Pro: Fix headers of exported PO files.
Pro: Fix spacing in language switcher navigation block preview
Work around a bug in Sendinblue for WooCommerce causing a fatal error. #1156
Fix a regression with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate. #1186

3.3 (2022-11-28)
Requires WP 5.7 as minimum version
Pro: Allow to export and import XLIFF files for posts
Pro: Honor the provided context for the navigation language switcher block.
Pro: Remove the parent hyperlink in the navigation language switcher block.
Pro: Add spacing between flag and name in the navigation language switcher block.
Pro: Disallow some special characters in translated slugs to avoid 404 errors.
Pro: Fix string translation not imported when the original is registered but has never been saved in database.
Pro: Fix string translation not imported when it includes an html entity.
Pro: Fix navigation language switcher block rendering in block editor.
Pro: Fix navigation language switcher may be displayed wrong color.
Translate the post pages in get_post_type_archive_link() on admin side too. #1000
Enable the block editor in page for posts translations to match the WordPress behavior since version 5.8 #1002
Improve the site health report #1062 #1076
Set the current language when saving a post #1065
The search block is now filtered by language #1081
Display slug of CPT and taxonomies in Custom post types and Taxonomies settings. Props @nicomollet #1112
Add support for wpml-config.xml to MU plugins #1140 Props Jeremy Simkins
Fix some deprecated notices fired by PHP 8.1 #975
Fix some missing canonical redirect taxonomies #1074
Fix redirect when permalink structure has no trailing slash #1080
Fix language switcher in legacy navigation menu widget not rendered in widgets block editor #1083
Fix language in tax query when an OR relation is used #1098
Fix parent of translated category removed when assigning an untranslated parent #1105
Fix is_front_page() when a static front page is not translated #1123
Yoast SEO: Fix posts without language displayed in the sitemap #1103
Yoast SEO: Avoid syncing robots meta. #1118
3.2.8 (2022-10-17)

Fix PHP warning when a filtered taxonomy has no query var #1124
Fix SQL error when attempting to get objects without languages and no language exist #1126
Fix error when term slugs are provided as array in WP_Query #1119, #1132 Props Susanna Häggblom
Fix a CSS regression in the wizard causing the default language icon to be removed #1137
3.2.7 (2022-09-20)

Work around a WooCommerce 6.9.x bug causing a fatal error in the wizard. #1116
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