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PinkTong - Template Blogger High Speed v1.3

Download Free PinkTong – Template Blogger High Speed v1.3

PinkTong – Template Blogger High Speed Free Download 1.3 | PinkTong – Free Blogger Template Fast Loading | PinkTong – Template Blogger High Speed v1.3 is made up of two columns, the posting column and the sidebar column on the right. In this layout like most templates. The standard color scheme is purple (This theme comes with a purple color scheme).

PinkTong | Free Blogger Template Fast Loading:

The use of smartphones for browsing the internet increased considerably, and for mobile apps in appearance and operation, I have made this design human-friendly as possible.

In terms of the functionality itself, you can say that it is basic, which only includes the essential ones, such as sharing buttons and related posts.

And do not include font icons like Font Fantastic. I’m obviously speed-oriented instead of replacing it with SVG.

For the pace of the blog loading based on Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix checking.

The GTmetrix research has received a 100/100 and 86/100 page speed ranking. But note that not only models but other variables like photographs have an effect on high scores.

Only if the picture shown is optimized first will the following scoring be achieved.

GTmetrix PinkTong Speed

When checking on a Google PageSpeed index page 3 times, the blogs that use the template earn a web version scores of 95/100, 98/100, 98/100. And for the smartphone edition 94/100, 97/100, 99/100.

Mobile View Speed
PinkTong desktop speed
Desktop View Speed






Javascript and CSS are used only as needed to optimize the speed of this design. No javascript library is open, such as jQuery or external CSS.

Blogger CSS and javascript default are omitted from this design too, so some built-in features like archive dropdown may not work.

PinkTong Theme Premium Features:

  • Ultra Responsive
  • Fast loading index page
  • Share buttons
  • Structured data (
  • Fast loading posting page
  • Breadcrumb
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Disqus comment system
  • Lazy load image
  • 2 ads in the middle article
  • Lazy load YouTube
  • Related posts
  • and others…

1. Meta Tags

If you are used to the template tweaking brain, you already know which one needs to be changed. Please adjust the content.

<meta content = ‘YOUR KEYWORD 1 HERE, YOUR KEYWORD 2 HERE, YOUR KEYWORD 3 HERE, YOUR KEYWORD 4 HERE’ name = ‘keywords’ />

<meta content = ‘XXXXX’ name = ‘google-site-verification’ />
<meta content = ‘XXXXX’ name = ‘alexaVerifyID’ />
<meta content = ‘XXXXX’ name = ‘p: domain_verify’ />
<meta content = ‘XXXXX’ name = ‘yandex-verification’ />
<meta content = ‘XXXXX’ name = ‘msvalidate.01’ />

<meta content = ‘https: //’ property = ‘article: author’ />
<meta content = ‘https: //’ property = ‘article: publisher’ />

<meta content = ‘XXXXX’ property = ‘fb: app_id’ />
<meta content = ‘XXXXX’ property = ‘fb: admins’ />
<meta content = ‘XXXXX’ property = ‘fb: profile_id’ />
<meta content = ‘XXXXX’ property = ‘fb: pages’ />

<meta content = ‘@ YOUR_TWITTER_USERNAME_HERE’ name = ‘twitter: creator’ />

2. Header background colors, labels, subscription columns, buttons, and link colors.

Please look for the color code 75539e  then replace it with the color code of your choice. For header colors using gradients, please change manually to the #header code

3. Lazy Load for Youtube Pictures and Videos

For images, please enter HTML mode when creating a post, then add a lazy load class, change the src to data-src, and add a new src with a png base URL. Example:


<img border = “0” data-original-height = “455” data-original-width = “640” height = “284” src = “ XCXAgvO3MnI / AAAAAAAABTk / w2Gy6r4MYHw5d59rp5hNkMH3FoFZ1wqGQCLcBGAs / s400 / vegetables-1584999_640-min.jpg “width =” 400 “/>After:

<img border = “0” data-original-height = “455” data-original-width = “640” height = “284” data-src = “ c / XCXAgvO3MnI / AAAAAAAABTk / w2Gy6r4MYHw5d59rp5hNkMH3FoFZ1wqGQCLcBGAs / s400 / vegetables-1584999_640-min.jpg “width =” 400 “src = ‘data: image / png; base64, iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAAEAAAABCAMAAAAoyzS7AAAAA1BMVEXz8 / SVuXQoAAAACklEQVQI12NgAAAAAgAB4iG8MwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg ==’ />


Post disqus comments

Please press the ctrl + f key and look for the code ” disqusmu” then replace it with your disqus shortname. do not forget to hide blogger comments by going to the settings menu > Posts, comments and sharing> location of comments then select hide (optional)

Replacing disqus comments with blogger comments

Please find the following code

<b: include data = “post” name = “disqus-comments” />

then change it to

<b: include data = “post” name = “comments” />

5. Subscription Box

looks for the code uri = Pinktong then replace pinktong with your feedburner name.

6. Advertising

Please search for the text <! – install the ad code here -> then below there is a code like the one below, replace the code with your ad code. If your ad code is new, look for the async text and then change it to async = ” or async = ‘async’ to avoid errors.

<div class = ‘testad’ style = ‘width: 100%; height: 200px; background: #eee’ />

8. Mobile Display

In the “Themes” section on the blogger dashboard, please select ” No. Show desktop themes on mobile devices.” In the cellular theme settings

9. Contact Whatsapp

To contact WhatsApp on the footer please look for this  NO-WAMU number then replace it with your WhatsApp number.


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