PeepSo (v6.2.7.4) Gecko Theme All Addons Pack Nulled

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle + Gecko Theme
PeepSo Ultimate Bundle + Gecko Theme

Download Free PeepSo Ultimate Bundle Nulled + Gecko Theme v6.2.7.4

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle + Gecko Theme Free Download v6.2.7.4 – Peepso | PeepSo Ultimate Bundle + Gecko Theme Nulled v6.2.7.4 was created with a PeepSo First approach to help us get the most out of PeepSo Nulled as a Social Networking Platform. It is designed to expand the capabilities of PeepSo while also ensuring that the rest of the site looks and functions flawlessly. It is a stand-alone WordPress theme that does not require PeepSo to function properly.

BadgeOS Integration

A system of accomplishments for community involvement. Users can earn badges for their community involvement by using the BadgeOS Integration Plugin. The badges, or achievements, as you may call them, are displayed in the profiles of users. When a badge is earned, a related activity post is produced on the PeepSo stream to congratulate the user.

The Plugin not only shows badges that may be acquired by doing activities that are already available in BadgeOS. It expands the capabilities of BadgeOS and adds PeepSo Community Engagement Actions Nulled. This means that users can earn badges by participating in activities in your community.

Which actions are possible are determined by the PeepSo plugins Nulled that you have installed and activated. The available activities are classified into groups. Each group name corresponds to the name of the related PeepSo plugin that is required for them to function.


The Gecko theme has an in-house created customizer with sliders and settings that allow you to make changes to your site in real time. Although it does not replace the regular WordPress customizer, all Gecko-related options have been relocated to our own Gecko Customizer.

Built-in PeepSo Integration

This connection with PeepSo Nulled is more than that. It also allows for the import of some user profile information such as: Name, Last Name, Birthdate, and avatar from providers that support such imports.

The Social Login plugin includes a widget that you may place anywhere on your site. The integration with PeepSo enables the presentation of social login options within PeepSo. Profile Widget, Landing Page, and Registration for PeepSo.

Social Invitations

This feature of the plugin enables your members to invite friends from other social networks to visit and join your site. It takes the shape of a widget that you may place anywhere in any widget location. To ensure the landing page for invitees, use the shortcode: [peepso social invite link=””] with the ‘link’ option. You can also make use of the Gutenberg Block.

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle Free Download Link

Old Version

PeepSo + Gecko Theme Addon List

  • PeepSo Core v6.2.7.0 Activated
  • PeepSo Gecko Theme v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Audio & Video v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Chat v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Groups v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Photos v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo GiveWP v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Friends v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Mobile App v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo User Limits v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Email Digest v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo File Uploads v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Early Access v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo myCRED v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo BadgeOS v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo IdeaPush v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Easy Digital Downloads v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Tutor LMS v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo LearnDash v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo WPAdverts v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Advanced Ads v6.2.7.0 
  • PeepSo Social Login & Invitations v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo WP Job Manager v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo WP Event Manager v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo WooCommerce & Dokan v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Paid Memberships Pro v6.2.7.0
  • PeepSo Almighty Support v6.2.7.0

Changelog PeepSo Ultimate Bundle Nulled

[PeepSo] Full compatibility with PHP 8.3
[Woo] Compatibility with Woo 8.3.0
[PeepSo] Fix possible XSS issue on the installer page

NOVEMBER 15, 2023

[Photos] Query improvement for community photos widget
[PeepSo] Query improvement for user search
[Videos] Add ability to search video title
[Email Digest] Query improvements
[PeepSo] Fix the issue with link previews in comments
[WooCommerce] Fix the issue with "High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)"

OCTOBER 25, 2023

[AdvancedAds] Enable all HTML tags - Useful for ad tracking
[WooCommerce] Raise compatibility to WooCommerce 8.2.0
[Multi][Migrators] More migrator improvements
[WooCommerce] Activity post won't load if order data is deleted

OCTOBER 11, 2023

[PMP] Improve overall Paid Memberships Pro Integration
[Woocommerce] Support for version 8.1.0
[Groups] Users should not be able to see add button for groups on other user profile page
[WooCommerce] Fix the notice with Dokan activation
[Ultimate Member] Can’t load Ultimate member migrator in some cases
[Buddypress] Migrated avatars should show properly

[PeepSo] Improved compatibility with some of the most popular themes
[PeepSo] Update user agent data in embed.php to the latest version
[PeepSo] Fix the XSS vulnerability
[Friends] Can’t translate “Posts from your friends” line 

Gecko Theme
Configuration option to prevent OG tags from being added when using Yoast SEO

AUGUST 31, 2023

[PeepSo] Aggressive mode for “Use PeepSo Names Everywhere”
[WooCommerce] Add PHP filter to query so admin can exclude taxonomies
[User Limits] Hide message and URL if “show role based” is disabled
[Multi] Not able to edit Event with WP Events Manager when TutorLMS is activated
[Multi] Fix issues with post straight to group
[Almighty Support] New default slug, icon and label
[Photos] Fix the issue with left and right arrow keys
[Videos] Fix autoplay on NSFW videos

[Almighty Support] PeepSo Integration with Almighty Support
WordPress 6.3 compatibility
[Woo] WooCommerce 8.0 compatibility 
[User Limits] Improve usability of the plugin
[MyCRED] Hide history page from display unless you’re the profile owner
[SLAI] Add compatibility with Two Factor Authentication plugin to skip verification when login using Social Login
[PeepSo] Add better code control over Mail Queue internal variables
[PeepSo] Fix for CSRF vulnerability which allowed deleting posts
[PeepSo] Fix “ban until” feature
[PeepSo] Minor CSS fixes
[WP Job Manager] Fix issue with making posts while integration is disabled
Small cosmetic changes with calendar navigation
JULY 19, 2023
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