Payeer for WooCommerce v1.0.2

Payeer for WooCommerce Nulled
Payeer for WooCommerce Nulled
Payeer for WooCommerce
Payeer for WooCommerce

Free Download Payer for WooCommerce Nulled v1.0.2 | Payer for WooCommerce Free Download v1.0.2 is a plugin that extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via Payers payment methods.

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If you are looking for an extra payment method for your WooCommerce site. Payeer is exactly the module you are looking for with its easy use. With this module, you can enter your Payeer merchant information from the payment gateway settings. You can start receiving payments in a few minutes.

Changelog Payer for WooCommerce Nulled

2022.11.14 – VERSION 1.1.10
Fix – Updated the Payer SDK to version 1.1.22 to solve issues with PHP 8.0+. This bumps minimum PHP Version required to 7.1.
Fix – Fix a fatal error that happens if you have Payer for WooCommerce activated without WooCommerce.
2021.02.19 – VERSION 1.1.9
Fix – Fixed a issue with Payer Rents availability in some cases.
2021.02.11 – VERSION 1.1.8
Enhancement – Changed logic in the Payer Rent gateway to allow the payment method to be selected by an admin on the edit subscription page.
2020.12.07 – VERSION 1.1.7
Fix – Fixed incorrect tax rate being sent in some cases.
2020.06.23 – VERSION 1.1.6
Fix – Avoid fatal error – check if wcs_order_contains_subscription exist in payer_order_completed function.
Fix – Use wc_get_checkout_url() instead of WC()->cart->get_checkout_url() to avoid deprecated notice.
2020.05.05 – VERSION 1.1.5
Fix – Fix for disabled Payer payment gateway still showing on checkout.
2019.09.25 – VERSION 1.1.4
Fix – Only add order note for order completed with Payer if that is the case.
2019.07.08 – VERSION 1.1.3
Enhancement – Changed when invoices get sent to Payer for direct invoices.
2019.07.08 – VERSION 1.1.2
Fix – Fixed gateway icons to be loaded from the correct path.
2019.07.08 – VERSION 1.1.1
Fix – Changed subscription card payments to be charged on completion of order in WooCommerce. Prevents issue due to making the debit call to fast.
2019.06.27 – VERSION 1.1.0
Feature – Added rental payments as an option for those that have this allowed by Payer.
Enhancement – Changed how to get the tax rate.
Enhancement – Added filters for PNO fields to change the field used and how it is saved to the order.
Enhancement – All gateways now have proper checks to see if they are enabled or not.
Enhancement – Updated SDK and added functionality for IP validation skipping and support for Proxys.
Enhancement – Direct invoice now supports free trial subscriptions.
2018.11.19 – VERSION 1.0.2
Fix – Fixed is_available for Direct Invoice. Should not longer show if you dont have it enabled.
Enhancement – Removed masking of address data on organizations.
Enhancement – Added filter to Personalnummber label.
2018.10.23 – VERSION 1.0.1
Fix – Fixed a 500 error caused when lacking WooCommerce Subscription.
2018.10.08 – VERSION 1.0.0
Enhancement – Added support for WooCommerce subscriptions for Direct invoice and Card payments.
Enhancement – Updated the Payer SDK.
2018.06.25 – VERSION 0.2.0
Enhancement – Added setting to be able to partake in MasterPass campaigns.
Enhancement – Added setting to add text to the instant purchase buttons.
Feature – Added support for wp_add_privacy_policy_content (for GDPR compliance). More info:
2018.05.08 – VERSION 0.1.2
Fix – Fixed free shipping error.
Fix – Added Swedish translation for Get Address.
Fix – Added prefixes to function that register gateways to prevent error with old plugin.
Fix – We now send the used charset with the order to prevent malformed order details.
Fix – Added function to show settings fields on direct invoice to prevent an error.
Fix – Fixed a spelling error on Percentage.
2018.02.28 – VERSION 0.1.1
Fix – Fixed Installment to only show if enabled.
Fix – Fixed so masking is removed on order completion without payer being the gateway.
Enhancement – Showing messages on get address success or failure.
Enhancement – Fixed some translations.
Enhancement – Added setting for enabling order management and get address function.
2018.02.16 – VERSION 0.1.0
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