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OnlineTrader - Trading and Investment Management System Nulled

Download Free OnlineTrader – Trading and Investment Management System Nulled v4.0

OnlineTrader PHP Script Nulled Free Download 4.0 – CodeCanyon | OnlineTrader v4.0 – Trading and Investment Management System Nulled is your number one solution to build the investment platform. The cryptocurrency, stock, and forex investment and monitoring world are now more accessible. Online Trader Nulled Script allows you to set up your investment system online in moments. Your investors can integrate with MT4 quickly to manage their accounts. It’s a fully flexible and dynamic investment platform built on Laravel Framework. It’s easy to start building your investment system.

What’s new?

  • Crypto exchange system
  • Transfer of funds from wallets of users to the user
  • Administrators are now able to add any payment method that they want to make custom with barcodes
  • Flexible investment plans duration
  • Timezone configuration
  • Check users’ login activity and IP blacklisting
  • New front-end that has several pages (All pages can be edited from the admin’s end)
  • The Referral link now has the username, not the ID
  • Register the referral’s username on the page of registration automatically
  • Users can set up OTP to make withdrawals.
  • Restructured design and features
  • New front-end that has several pages (All pages can be edited by the admin’s end)
  • Social Login (Google Auth)
  • Improved security, optimized and more.

Premium Features:

  • Chat system for live chat.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Automatic top-up of user’s account. The admin can specify the frequency of top-ups.
  • Manual top-up is also available.
  • Stop trade (auto top-up) for users’ accounts on non-working days (weekends or holiday days)
  • Live charts of trading
  • Customers testimonials.
  • Methods for withdrawal and deposit.
  • Secure Database with input escaping; thus, there is no SQL Injection!
  • Guards from CSRF attacks!
  • Standard passwords encryption.
  • SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Informing USER Panel.
  • The history of the deposit.
  • The history of withdrawal.
  • History of earnings.
  • Smooth and efficient navigation.
  • Support system.
  • Referral system.
  • The administration should specify the currencies.
  • The administrator will send a notification to the user’s dashboard.
  • The administrator can create and modify plans.
  • Administrators manage withdrawals.
  • Admin manages deposits.
  • Administrators control users.
  • Block and deblock users.
  • Settings page.

Supportive Options

  • Integration with MT4 – Connect to your trading account at any broker.
  • Google 2FA
  • Google Translate
  • Recaptcha
  • AWS S3 CDN
  • The system supports Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.
  • 2FA verification for login and registration
  • 5 Levels Referral System
  • KYC (Know who your customers are) Compliance
  • Advanced user management
  • Administrators can export their records to excel pdf, text, and the csv file format.
  • Simple and user-friendly front-end editor of content by admin
  • Automatic and dynamic ROI (Return on top-ups to investment)
  • Welcome Bonus
  • An email notification is sent to you upon registration at the time that ROI decreases and when the investment circle is over. the investment circle.
  • Gorgeous default email template to use for all notifications
  • Live chat management
  • A mass email sent to all users.
  • Referral system
  • Audit logs
  • Administrative roles
  • Management of logos and favicons
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Changelog OnlineTrader – Trading and Investment Management System Nulled


=> Added user to user wallet transfer
=> Admin can now specify minimum deposit amount
=> Admin now receives email when users buy investment plan
=> Fixed known bugs
=> Code optimization, and others.


=> Added Crypto exchange system
=> Admin can now add unlimited custom payment methods with barcodes
=> Admin can now now add any investment duration
=> View users login activities & IP blacklisting
=> New front end with multiple pages (All pages are editable from admin end)
=> Referral link now carries username instead of ID
=> Capture referral username on registration page automatically
=> Users can setup OTP for withdrawal
=> Social login (Google Auth)
=> Optimized, improved security, and many more.


=> Fixed all bugs on the last update
=> Added a chart to admin dashboard to view website stats
=> Admin can now disable and enable recaptcha
=> Added 2FA to admin login


=> Upgraded to laravel 8.x
=> Added Google 2FA
=> Added Google Translation
=> Added Google Recaptcha
=> Added more admin and user controls
=> Added AWS S3 (CDN)
=> Admin can view users wallets from manage users
=> Users can enable/disable Google  2FA
=> Improved security
=> Updated others


=> Added MT4 integration feature - connect with any trading account easily


=> Added Paystack payment gateway
=> Added export feature to all tables to export records to excel, text, or pdf and csv format
=> Changed all email notifications from plain texts to markup (Email template)
=> Fixed add and deleting withdrawal method bug on version 2
=> Fav icon extended to homepage
=> Fixed coinpayments automatic payment bug
=> Corrected others


=> Front end content editing module
=> Fixed add and delete withdrawal method broken link 
=> Fixed update coinpayments details broken link


=> Improved security as always
=> Fixed stripe error on PHP 7.1 >
=> New structure and re organized codebase
=> Admin roles
=> New user and admin dashboard design
=> Improved frontend
=> Light and dark dashboard option
=> Update profile option
=> Improved user experience
=> Favicon management
=> Separated admin and user login page and dashboard


=> Improved security
=> Fixed search user bug
=> Updated others