Noisa v2.5.6 – Music Producers, Bands & Events Theme for WordPress

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Noisa - Music Producers, Bands & Events Theme for WordPress

Download Free Noisa – Music Producers, Bands & Events Theme for WordPress v2.5.6

Noisa – Music Producers, Bands & Events Theme for WordPress Free Download 2.5.6 – ThemeForest | Noisa v2.5.6 – Music Producers, Bands & Events Theme for WordPress is premium theme which helps to discover a powerful way to promote your music agency, producer, band or DJ. Includes continuous replay and support of 6 months

The developers are proud to present the mighty, sharp and extremely varied WordPress theme specifically crafted for artists, bands, net labels, DJs, producers and others… NOISA Theme for WordPress has been created using AJAX technology – you can now be confident that during browsing the page the music will not stop playing. It is a beautiful way of presenting the music to the top.

Continuous Music Playback

AJAX is the web development technique used to allow a web page to interact without reloading a page with the server. AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

It’s great for playing music! When you pick a track to play, you know, you click a link and the music stops?

Next, browse several pages and keep the music in the background as an overlay that enables users to play, pause, FFW, etc., and doesn’t require page content reloading.

The Noisa for WordPress works by picking up HTML from your server via ajax and replacing your loaded HTML container element content on your page. The current URL is then modified with pushState in the browser. This leads to a quicker tab. There is no re-execution or reapplication of pages (JS, CSS).

Responsive Design

Noisa Nulled contains a complete reactionary design which takes account of all modern devices today, so that nothing but music can concern you about.

Using CSS the new website immediately stretches over smartphones, mobile telephones, tablets and even smartwatches, including the music player.

Don’t sound amazing, but look good on the go.

Stunning Advanced Headers

The difference between losing a customer and holding one is a beautifully crafted header! Your Header is the first thing users would deal with, and while it is sometimes ignored, the beauty of a well-developed header and navigation framework has not been forgotten.

This is particularly true for your Music industry because we have developed advanced header designs that include elements such as names, pictures, sliders, videos and even maps in the header area, which can have an enormous effect, strong interaction with your users when they reach your first page!

Show and customize your heart content on each website, post or portfolio.

Advanced Music Player

Noisa gives you a state-of-the-art music player, who never stops playing while browsing a website. This is important to provide a music-focused user experience using the previously described powerful AJAX technology.

It supports the common music content network available today, and SoundCloud. It supports five music specific composer widgets – single track, Tracklist, Track Carousel Grid and single album view for optimum versatility.


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