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NextGEN Gallery Voting Premium

Download Free NextGEN Gallery Voting Premium v1.6.1 – CodeCanyon | This premium add-on extends the great functionality of the free NextGEN Gallery Voting plugin having many great new easy to use and easy to operate features. Before using this tool please make sure that you have installed the latest N.G G.V Tool and running before purchasing this add-on. It is seemlessly integrated with the above described tool voting, moreover you can update the all gallery’s options by doing just a single click from your admin dashboard. It is just like 1,2,3…


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  • New “Like” voting option
  • Show voting in popup
  • Update ALL image or gallery settings with 1 button
  • Delete ALL image or gallery votes with 1 button
  • Edit messages
  • Voting criteria
  • Enforce single voting with cookies
  • Allow daily/weekly/yearly Voting
  • Manually add or remove votes
  • Order images by results
  • Export votes
  • Top voted images widget