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Newsmaker for WordPress v1.1
Download Free Newsmaker WordPress Plugin v.1.1 – CodeCanyon | Newsmaker for WordPress v1.1 WP Plugin is a great premium plugin which brings tons of features of Newsmaker – CMS (Content Management System) and Social Network to WordPress. Now you can easily accumulate large amount of user-generated content in a second. This professional WP plugin allows you to smoothly create forms for creating posts, images, links, videos and polls. It also supports auto data fetching for image, link and video publishing. You can also use it with any properly coded WordPress theme.

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  • 13 shortcodes
  • Poll voting
  • Interests selection
  • Publish posts, videos, links, images and polls from frontend
  • Works with no need for user registration
  • User settings
  • Translatable frontend and backend
  • Login/Register
  • Users can edit/delete their posts
  • Automatic data fetching for link, image and video content
  • And many more
Changelog Version 1.1
  • Added 7 shortcodes
  • Interests are now optional
  • Users can edit/delete their posts
  • Added User settings
  • Added Login/Registration with Password reset