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Download Free MyListing Theme v2.11.7 – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

MyListing Theme – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme Free Download v2.11.7 – ThemeForest | MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme Nulled v2.11.7 is a Premium WP theme that proudly gives you 100% complete freedom to easily create any type of professional directory or listing website. (LATEST)

Now easily design your valuable pages on the front-end and witness your work immediately come to life. MyListing Theme Directory & Listing WordPress Theme Nulled pages are created using the most powerful front-end page builder like Elementor. All 50+ premium elements are drag and drop, and easy to use and customize with no coding required

You would like different looks, functionality and features for each of them, whether you’re creating a corporation, event, or some other form of directory. Our advanced developer of the listing form lets you do just that.

Choose from 20 + pre-made fields and build unlimited custom fields of your own. You can also have your own items for sale, host events, forms, ratings, comments and other custom tabs for each listing.


MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme Free Download (LATEST)

Changelog MyListing Theme Nulled

v2.11.4 – 18 Oct 2023
- Fix: OpenStreetMap RTL styling issues
- Fix: Direct message call to action button not working
- Fix: Keyword search by location not working
- Fix: User dashboard - duplicate listings not working properly
- Fix: User dashboard error for draft listings without a listing type
- Fix: Listing feed issue when used listing type is deleted
- Fix: Photoswipe RTL styling issues
- Fix: Console JS error in mapbox when radius is zero

v2.11.3 – 13 Oct 2023
- Fix: Api key not saving for google maps and mapbox
- Fix: Preview card gallery images not loading in BuddyPress
- Fix: Preview card gallery issue with load more
- Fix: Styling issues with quick search

v2.11.2 – 11 Oct 2023
- Added custom tile support for OpenStreetMap.
- Fix: Load more duplicating results in terms tab
- Fix: Share modal - copy link styling issue
- Fix: Footer widgets width
- Fix: Styling issues with lists

v2.11.1 – 09 Oct 2023
Fix: Product images not showing in single product page
Fix: Elementor global styles not applying to paragraphs

v2.11 – 07 Oct 2023
- Added Openstreetmap support as a map service
- Added "Load more" and "Infinte scroll" as pagination options in explore page
- Added option to prevent authors from reviewing their own listings
- Added package visibility for similar listings in single page
- Reorginzed styles and scripts of the theme to load only on pages required
- Added option to disable isotope masonry in explore page, listing feed and similar listings
- Added option to select networks that show in social networks field
- Added option to select networks that show in share modal
- Added "Reddit" to share networks list
- Added "Share via..." (native share) to share networks list
- Changed Twitter branding to X
- Added show password icon in login/register password field
- Added filter by listing type in "All listings" page in backend
Updated ACF Pro to the latest version (
- Fix: Listing order not working when you search by location
- Fix: Custom priority order not working in listing feed
- Fix: Only display markers within the specified search radius for listings with multiple locations
- Fix: User dashboard - claim request filter not working
- Fix: Wp all import - posts not imported in related listings field
- Fix: Wp all import - bulk location import issue with mapbox
- Fix: Lightbox buttons not showing in RTL
- Fix: Fixed issue with prev next buttons not working in taxonomy tab (explore widget)
- Fix: Click to reveal in preview card - head buttons
- Fix: Required field warning for select fields (styling issue)
- Fix: Users > paid listing packages > search manually created packages by user
- Fix: Issues with imprting location and workours (WP All Import)
- Fix: Deleting a duplicate listing would also delete the attachments of the original listing
- Fix: Issue with renewing subscriptions manually
- Fix: Number field (add listing form) - prevent scroll from changing its value
- Removed some legacy widgets
- Renamed "27 > title bar" to "27 > breadcrumbs" 
v2.10.8 – 18 Aug 2023
- Fix: CF 7 id not saving in contact form block
v2.10.7 – 03 July 2023
- Fix: Issues with package listing limit
- Fix: Replaced deprecated buddypress function: bp_core_avatar_default
- Fix: Warning when you preview and publish a listing
- Fix: Remove switch package if paid listings are disabled
v2.10.6 – 24 June 2023
- Fix: Display issue in iOS for checkbox and radio type inputs
- Fix: Issue with listing limit by listing type
v2.10.5 – 07 June 2023
Added option to combine listing types in the global listing type, you can also select default WordPress posts to combine with other listing types
Added posts to related listing field
    You can now display blog posts in related listing block and also in preview card
Added option to set a default map marker in listing type editor
Added alphabetical order to listing feed widget
Added option to select listing types for "Quick search" 
Added hook to enable posts in "Quick search": add_filter( 'mylisting/quicksearch/show-posts', '__return_true' );
Added option in listing type editor to prevent listing slug change when you edit the title of a listing
Added hook to remove "Promote" action from user dashboard add_filter( 'mylisting/display-promote-action', '__return_false' );
Added option to hide claim listing packages from add listing form
Added option to allow listings with packages to be claimed
Added option to set decimals for Number format in "Cover details" area
Tweak: Changed pagination text in explore widget to reflect the correct page
Tweak: Explore page > taxonomy tab > show number of listings for active listing type only
Updated ACF Pro to version 6.1.6
Fix: Require field not working for work hours field, also added option to validate each day
Fix: Issues with Wp All Export / Import - location/work hour field
Fix: Translation for 'Add Product' button slug
Fix: Issue with images not uploading for these widgets ("27 > Client slider", "27 > Map", "27 > Testimonials")
Fix: Prevent 'Notify admin on new listing submissions' emails when listing is saved as draft
Fix: Console error with recurring date field
Fix: Video block - Youtube links that start with letter V not embedding
v2.10.4 – 03 May 2023
Fix: PHP warning in listing type editor
Fix: Console JS error in add listing page
v2.10.3 – 12 April 2023
Fix: Draft promotion packages showing in promote modal
Fix: Checkout issue while submitting listings
Fix: Added option to remove selected image for form heading
Fix: Minor styling issues
Fix: Listing feed carousel autoplay and loop switch issue
v2.10.2 – 05 April 2023
Fix: Issue with listing type editor if claim listings are disabled
v2.10.1 – 04 April 2023
Fixed issue with listing logo
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