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Muvipro - Movie WordPress Theme

Download Free Muvipro – Movie WordPress Theme v2.1.7 Nulled

Muvipro – Movie WordPress Theme Free Download 2.1.7 – idtheme | Muvipro v2.1.7 – Movie WordPress Theme is the best movie theme in its class for WordPress films. This is designed to customize your movie website in such away.

It’s very hard to have a website that produces a lot of traffic. The movie or film niche is one of the niche websites that are very much in demand by Internet users.

If you see the Kaskus route above, it would definitely be very profitable to build a website with a movie niche.

Features of Muvipro 2.1.7 Nulled Theme:

In reality, since many visitors will continue to open your website just to watch a movie or just watch a trailer for the film, you might say you can get massive and repetitive traffic quickly.

Now comes an innovative theme, which will allow you to make it easier to create a movie website.

You can create a movie post in just a few seconds with the IMBD grabbing feature.

Imagine what if with only 1 click you made a movie message, the movie article is automatically filled in.

All you need to do is upload the video and simply install the player.

There are still several features in addition to the 1 click post function that is no less cool, let’s see what features are available in this theme.

Core Features:

  1. Fast loading
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Mobile Friendly
  4. Modern Design
  5. BBPress Support
  6. Woocommerce support

Download Nulled Muvipro – Movie WordPress Theme 2.1.7(287) Download Nulled Muvipro – Movie WordPress Theme 2.1.4(250)

Changelog Muvipro – Movie WordPress Theme

v.2.1.7 update tanggal 10 bulan 2, 2022
  • Add thumbnail in ajax search
  • Add class to quality, so you can change color every quality using css
  • Update autocomplate js to version 1.0.7
  • Update Infinite Scroll from v3.0.6 to v4.0.1
  • Update Tiny Slider from v2.9.3 to v2.9.4
  • Change readmore js script
  • Add new support for post view counter
  • Change default wp post view with post view counter plugin
  • Add tiktok and soundcloud social icon
  • Change font icon with svg
  • Change some inline javascript with separate file javascript
  • Regenerate languange
  • Regenerate demo data
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fix style social share button
  • Change sticky header with css position sticky before using javascripts
  • Remove gutenberg style, since this theme no need gutenberg
  • Add option to display download area using popup, display post or before post


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