Mintly – Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App

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Mintly - Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App

Download Free Mintly – Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App v1.46

Mintly – Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App Free Download 1.46 – CodeCanyon | Mintly v1.46 – Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App is an Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards app that includes both games and offer walls, which will allow you to monetize your app while keeping it fun. Mintly is a free software that can be downloaded from the App Store.

It features a robust Admin Panel that is included with the app source code for free, allowing you to control the majority of the operations from a distant location without having to update the app frequently.

Quiz, image puzzle, word guessing, jigsaw puzzle, scracher, lottery, spin wheel, and slot games are all pre-integrated into this multi-gaming platform. All of them are impenetrable to hackers.


We’ve included a hack-proof real-time quiz competition, as well as other category quiz games, to our collection. We’ve also included an artificial intelligence math bot to generate random math questions based on the function you provide, so that users don’t get bored by seeing the same question again and over.

Word Guessing:

By utilising the backend, you can add an endless number of questions remotely. It also has an image showing function that may be used to estimate the name of an object in a displayed picture.

Image Puzzle:

This game may be operated through the backend, which allows for the addition of additional game categories, pictures, award amounts, completion times, and levels of difficulty, among other things.

Jigsaw Puzzle:

Similar to the Image Puzzle game, this game may also be managed from the backend of the website.


Thanks to the robust backend, you may include as many scratch cards as you desire. You can also personalize the scratch card from a distance. You have the ability to customise the scratching area, card purchase cost, reward amount, difficulty level, and card expiration date, among other things.


You can remotely enter a 5-set match winner to receive the greatest reward. Also included are the difficulty level, round cost, daily chances, and so forth.

You can adjust the wheel spinning area using the backend, and you can also specify a daily limit, spin cost, and color for the wheel to spin. You can also give the player in-app currency or a scratch card as a form of reward. It can also be configured from the backend.

Slot Game:

You have the ability to customize the round cost, the minimum icon match to award, the slot columns and rows, the machine speed, and the daily playing limit. You can adjust the quantity of your prize based on the worth of your icons and the value of your slot lines. From the backend, you can also make changes to the winning lines.

2 HTML5 Games:

You may remotely add any web games to your app without affecting the source code of your application. You have the ability to change the game orientation (portrait or landscape).


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