Meow Apps AI Engine PRO (v1.9.7) Free Download

Meow Apps AI Engine PRO Nulled Free Download
Meow Apps AI Engine PRO Nulled Free Download
Meow Apps AI Engine PRO  Nulled Free Download
Meow Apps AI Engine PRO Nulled Free Download

Free Download Meow Apps AI Engine PRO v1.9.7

Meow Apps AI Engine PRO Free Download v1.9.7 | Meow Apps AI Engine PRO Nulled v1.9.7 Ready to take your WordPress site to the next level with AI? With AI Engine Nulled, you can easily generate content, try out a variety of tasks like translation and correction in our fun AI Playground, add a ChatGPT-style chatbot to your website, track the AI usages, set limits, etc! (LATEST)

You can also create datasets and fine-tune AI models to make your website even more awesome. And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with an API for other plugins to tap into. Give it a try and see the magic for yourself. And more importantly, enjoy it.

Content Generation

Generate fresh and engaging content for your site.

Amazing Chatbot

Add a ChatGPT-style chatbot Nulled to your website.

AI Playground

Variety of tools like translation, correction, and ChatGPT-style discussions


Everything can be modified, adapted, used! AI Engine Nulled is much more than just features!

Easy Fine-tuning

Prepare datasets, manage them, and train new models based on them.

Statistics, Limitations, Forms and More!

You can sell an AI service for your users, based on your expertise!

AI Engine Features Pro Version

Everything from the Free Version

AI Forms

Create dynamic forms that will generate answers.


Create manually or dynamically an index (= database) of knowledge. The AI will use this to build its answers.


The chatbot will be aware of the content of the current page, and be able to discuss/analyze it.

Statistics & Limits

Keep track of every AI requests, helpers to get statistics, and allows you to set limits and conditions to the AI usage.

Much more to come…

Lot of features are in a development!

Sales Page

Sales Page (LATEST)

Changelog Meow Apps AI Engine PRO Nulled

1.7.8 (2023/06/23)
Update: The non-public post-types can now be ‘Sync All’ if they are mentioned in the settings of ‘Sync Posts’.
🎵 Discuss with other users about features and issues on my Discord.
🌴 Keep me motivated with a little review here. Thank you!
1.7.7 (2023/06/18)
Add: Many namespaces can now be used at the same time.
Fix: Issue with the ask() function for the Chatbot JS API.
1.7.6 (2023/06/15)
Add: Streaming in Playground.
Update: Enhanced the UI of the Playground.
Update: Better handling of the errors from OpenAI and Pinecone.
1.7.5 (2023/06/14)
Add: Added the Turbo 16k model.
Fix: Issue where “0” was considered as empty in the case of streaming.
Fix: The AI Output can now be outside of the AI Container.
1.7.3 (2023/06/11)
Add: Embeddings Export (no worries, Import will be next!).
Update: Added a Sync button directly next to the outdated embeddings.
Fix: Remove a few warnings and notices.
1.7.2 (2023/06/07)
Fix: Randomize the file used to record streams on the server.
Fix: New forms now works with selectors as inputs.
1.7.1 (2023/06/06)
Fix: Limits work better.
Update: This is really alpha, but discussions work a little bit. Check this.
1.7.0 (2023/06/04)
Update: Forms have been rewritten to be more flexible, including streaming. Parameters are kept only on the server (your users can’t see them). If any issue, you can switch back to the Legacy Forms (check the settings).
Fix: Params relative to UI were not being overriden by the filters.
Fix: Connection errors with OpenAI or Azure should be displayed.
Fix: Limits were overriden by a misplaced line of code. Sorry about that!
1.6.98 (2023/06/01)
Update: Huge improvements on streaming! When it’s confirmed (by you dear users) that it works perfectly for the chatbot, I will add streaming to every other parts of AI Engine.
1.6.97 (2023/05/31)
Fix: Additional fix for limits for admins and editors.
Fix: Errors weren’t sent correctly to the chatbot with stream.
Fix: Avoid limits override to affect the system limits.
Update: Removed the condition on apiRef (which was the API KEY used for the requests), as it’s not clear how it will behave based on the usage of Azure.
1.6.95 (2023/05/29)
Fix: There were issues with custom roles.
Fix: Bypass security filters on words and IPs for embeddings for users with the right capability.
Fix: Avoid the typewriter and the streaming to collide.
1.6.94 (2023/05/28)
Add: Streaming for the chatbot (beta). Depending on the server configuration, it might not work.
Fix: The styles of the syntax highlighting were overriden.
Fix: Various issues with ID collisions (themes and chatbots).
Update: The chatbots tab got a little lifting. Might be easier to figure things out for new users.
1.6.92 (2023/05/27)
Fix: Issues with the new chatbot and finetunes.
Fix: Improved and fixed issues related to the finetuned models management (the way it was handled was not optimal). Please refresh your models in the Finetunes tab.
Fix: A variable in the chatbot might not be initialized, thus causing a warning.
1.6.90 (2023/05/25)
Update: Support of Dall-E through Azure.
Update: More refactoring (that will allow support of new engines in the future).
1.6.89 (2023/05/24)
Fix: Issues related to finetuned models with the new chatbot v2.
Update: The client-side discussions module got a bit better.
Update: The system messages (usually, errors) are now displayed with a red background in the chatbot.
Update: Improved the JS API.
Update: Optimized the CSS of the ChatGPT theme.
Fix: Sanitization for Text Compliance.
1.6.88 (2023/05/21)
Update: Slighlty cleaner API for context. If you want to implement you own web search for AI Engine, have a look at this.
Fix: Avoid the double slash when loading the script.
Fix: Crash when embeddings’ subtype is set to something else than null or a string.
Fix: Sanitization of the context shouldn’t removed the line returns.
1.6.85 (2023/05/20)
Update: Pinecone servers.
Fix: Make it simpler for caching system to work with the plugin (nonce / cookie issue).
Fix: Secured the plugin against potential XSS attacks (thanks to WPScan).
Fix: Line return support for users input.
Fix: The filter related to rewriting errors was not always kicking in.
Update: Enhancements in the discussions UI module. It’s very alpha, but you can try it by adding [mwai_discussions id=”default”] to a page where the chatbot is.
Update: Architectural changes. Moving towards the discussions (almost work).
1.6.81 (2023/05/17)
Fix: Display SQL errors related to logging.
Update: The MwaiAPI (for developers) is evolving a lot – discussions will be handled by it soon.
1.6.79 (2023/05/14)
Update: Refactoring and cleaning.
Fix: Issues with the chatbot when using DALL-E.
Fix: Remove some potential PHP warnings.
1.6.78 (2023/05/13)
Add: The messages coming through the API are now all overridable.
Fix: Rounding issue for price calculation.
1.6.77 (2023/05/12)
Add: Display of the Post Type for embeddings related to local content.
Add: Button to duplicate a chatbot.
Add: Reset button for overall settings.
Fix: The default service is set to OpenAI (it wasn’t set to anything at first).
Update: Cleaned a bit more the REST API.
Update: Move the Legacy Chatbot in the Chatbot Settings (it will be hidden to new users).
1.6.76 (2023/05/11)
Add: Search for Discussions (it’s done through the filter in the Preview column).
Add: Delete Selected/All for the Discussions.
Add: Reset button for chatbot.
Update: The REST API has been cleaned out completely, simplified, rectified and improved.
1.6.75 (2023/05/10)
Fix: Various issues related to the Chatbots’s ID and ChatId.
1.6.74 (2023/05/09)
Fix: Issue with non-string parameters in AI Forms.
1.6.73 (2023/05/08)
Fix: Issue wih the chatbot’s timer.
1.6.72 (2023/05/07)
Update: Refactoring of the code to handle new features later.
Add: Usage costs of audio models are now handled and accounted.
Fix: Issue with custom chatbots that were not truly custom.
Update: Enhancing how exceptions are being handled for a better error management.
1.6.70 (2023/05/06)
Fix: Added ‘Local Memory’ to the parameters.
Fix: Issue with how Local Memory was handled with multiple IDs.
1.6.69 (2023/05/05)
Fix: Tokens estimation was happening too early.
Fix: Issue with chatbot names using only non-ASCII characters.
Update & Fix: Custom Shortcodes (for Chatbot v2) got much simpler and better.
1.6.66 (2023/05/04)
Fix: Entries Generator was not getting the right counts.
Fix: Messages theme had little visual glitches.
Update: The chatbot scrolls to the bottom of the content when re-opened.
Update: The paragraphs are back for the ChatGPT Theme.
Update: The AI Wands is nicer to use, with better busy states.
Update: More adaptability for the AI Engine API.
Add: Shortcode “builder” for new chatbots.
1.6.64 (2023/05/03)
Add: User/IP filter for the Discussions tab.
Add: User/IP and Env filter for the Queries tab.
Update: Optimized the way the scrolling is handled when typewriter is used.
1.6.63 (2023/05/01)
Fix: Removed a notice.
Update: Refactoring of the code to make it more consistent.
Update: Attempt to avoid an issue with old plugins loading the JS media library in the footer.
1.6.61 (2023/04/30)
Update: Some parts of the UI got improved, that will allow for more features to be developed.
Update: Clean the API, class names, and the files hierarchy to make it more consistant.
1.6.59 (2023/04/29)
Add: Logs the real issue when rejecting a query.
Fix: Spinners wasn’t working for Messages theme.
Fix: The AI Wands were not using the language set in the current post.
Update: Light enhancements to the Messages theme.
1.6.58 (2023/04/28)
Fix: The input fields were not always focuses in the best way, should be much better now!
Add: The Speech Recognition of the Web Speech API, just for fun (it’s fast and free).
1.6.57 (2023/04/27)
Update: The chatbot and its shortcode are much more powerful in the way they manage their settings and parameters. If you are still using the old shortcode, switch to the new one. Make sure to test all your chatbots, there are major changes, and let me know if there are issues.
Update: Chatbot settings are now perfectly opaque (except when related to UI).
Fix: Some issues with embeddings management.
Fix: The assistants could not be disabled.
Fix: Japanese, Chinese (and other languages) typing issues in AI Copilot.
1.6.55 (2023/04/26)
Update: Using POST instead of PUT for the API calls (that avoid issues with with ModSecurity and other security plugins; though it was gramatically correct to use PUT to update data rather than POST).
Update: Better error handling for templates.
Update: Optimized the speed of retrieving logs data.
Fix: Avoid issue with naming new chatbots ‘default’.
Fix: Issue with models not appearing in the dropdown for finetuning.
1.6.53 (2023/04/25)
Add: Ability to see the content of the query and reply objects, for any request that goes through AI Engine. This is in the Statistics Tab. API Keys are not logged however, for security reason.
Fix: Code highlighting was not always working.
Fix: Issues with Embeddings and PHP 7.3.
Fix: Show a nicer placeholder than broken images with expired DALL-E images.
Fix: The Send button which was sending circular data to the stringifyer.
1.6.4 (2023/04/24)
Add: The JS API. Allows more control over the chatbot (to open it, to modify the typewriter speed, etc). You can find a few examples here.
Add: AI Forms support Speech-to-Text (through whisper).
Update: A few enhancements on the AI Forms, for more clarity.
Fix: Japanese keyboard was not supported in the chat textfield.
Fix: The new chatbot was not working with images yet. Now works with DALL-E.
Fix: Issue with Safari (the loading animation was staying – looks like a bug in Safari however)
Fix: Too many parameters were injected in the front chatbot in the case of site-wide.
1.6.2 (2023/04/23)
Add: Status for Posts Syncing for Embeddings.
Fix: Scrolldown issue.
Fix: Issue when placeholders for User Name (in chatbot) didn’t have any data. Will now display Guest Name.
Fix: The admin could crash if OpenAI incidents were not available.
Add: Added the chatbotId as the ID for the chatbot in the HTML.
1.6.0 (2023/04/22)
Add: You can choose a different model for the AI Tools (Magic Wand, AI Copilot and Suggestions). It uses to be only Turbo, but you can now pick another one like GPT-4. Look in Settings > Admin Tools.
Fix: Timeout for Images Generator was too short.
Fix: Copy issue when typewriter was enabled.
Update: Optimized the API behind the API Wand and AI Copilot.
Update: Pinecone servers.
Update: Improved the errors handling in Content Generator, Playground and Images Generator.
1.5.9 (2023/04/21)
Update: Errors are handled better.
Fix: Fullwidth for non-popup chatbot.
1.5.8 (2023/04/20)
Fix: There were issues with the Audio Transcription.
Fix: Unhandled role (which was a system role when an error is thrown).
Fix: Pinecone servers could not been seen easily.
Add: Possibility to disable local memory.
1.5.6 (2023/04/19)
Add: Typewriter effect for the chatbot v2, should play well with the syntax coloring and everything else.
Update: More refactoring and optimization of the chatbot v2. Ready to go forward!

1.5.3 (2023/04/18)
Fix: Removed a few annoying PHP notices.
Add: Max Sentences for the new chatbot (now the new chatbot has everything and more).
Add: Statistics tab displays more information, such as the service used (generally, it’s OpenAI, but it could be Azure), and if the API Key used was the one set in the admin or if it was a custom one (added by the user for example).
Update: Enhanced how everything is displayed in Statistics to spot potential issues more easily.
Update: Reviewed the Settings tab for more clarity.
Info: Moved the legacy chatbot tab on the very right end to encourage legacy users to switch to the new one.
🎵 Discuss with other users about features and issues on my Discord.
🌴 Keep me motivated with a little review here. Thank you!
1.5.2 (2023/04/17)
Fix: The Chatbot V2 wasn’t getting initialized with some themes.
Add: Context Max Tokens allows truncating the context dynamically (for content-aware, embeddings, etc).
Add: Better support for Azure (can link instances with models), and a big refactoring or the querying system.
Fix: The copy button for the new chatbot was not implemented.
1.5.1 (2023/04/16)
Add: Gutenberg Block for Chatbot.
Add: Embeddings in Forms.
Update: Enhance the AI Copilot and Blocks Tooks.
Fix: Forms were a bit difficult to use (useful indications were hidden by mistake).
1.4.8 (2023/04/15)
Add: Messages Theme.
Update: Enhanced the theme system extensively.
Fix: Many various little fixes.
1.4.7 (2023/04/14)
Add: Slowing moving to a system for the Chatbot V2 that can handle animations.
Fix: With the Chatbot V2, always the default chatbot was displayed.
1.4.6 (2023/04/13)
Add: Friendly message to those who don’t have access to GPT-4.
Fix: Many fixed related to the Chatbot V2.
Update: Enhanced the content-aware feature (and fixed it for the Chatbot V2)
Add: Remove failed and cancelled finetuning jobs.
Update: Cleaned the internal API.
1.4.4 (2023/04/12)
Add: Site-wide V2 chatbot.
Add: Remember chats for V2 chatbot.
Update: Rejected messages will be removed from the conversation and will not be reused in further requests.
Update: The ‘finetuned’ status of the models now stand out more in the UI.
1.4.3 (2023/04/11)
Add: Delete all discussions at once.
Update: Refresh of the tables and checkboxes (better to keep everything consistent).
1.4.2 (2023/04/09)
Update: Icon and Avatar for AI are now a bit more unified in the new chatbot system.
Info: If you miss it, I released a new chabots system, check it out. It’s beta!
1.4.1 (2023/04/08)
Add: New system for chatbots. It’s in beta, not everything is working, but as you can see, it will be easier and better to handle the chatbots from now on (and new features will be much easier to add too). You can try them out by heading to the Chatbots tab.
Update: Pinecone servers.
1.4.0 (2023/04/05)
Update: Pinecone servers.
Add: System-wise limits (in order to prevent many kinds of abuse).
Add: Limits can be set with minutes and seconds.
1.3.98 (2023/04/03)
Fix: An issue related to memorizing the chats with GPT-Turbo.
Fix: The Magic Wand was going a bit wild because of my previous optimization.
Add: {EXCERPT} is now also usable via content aware.
1.3.96 (2023/04/02)
Fix: Fixes and enhancements related to embeddings.
Add: Post types filter for Sync Posts for embeddings.
Add: Security improvements, avoid empty requests, banned words and banned IPs (CIDR ranges supported).
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