MapSVG v6.2.13 – The Last WordPress Map Plugin You’ll Ever Need

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Last updated on January 17th, 2022 at 07:53 pm

MapSVG - The Last WordPress Map Plugin You'll Ever Need

Download Free MapSVG – The Last WordPress Map Plugin You’ll Ever Need v6.2.13

MapSVG – the last WordPress map plugin you’ll ever need Free Download v.6.2.13 – CodeCanyon | MapSVG v6.2.13 – The Last WordPress Map Plugin You’ll Ever Need is he last plugin you’ll ever need for WordPress mapping: Vector maps / Google Maps / Image Maps. Everything is in one app. This provides interactive maps of the United States, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and more than 100 countries.

Use Google Maps alone or expand the functionality: add on Google Maps one of the available vector maps or any other vector artwork. Transform any image of a vector into an interactive map. Create your own map, floorplan, or any other interactive picture you like. Build and view custom objects on a map. Attach custom fields: text, picture, pick, wp post, date, radio, checkbox.

Make objects and then place them on an outline map

MapSVG includes an integrated database, designed for speed, simple edits, as well as seamless interactions with maps. Make use of it to create all types of objects and display them on maps! Display your content

Your content will be displayed in a map with markers. Clusters marker clusters into groups. Display popovers, tooltips or a detailed view in large size the click of a marker or the map area. Display a menu that displays the list of objects that are next to the map.

Filter results are displayed on the map

There are many types of filters available:

  • Search text
  • Locate nearby locations using the address or current location.
  • Search by zip
  • Filter using custom fields

Visualize large data on a map

Each map region has different colors of a color gradient.

Modify the map functionality

You can create any custom functionality by simply adding a few lines JS code to the MapSVG editor screen. Click on a map region to do something unique. There are many events that can be used to receive objects from the server.

Modify the map styles

You can use the built-in editor to create templates. Use a built-in CSS editor to fine-tune your styles


MapSVG can be used to add shortcodes from other plugins. Example: Click on a marker to display a contact form. Email stored in the clicked object is passed to the “email_to” field.

Add a gallery on your map

To display a gallery, slider or lightbox with images, use MapSVG.Gallery addon.

Additional features

Click on the region to show another map (drill down functionality). Building plans: Click on an area to see a picture of the building. Clicking on a floor will show a floorplan and a child map. Clicking on an area of the floorplan will show the plan for an apartment. You can add controls to allow the user to toggle visibility for certain objects


Download MapSVG – The Last WordPress Map Plugin Nulled v6.2.13(51)

Changelog of MapSVG WordPress Map Plugin

Please visit its official website to view its full changelog


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