MailPoet Premium v3.85.0 – Emails and Newsletters in WordPress

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MailPoet Premium - Emails and Newsletters in WordPress

Download Free MailPoet Premium – Emails and Newsletters in WordPress v3.85.0

MailPoet Premium – Emails and Newsletters in WordPress Free Download 3.85.0 – MailPoet | MailPoet Premium v3.85.0 – Emails and Newsletters in WordPress helps to get visitors to your website can sign up as subscribers to the newsletter and create your mailing list, all without leaving your WordPress admin.

With MailPoet visitors to your website can join as newsletter subscribers, and then build your mailing list without having to leave your WordPress administrator.

Our newsletter builder is fully compatible with WordPress which means that any owner of a website can design beautiful email templates either from scratch or making use of our responsive templates that are perfectly displayed across all devices.

Create your newsletters, then immediately send them out or configure it to send blog posts notifications automatically with just a few clicks.

The Most Effective Email Plugin for WordPress

A staggering 300000+ websites use MailPoet to stay in touch with their users. Get everything you need at one location. MailPoet integrates seamlessly with your preferred CMS and you can begin sending emails today.

You can quickly add images and content straight from the media library. There’s no need to upload images to third-party websites since it’s all there available to use on the dashboard of your WordPress dashboard.

Expand and Reach Your Audience

From the initial greeting to the loyal customers emailing the appropriate people at the right moment. Begin by welcoming new subscribers with an automated sequence of welcome emails. You’ll also enjoy opening rates that are 40% or more.

Are you running a blog that is busy? Send automatic email updates to inform your readers about the latest blog posts each day or week and then link them to your site.

Created to be used in Busy Site Owners

You’re already familiar with WordPress and can get started in a matter of minutes. Create newsletters and email updates that which your customers can’t wait for to open using beautiful templates that you can modify to reflect your personal style (and your brand).

Make your emails more vibrant by using a wide range of design options, as well as advanced features. Be aware of the look of your emails by checking out quick previews.

Stunning Templates, No Design Skills Required.

Take time to think about the ideas you have, and not on styling. It’s not necessary to program or hack anything. Simply pick your preferred MailPoet template, tweak it as you require, then mail it out.

Delivery on time, every Time.

Send email with confidence. MailPoet delivers more than 30 million emails per month to your inbox and not spam mailers. Benefit from high open rates due to our unparalleled deliverability rate and an extremely solid infrastructure.

Improved Email Since 2011.

We’re a fun group with a variety of backgrounds, bound by our love for email, WordPress and a delightful experience for customers. We’re improving email and enjoying every minute of it.

Do the Switch to MailPoet

Are you content with the current solution for email? Are you seeking greater value, better service and a reliable service that integrates with your WordPress website?

Over 7,000 customers trust MailPoet to provide email services for more than 300,000 WordPress websites. From small companies that send weekly newsletters to large corporations along with WooCommerce stores that email to thousands of customers, MailPoet is the natural option for WordPress.

Start in a matter of minutes

You are already familiar with WordPress. Therefore, you can get familiar with the stunning selection of templates as well as an intuitive drag-and-drop builders. Send out emails that please your customers–with no learning curve.

Simply import Lists of Subscribers and Lists

Importing your lists and subscribers is as simple as importing the CSV file. We use industry-standard email practices and provide CSV import and export options to assist you in making the change.

Works Right Out-of-the-Box

MailPoet is activated when you turn it on. It is not necessary to configure complicated settings or read a confusing manual. It’s easy to use, allowing you to mail your very first email within minutes.

Industry-Leading Deliverability

This is the very first email-based plugin for WordPress to provide its own email sending service for sending emails. With our sophisticated email delivery system, unbeatable deliverability ratesand uptime, MailPoet is a leader in reliable email delivery.

Assistance When and Where You Need It

The MailPoet provides quick prompt, reliable support via email as well as live chat right within your WordPress administrator. Are you a DIYer? Our library of knowledge is available 24/7. Call us anytime, we’re real human beings and ready to assist you.

Start sending emails right now

The majority of MailPoet users begin sending their first newsletter via email the next day after activating the plugin. The speed and ease of this process is a testament to our dedication to eliminating all barriers and frictions, and aiding you in sending emails as quickly as you can.

Easy to use Drag and Drop Editor

Create and create your WordPress newsletter quickly and effortlessly by using the drag-and drop editor in MailPoet. There is no need for coding. Customize your newsletter to reflect your branding and requirements for content.

50+ Templates Prebuilt

With over 50 template templates to pick from You’ll be able to quickly design an email that is engaging for your target audience. Organize and format the content in any way you’d like by using custom drag-and-drop elements.

You are now connected with your WordPress Website

It is easy to add blog pages, posts images, products, or posts into your monthly newsletter. There’s no need to copy or pasting. Simply choose items from the Posts section to add and begin driving traffic to your site.

Analyze and optimize using Stats

Check how well your newsletters perform by using precise and complete statistics. Find out the number of people who opened your email, from where they clicked as well as how much they’re engaged Then utilize this information to optimize your email marketing further.

You can reach the Inbox and not in the Spam Box

If you’re looking for a flawless delivery desire, we’ve got you back. MailPoet sends more than 30 million monthly emails to inboxes, not boxes. Through this service, known as the MailPoet Sending Service, you can rest assured that your emails will arrive in time, every time.


We utilize MailPoet to manage MailPoet which is why we secure your personal information as if was our personal data. With just a couple of clicks, you can design GDPR-friendly registration forms that allow you to adhere to European privacy laws.

Friendly Support Team

Email is a must-have. With team members scattered around the globe, MailPoet offers fast, and reliable assistance via email. Are you a DIY-er? The knowledge database is available at all times. You can reach us any timeWe’re human beings and ready to help.

Up 1 000 subscribers

The best experiences in this world happen to be for free and we’re certainly not going to dispute that. You can enjoy all the premium features of MailPoet at no cost for those with 1,000 or less subscribers. If you’re ready to upgrade, we have plans that can be flexible to help you grow your business.


Download Nulled MailPoet Premium v3.85.0 WordPress Plugin(24) Download MailPoet Premium v3.75.0 WordPress Plugin Nulled(31)

Changelog MailPoet Premium – Emails and Newsletters in WordPress

V3.77.1 – 2022-01-17

Updated: Composer Dependencies

V3.77.0 – 2022-01-17

Updated: Composer Dependencies

V3.76.0 – 2022-01-11

Improved: Dropped Support For PHP 7.1, MailPoet Now Requires At Least PHP 7.2

V3.75.0 – 2021-12-13

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes

V3.74.0 – 2021-11-16

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes

V3.73.0 – 2021-11-02

Updated: Npm Dependencies

Updated: Composer Dependencies

V3.72.0 – 2021-10-25

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes

V3.71.0 – 2021-09-28

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes

V3.70.0 – 2021-09-20

Added: Detailed Bounce Statistics

V3.69.0 – 2021-09-07

Added: Show Detailed Machine-Opened Stats On The Email Stats Page;

Improved: Subscriber Engagement Calculation Performance.

V3.68.0 – 2021-08-30

Fixed: Parse Error When Activating Plugin.

V3.67.0 – 2021-08-17

Improved: Updated PHP Dependencies.

V3.66.0 – 2021-08-09

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes.

V3.65.0 – 2021-07-12

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes.

V3.64.0 – 2021-06-15

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes.

V3.63.0 – 2021-06-07

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes.

V3.62.0 – 2021-05-24

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes.

V3.61.0 – 2021-05-17

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes.

V3.59.0 – 2021-01-25

Improved: Minor Changes And Fixes.


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