Magzine Theme v2.7 – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme Free Download

Magzine - Elementor Review and Magazine Theme
Magzine - Elementor Review and Magazine Theme

Download Free Magzine Theme – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme v2.7 Nulled

Magzine Theme – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme Free Download 2.7 – ThemeForest | Magzine Theme – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme Nulled v2.7 | is a review and magazine WordPress theme that makes use of the free Elementor plugin, which is used by over 5 million people worldwide to create beautiful websites. It enables you to create your website quickly and easily by using a drag and drop editor. (LATEST)

Elementor, on its own, has limitations in terms of the appearance of your posts and pages. Magzine WordPress Theme Nulled comes into play in this situation. With this theme, you can quickly create your own headers, footers, archive pages, search pages, review posts, review boxes, and other elements of your website. In addition, it has over 40 bespoke pieces to make it truly unique.

Furthermore, you are not required to develop your own website if you do not wish to. The theme includes eight pre-designed websites (more coming soon). These aren’t just variations on the same landing page. Each design includes everything you need, including a header, a footer, a 404 page, a post page, and category pages, among other things.

How does it compare to other website builders?

  • It can be used with any theme! So, even if you disable Magzine Nulled, all of the elements you added will continue to function.
  • Most website builders include a rating element, but Magzine Nulled takes it a step further by including a plethora of review tools. You may display ratings in a variety of completely customizable designs, allow users to submit ratings to any page, allow users to add reviews via the comment form, offer a breakdown of user ratings by score, display ratings in Google search results, regulate who can and cannot add ratings, and much more.
  • It includes a fantastic Items element that allows you to show your posts in a variety of ways to create a magazine website with great filtering tools.

Will this work with other GhostPool themes/plugins?

Yes! The theme includes a converter for users of the Gauge, The Review, and Huber themes, as well as the Ultimate Reviewer plugin. This implies that the majority of your hub and review data will be transferred to the new theme, ensuring that no data is lost.

Unparalleled Review Features

As the administrator, you have the ability to apply ratings to any post, page, or custom post type. You can also allow your users to do so by clicking the rating icons on the page or by using the comment form.

  • Create your own rating displays or use one of the preset designs.
  • Allows for both regular min/max score ratings as well as up/down voting.
  • Ratings can be entered by users using the rating element and the comment form.
  • Create custom review forms that customers can utilize to submit their own review entries.
  • Set a variety of criteria and weights for each rating.
  • Display your reviews in Google Search Results (rich snippets)
  • Sort your posts and comments based on their ratings and amount of votes.
  • Admin can easily control site and user ratings for posts and comments.
  • Add new review fields such as good/bad points and a summary.
  • Ratings should be restricted based on user permissions.

Unique Hub System

The hub system is an excellent method for creating evaluations and linking them with information. So, if you have a game (hub), you may display articles relevant to that game in one tab, associated reviews in another, and displayed graphics in a third. This is simply an example; games, reviews, or photographs are not required.

  • A hub is a post, page, or custom page on anything, such as a game, film, or product.
  • You can link additional posts, photographs, and videos to your hubs and choose how this stuff appears on them.
  • Endpoints should be appended to page URLs, so if your hub is at and you establish an endpoint called “review,” any hub will have a page at You can now display related reviews on this page.
  • Alternatively, you do not have to use endpoints; you can retain all linked content on the main hub and simply use regular tabs; the choice is entirely yours!

Free Download Magzine Theme (LATEST)

Old Versions

Magzine Elementor Review Theme 1.16.1

Magzine Elementor Review Theme 1.9

Magzine Elementor Review Theme 1.8

Changelog of Magzine Nulled – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme

Version 2.4 (09-Feb-23)
Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.4
Update: Clicking pagination links now takes you back to the top of the Items element
Fix: Issues with using Gutenberg typography settings on some of the default blocks
Fix: Display issue with Akismet spam button on Activity page 
Fix: Clicking “Add Another” for Category conditions on Display Condition page was not working
Fix:  Disabling link on menu items prevented dropdown menu icon from showing
Version 2.3 (25-Jan-23)
Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.3
Update: Updated LayerSlider to 7.6.8
Fix: Activity element Maximum Items option was not working
Fix: Activity not being loaded for Activity element since BuddyPress 11.0
Fix: Deprecated notices for “register_widget_type”
Fix: Items elements column number, horizontal and vertical gaps were not being handled correctly
Version 2.2 (19-Dec-22)
Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.2
Update: Updated LayerSlider to 7.6.7
Tweak: Plugins custom messages will now be displayed in login/registration forms
Fix: Some login/registration form messages were not being displayed
Fix: Couldn’t click on input/select repeater fields on mobile devices
Fix: Online indicator was not displaying user’s status correctly in some circumstances
Fix: Carousel was not working when loaded in anything but first tab of Advanced Tabs element
Version 2.1 (01-Nov-22)
Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.1
Update: Updated LayerSlider to 7.5.3
Update: Added width, placeholder and readonly attributes to text area field
Fix: Video thumbnails not loading in Carousel element
Fix: Zero site ratings were not displaying in Show Rating element or in Site Rating meta field
Fix: Issue with video resizing in Items element when using pagination
Fix: Custom Templates option on post/page showing in the wrong place
Fix: Child themes couldn’t override individual theme BuddyPress templates
Fix: PHP notice generated by popup templates
Fix: When no unit was specified for the dropdown menu width and max width an error occurred
Fix: Heading element taxonomy filter not working on category pages
Fix: Heading element sorting filter not working on category pages with custom order already set
Fix: Good and Bad points container was shown even when points were empty
Fix: Alignment issues with dropdown menu links and dropdown icons
Version 2.0 (12-Sep-22)
Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.0
Update: Added 4 new demos – Dating, Fitness, Newspaper and Listings
Update: Added new default demo upon new installation
Update: Added BuddyPress styling options (GhostPool Core > Site Settings > BuddyPress)
Update: Added custom BuddyPress member filtering options
Update: Added BuddyPress Members and Groups elements
Update: Added Paid Memberships Pro styling options (GhostPool Core > Site Settings > Paid Memberships Pro)
Update: Sync profile data between Paid Membership Pro and BuddyPress
Update: Restrict access to BuddyPress features based on membership level
Fix: Header with 0px scroll to fixed positioning was not displaying
Version 1.18 (03-Sep-22)
Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 1.12
Update: Updated LayerSlider to 7.3.0
Update: Added option to query by individual authors in Items/News Ticker/Slider/Carousel elements
Tweak: Recommended plugins now only shown on demo plugin installation pages
Fix: Game Affiliate demo attributes were not being imported correctly
Fix: Minor issues with demo styling
Fix: Incorrect Search Button element popup box alignment
Fix: Items element columns number not retained if matching default settings
Version 1.17 (18-Aug-22)
Update: Frontend Template Editor dropdown menu redesigned to improve ease of use
Update: Added loading icon/image options to Comments, Items and Post Submission Form elements
Fix: Post Submission Form element –  Required media fields would not generate error message if left empty when submitting form
Fix: Post Submission Form element –  No error message was shown when leaving required TinyMCE text editor field empty
Fix: Post Submission Form element –  Style issues with with field error messages
Fix: Post Submission Form element –  Media was not being uploaded to site
Fix: Voting up/down on comments as logged out user was not saved
Fix: Could not vote up/down more than once per page
Fix: Editing comment up/down votes without rating in backend caused fatal error
Fix: Template Editor dropdown menu not showing templates for some users
Fix: Display Conditions Page Templates dropdown menus were showing redundant “Default” option
Fix: When activating BuddyPress from within demo importer, BuddyPress Data would not be automatically checked
Fix: Minor stying fixes
Version 1.16.1 (10-Aug-22)
Update: Added support for custom breakpoints in Heading, Items, Image Gallery, Show Comments elements and Gutenberg editor
Update: Added Typography option for submit button in Add Rating and Comments elements
Update: Added ability to display ads from the Advanced Ads plugin in the Advertisement element
Tweak: Minimum rating error message is now shown if trying to rate below minimum value when submit button is enabled
Fix: Error/success messages were not styled in Add Rating element
Version 1.16 (01-Aug-22)
Update: Updated LayerSlider to v7.2.5
Update: Added new page setting to hide featured item on individual post/page
Update: Add Rating element: Added option to display submit button for single ratings
Update: Post Meta element: Can now display the number of followers for each post/page (existing followers prior to this update will not have been counted)
Tweak: Heading element: Improved Horizontal Line Through border styling options
Fix: Scrolling header was not working correctly on smaller devices
Fix: Post Navigation element: Transition effect not working on link hover
Fix: Error thrown if non-number was used in number fields
Fix: Popup close button was not always displaying
Fix: Popup did not open on mobile for non anchor elements with selector
Fix: Could not close popup if no animation was selected
Fix: Error was thrown with BuddyPress member widgets and BuddyBoss plugin
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