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MagPlus v6.2 - Blog & Magazine WordPress theme for Blog, Magazine

Download Free MagPlus – Blog & Magazine WordPress theme for Blog, Magazine v6.3 Nulled

MagPlus – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme Free Download Nulled6.3 – ThemeForest | MagPlus v6.3 – Blog & Magazine WordPress theme for Blog, MagazineMagPlus – Blog/Magazine/News/Review and more (40+ demos) + AMP (5x faster loading in mobile) + AdSense + WPML (translation ready) + RTL (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) + 100% Responsive + WooCommerce + Tons of features | 6 Premium plugins for free | Elements & Modules | SEO optimized | 160+ | Unlimited Layouts | Lifetime free updates. MagPlus WP Theme is a professional Blog / Newspaper / Magazine WordPress Theme which proudly gives you the tools you need to write and edit articles with ease.

MagPlus WordPress theme is for Blogs / Magazines / Newspapers. It gives you all the tools you need to create and edit articles quickly. The theme was carefully designed to suit multiple niches and professions, including editorial, professional, bloggers, editors, and journalists. You can import any of our demo sites using our one-click import feature. This Magazine WordPress Theme comes with videos and guides.

Why Only Magplus?

Online blogging is a highly-anticipated career. Your path to success will be much easier if you have the right website. MagPlus is a WordPress theme that can be used for personal use. Let’s begin with a few of the most important features.

Fully Responsive

Nearly every client wants a mobile version to their website. It is essential that there be a compatible design for all screen resolutions. These features are already included in Magazine so don’t worry.

Setup and Quick Installation

We all hate slow installations so we created this feature. It is very easy and quick to install. You can quickly install the theme via WordPress or FTP. For installation and setup, you can also access the proper documentation. In a matter of seconds, you can have your website theme ready for you.

Powerful and Smart Advertisement

MagPlus offers a fast Mega menu solution. It can be enabled via WordPress native Menu Screen. You can also font amazing icons to any menu element.

WordPress Customizer

The Customizer allows you to live-preview any WordPress change. The Customizer provides users with a consistent and easy way to modify various aspects of their theme or site. This includes colors, layouts, widgets, menus and more.


It is the little details that make a project stand out. Solid typography is important, and it must be done with care. It all starts with a harmonious visual rhythm and typographic subtleties such as soft caps, margin outdents, or correct use of dashes and hyphens. We have all the google font sets included to make it easy and convenient. You can adjust color, size and line-height.

Unlimited Sidebars

MagPlus also has the ability to create unlimited sidebars and assign multiple widgets to them. Amazingly, you can change the location of the sidebars anywhere you like.

HD Video and Details Documentation

We have enough videos that provide detailed information and documentation for our users to understand all aspects of the theme. There are also many how-to videos that can be accessed quickly for quick understanding.


Magazine has tons of shortcodes that allow you to create endless layouts. Magazine includes 33 shortcodes that allow you to create any kind of layout. Each shortcode is included in a custom-built plugin.

Premium Demos of Magplus Theme

Newspaper Pro

Use this modern theme for your website to show off your news. Newspaper Pro is a magazine pro who can provide the necessary support for your newspaper magazine. We are happy to help you with your ideas and to guide you. Newspaper Pro allows you to share the news from around the globe that you feel should be shared with the masses. Newspaper Pro’s design is very formal and clean, which sets the right tone for readers.

Video Pro

This is great news for all vloggers who want to share their amazing videos with the world. Video Pro is the perfect solution for all those lost vloggers. It is the most popular homepage, and it gives you that YouTube feel. You can customize your vlog with so many functions. Video pro’s main purpose is to help young people find an online video magazine. However, you can also use it for professional purposes. Let’s not think about it and just get on with the awesomeness.

Fitness Pro

In our busy lives, it is easy to forget that fitness is important in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness Pro is the solution to our hectic lives. It was carefully designed to fit your eyesight. Download Fitness Pro to create your own online fitness magazine.

Music Pro

In our busy lives, it is easy to forget that fitness is important in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness Pro is the solution to our hectic lives. It was carefully designed to fit your eyesight. Download Fitness Pro to create your own online fitness magazine.

Sports Pro

Sports Pro gives your homepage an attractive grid look with boxed contents. This Menu structure allows you to cover all aspects of Cricket and Baseball with professionalism. Sports Pro is customizable to suit your needs. This WordPress theme is easy to use and allows you to create your own online sports magazine.

Food Pro

In 2017, people spend more time uploading photos of their delicious meals than they do taking. It is an in-thing. Food pro is the right career for you if you feel ready to share your pro-cooking tips with the rest of the world. To make your family and friends happy, share all your amazing recipes. Food pro is a WordPress theme that is food-related. It’s very well designed. Spread the joy now!

Tech Pro

If you believe you are a tech geek or have some innovative ideas, Tech Pro might be the right stairway for you. Tech Pro’s best feature is its highly functional homepage. This allows you to showcase your work. The good news is that you don’t need to be a web designer to use Tech Pro. Tech Pro is an incredibly adaptable, technologically sophisticated, visually simple and minimalist, clean-faced, bold, feature-dense, highly pliable WordPress responsive magazine that’s extremely flexible. You gotta love it!

Fashion Pro

Fashion Pro is a fashion magazine that can be used to guide fashion or as a fashion police magazine. Every viewer will be blown away from the first page. It was designed with the user experience in mind. This Fashion Pro is stylishly smart and well-designed. You can let your inner Fashion icon out and share fashion tips with others. You don’t need to have a fashion blog. You can also use it as a blog or vlog for your make-up products. This easy-to-use WordPress theme Fashion Pro is ready to go.

Travel Pro

If you’ve traveled half the way around the globe, collected experiences, and want to share those with other travelers, then Travel Pro is the right tool for you. This demo will help you improve your blog. This demo will show your content the way it’s meant to be seen. They will be hooked by cutting-edge design and a modern look. You can make them feel like you were on an adventure.

Blog Pro

Blogging can be the easiest and most fun way to establish your career in this digital age. If you know what you’re doing, blogging can be fun and engaging. Blog Pro is your outline of all of your ideas and work. It allows you to highlight the best blogs to your readers. Blog Pro allows you to do this!

Viral Pro

If you love to make your videos or posts viral, then the Viral Pro is for you. This product is for those who love 9GAG and want to start their own viral online magazine. Viral pro was created to increase your chances of getting your post viral.

Health Pro

When things go wrong (healthwise), we look for ways to make it right. If you are a pro at health tips, don’t waste any of your valuable time. Bring out your inner health expert. Health Pro is a platform that allows you to share home and professional remedies for all kinds of health issues. It has a beautiful design with the right color tone to give it an optimistic and trustworthy vibe. You won’t believe it? Then check it out.

Feminine Pro

The name says it all. Feminine Pro presents a chic, feminine theme. This WordPress theme is perfect for personal blogs, life hacks, or any other purpose. Feminine Pro instantly gives you the “Hello, please visit me out” feeling when you look at the homepage.

Car Pro

Car pro is the perfect tool for car geeks. Car Pro is the best online car magazine because it is unique. This modern WordPress theme is customizable with a pinch of millennia. Car Pro is a great choice if you want to share videos, photos, blogs, or articles related to cars.

Minimal Pro

Minimalistic design are always appreciated by most. These days, you can keep your design simple and all the messages that you need hidden within it. Minimal Pro allows you to display minimalistic contents, videos, and designs. This theme is as simple and beautiful as possible. Minimal Pro is for you if simplicity is your preference.

Luxury Pro

Luxury Pro WordPress theme is a great way to impress people. This theme has a luxurious appearance with elegance that allows you to showcase your luxurious lifestyle, products and places. You can customize the look to your liking if you don’t need all of the features. This luxury is yours!

Movie Pro

Movie Pro WordPress theme is for movie lovers. Movie Pro can be used to create your own Movie Reviews or a place for movie critics to share their opinions. You can also use it for other reasons, such as movie streaming or downloading links. The page’s rich content will be displayed with its modern design.

Gadget Pro

To be honest, Gadget Pro was the best WordPress theme to use for Gadgets in 2017. Gadget Pro is your platform to share information about gadgets and IT. You can use it however you like to keep your surroundings informed about the latest technological developments. It is not required to be coded, despite the name. This amazing WordPress theme can be used as your own.

Review Pro

These days, people make decisions based on user reviews. Reviews play an important role in our everyday lives. Review Pro is designed to make it easy for you to leave reviews and listen to other users. Its interface is easy to use. You won’t need to worry about a website deleting your review. Your own website will do this!

Podcast Pro

We all love the idea that you can download all your files online. Podcast is the best way. Podcast Pro allows you to share a number of files that you want other people to access. It’s designed in a fancy way to grab the attention of those who are looking. It is easy to customize and maintain.

Pin Pro

Pinterest – This is the way to live a social media lifestyle in this age. With its incredible contents, it has become an integral part of our lives. Get the Pin Pro if you’re a Pinterest fanatic and start collecting and sharing pins. The Pin Pro is designed in the same way as Pinterest for your convenience. Stop scrolling through Pinterest and create your own pin pro online magazine.

Photography Pro

Photography could be your hobby, profession or passion. It can sometimes be difficult to find other websites that showcase your amazing photography. Photography pro can help you achieve exactly what you have always wanted. Your own online photography magazine. Photography Pro gives you the right to copyright all your creative work. The entire website is yours. You will love the modern design and indie feel.

Art Pro

Art Pro might be the answer to your prayers. Art Pro allows you to showcase all your creative genius. You can create your own website to share your Arts, upcoming project, and tips to become the next Van Gogh. Art Pro WordPress theme is a unique theme that will inspire others and increase your traffic.

Design Pro

This is the best online magazine WordPress theme to display your designs. It is perfect for new Designs such as Mockups and UI Kits, Designers Blog, Video Tutorials, etc. Design Pro allows you to design your website in any way you like. Design Pro’s simple and clean design is what makes it stand out.

Lifestyle Pro

LifestylePro demo layout is ideal for bloggers who are interested in modern lifestyle, recipes, fashion and architecture. The designers created layouts that highlight your content. This theme has many widgets that are unique and can be used to promote your content and social media channels. Lifestyle is one niche where you don’t know what type of content you will publish. You will need post types to upload video, images and sliding galleries. You have all the post types you need, even though others struggle with external plugins.

Game Pro is everything you need to start an online gaming community. You can keep it small and make a place for your clan to chat, or you can open up your forums to the public. There are many customization options available, including color, typography and widget areas. You can use the theme however you like. It is a great WordPress theme.


Download Nulled MagPlus – Blog & Magazine WordPress theme v6.3(79)

Changelog MagPlus – Blog & Magazine WordPress theme for Blog, Magazine

-- Version 6.2 --
Update: Outdated woocommerce template
Fixed: Minor Bugs 

-- Version 6.1 --
Update: Outdated woocommerce template
Update: Removed google+ share icon.
Update: Added link option for trending/popular widget.
Update: Added author name for no hero post style.
Update: Magplus Addons version to 6.1
Fixed: Twitter sharing on a single post.
Fixed: Megamenu issue when there are more than 6 categories.
Fixed: Minor Bugs


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