Listeo (v1.9.34) Directory & Listings With Booking WordPress Theme Free Download

Listeo Nulled Directory & Listings With Booking WordPress Theme Free Download
Listeo Nulled Directory & Listings With Booking WordPress Theme Free Download
Listeo WP Theme
Listeo WP Theme

Download Free Listeo v1.9.34 – Directory & Listings With Booking – WordPress Theme

Listeo – Directory & Listings With Booking WordPress Theme Free Download v1.9.34 – ThemeForest | Listeo – Directory & Listings With Booking WordPress Theme Free Download v1.9.34 is an all-in-one WordPress directory theme featuring a front end user dashboard, built-in reservation system, personal messaging and many more wonderful characteristics!

No extensions paid and no understanding of coding needed. Build a TripAdvisor, Yelp, Airbnb,, FlipKey, HomeAway, Tripping or comparable website in minutes! Listeo Nulled features a user-friendly front-end dashboard where you can easily manage listings, reservations, packages, profile details, and private messages.

By submitting a listing, offering packages or monthly subscription, you can charge your clients with Listeo Nulled the decision is yours.

Listeo Features

  • Guests and Owner User Roles
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • AJAX Powered Search Results
  • Smart Listing Reviews
  • Private Messages
  • Revolution Slider
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Contact Form 7 Integration
  • Multiple Listing List Styles

Listeo WP Theme Free Download Link


Changelog Listeo WP Theme Nulled

Version 1.9.30
NEWNew grid gallery style for Single Listing – it can be enabled it in Listeo Core

NEWOption to use SVG icons for Features

FIXFix for mandatory fees price returned as string instead of int

FIXFix for min day span calculation for time_diff

Version 1.9.28
NEWNew type of Mandatory Fees field in booking where you can add for each listing additional number of fees, like cleaning fee etc. [image]

NEWOption to change header and footer background & text colors

NEWOption to set user as Verified (edit user in wp-admin -> Users -> Verified user), so all listings he adds will automatically be set as verified

NEWAdded Filter “listeo_instant_booking”

NEWNew statistics measure for number of contact form clicks

NEWOption in Listeo Core -> Registration, to skip nonce check for login/registration form, useful if you plan to use aggressive cache plugins

NEWAdded new “repeatable” field type in Fields editor

FIXFix for currency symbol filter

NEWAdded Filter “listeo_instant_booking”

FIXWooCommerce update

Version 1.9.27
FIXFix for single file upload field in Add Listing Form

NEWAdded new stats option that counts vendor contact form clicks

FIXFix for calendar view in listing not showing booked dates for not logged in users

FIXFix for wrong event dates in emails and “My Bookings” page

FIXFix for strong password requirement on static page registration form

FIXFix for fatal error if WooCommerce is not activated

Version 1.9.20
NEWNew homepage search form

NEWOption to edit Single Listing layout with Elementor (requires Elementor Pro or Pro Elements)

NEWFix for zoom change on map when user uses autolocation

NEWNew option “Show Host/Guest contact and address info only for Paid Bookings in Dashboard page” to hide contact info in bookings until the booking is paid

NEWNew email tags {listing_latitude} and {listing_longitude} to send GPS info via email

NEWOption to set multiple coupons for a listing

NEWFixes for widgets output buffer breaking layout

NEWElementor Dynamic Tags support for listing custom fields

NEWOther small fixes and improvements
Version 1.9.16
FIXSecurity fix
Version 1.9.15
FIXFix for conversations counter

NEWOption to disable extra services types (one time fee, multiply by guest, by days etc) – Listeo Core -> Booking Options

NEWOption to limit quantity of booked extra services

FIXFix for removing uploaded images from Media library

FIXFix for coupon calculation and date range check

NEWOption to order listings by verified status

NEWOption to order listing by event date

FIXFix for price range filter to include classified listings

FIXFix for Booking widget bug where you could book event that has already passed

FIXFix for Listing Package Subscription change

FIXFix for payment link bug if the booking was free after the coupon discount

FIXFix for google reviews rating on grid layout if the listing doesn’t have standard rating

FIXFix for classified listing price format

FIXFix for reviews pagination

FIXFix for classified listing price format

Version 1.9.10
FIXFixes for Stripe Connect, now using ‘lastest_charge’ from webhook response instead of charges object.

NEWDate picker in booking widget now only shows those days that do have time slots (in case of service listing with time slots)

NEWOption to calculate booking value by hour, you can turn it on on time slots (will multiply price with duration of the time slot) and on timepicker with “end hour” option.

FIXOption to create custom search forms, in Listeo Editor -> Search Forms you can now create more forms and use them in Elementor “home widgets” or in Listeo Search Widget, this will allow you to create custom pages that have different search form for different searches

FIXFix for Google Maps missing callback notice

FIXFixes for newest Elementor version

NEWOptimization for Google Maps API call, resulting in lower cost of calls for reviews, thanks to Chris Mask

NEWBookings page in wp-admin has now autocomplete field for listing title instead of dropdown, which fixes problem for a sites with a lot of listings

FIXSingle Listing Calendar section shows blocked days as full day instead of a single event for midnight

FIXFixes for refund not changing booking status

FIXFixes for missing Store section meta boxes for listing in wp-admin

FIXClassified ad price is now correctly formatted

FIXIf Google reviews are enabled they show even if standard reviews are disabled

FIXIf owners are allowed to review other listings, it won’t allow them to review their own listing

FIXSmall fixes for minor issues, and don’t forget to update plugins in Appearance -> Install Plugins!
Version 1.9.04
FIXFixes for Stripe Connect support

NEWListeo Health check page that will help you see if everything is set correctly with your Listeo site

FIXSmall fixes for minor issues
Version 1.9
NEWSupport for Stripe Connect for split booking payments

FIXFix for latest WooCommerce update

FIXSmall fixes for minor issues
Version 1.8.44
FIXFixed time slot so it’s not possible to book time slot that has already passed, thanks to markrjones

FIXSmall Fix for free date check by Edgar Silva

FIXRenamed “Post Comment” to “Submit Review” on listings review form

NEWAdded option to set minimum number of guests

FIXFix for latest WooCommerce update
Version 1.8.43
FIXFix for calendar js error on other pages then calendar page

NEWOption to change calendar language (Listeo Core -> General -> Calendar View language)
Version 1.8.40
NEWCalendar view for bookings – unique to our theme, provides ability to digest a breakdown of all bookings across the month.

For users updating from older versions – please create new page with [listeo_calendar_view] shortcode in content, set Page Template to “Dashboard Page”, publish, and in Listeo Core ➝ Pages, select it for the Booking Calendar View Page.

FIXSmall fixes for translations and minor issues
Version 1.8.30
NEWStatistic module – keep track of your listing visits, unique visitor or booking form clicks.

For users updating from older versions – enable it in Listeo Core ➝ General ➝ Statistics. Then please create new page with [listeo_stats_full] shortcode in content, set Page Template to “Dashboard Page”, publish, and in Listeo Core ➝ Pages, select it for the Statistics Page.
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FIXFix paypal payouts wrong label on Payouts page Version 1.8.23 NEWNew email – review reminder after booking NEWNew email – upcoming booking reminder NEWNew email – new review notification for listing owner NEWOption to use standard/compact grid on Related listings NEWOption to filter bookings by status in wp-admin -> Bookings NEWOption to show Listeo Contact Form widget only on verified listings (the option is in widget settings) NEWMy listings page displays now information next to listing which package does it use NEWDynamic features in search form works now with select dropdown also, not just checkboxes FIXFix for color changes CSS Version 1.8.19 NEWNew more customizable mobile menu Read More → Version 1.8.17 NEWBookings fields form editor (Listeo Editor -> Booking Fields) allowing now to create custom forms for Booking confirmation form based on the listing type NEWRelated listings section (check Listeo Core -> Single listing for configuration options) NEWAll home page elements are now built only in Elementor including top search forms which are now available in Listeo Elementor widgets FIXSeveral other minor fixes Version 1.8.15 (including hotfixes since 1.8.11) FIXFixed Bookings pagination FIXFixed number of Google reviews on map markers NEWAdded option to search by user in Bookings page NEWAdded status column in wp-admin -> Bookings NEWAdded new email notification about new review on the listing for owners FIXFixed sorting by featured, if set to “null” – it will show only NOT featured listings FIXFixed Listeo Elementor crashing if WooCommerce is not activated FIXFix for conflict between PayPal Payouts and WooCommerce Subscriptions FIXFix for custom Classifieds icon on listing types FIXListeo Elementor plugin compatibility with latest Elementor version FIXSeveral other minor fixes Version 1.8.11 FIXAdded Elementor locations for better support on custom header and footer FIXFix for gallery limit on packages defaulting to 1 image FIXFix for some missing translations NEWOptions to set custom icons for Submit Listing – listing type selection NEWFix for coupon minimum spend value NEWAdded store settings for each listing in wp-admin listing edit screen FIXSeveral other minor fixes Version 1.8.09 FIXGoogle Maps not displaying map fix Version 1.8.08 NEWOption to upload photos in the pricing menu section in the listing Preview → FIXSeveral minor fixes Version 1.8.05 NEWButton on vendor store header to vendors listings NEWDark mode support for Dokan NEWOption to disable selected product categories from Dokan (Listeo Core → Dokan) NEWOption to set which user role should have new users if Dokan is active (both Vendors and Owners have the same capabilities) NEWSmall fixes for Dokan and it’s add-ons (more coming soon plus better support for Dokan Pro) NEWNew options for how the Keyword Search works (Listeo Core -> Search/Browse Options) NEWNew “Payment Option” for listing, allows users to not require online payment for booking requests (there’s new email for that too in Listeo Core -> Emails) FIXFixes for Setup Wizard FIXFix for mini cart error if WooCommerce is deactivated FIXFix for coupon prices calculations FIXFix for date format in listing expiration FIXFix for formatting issue when editing review FIXOther minor fixes & improvements Version 1.8 NEWMulti-Vendor Marketplace Read More → FIXSeveral minor fixes
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