Liner – SVG Animation for Elementor v1.0

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Liner - SVG Animation for Elementor

Download Free Liner – SVG Animation for Elementor v1.0

Liner – SVG Animation for Elementor Free Download 1.0 – CodeCanyon | Liner – SVG Animation for Elementor v1.0 is not just for Animated SVG. You can handle the style and location on any line of your animation by using this WordPress plugin for Elementor. You do not need an icon that matches your objectives from the preinstalled library, to use or download your own generated SVG file.

You can add the animated logo, product layout, calling to action block, contact us with the Elementor widget, or other site elements with eye-catching. For any WordPress platform, the Liner Plugin can be useful to make it more friendly and attractive. Smooth settings for the entire animation as well as and part of the SVG allow you to achieve a unique result and to display the styles of your theme.

The plugin has simple settings for animation type, animation delay and duration configuration. The color, width or Offset X/Y may be defined or rotated for each direction. For the entire SVG animation even the same settings are open, and the CSS filter can be set to achieve a specific result.

Elementor’s line for all modern browsers is remarkably compatible. What browser users view your site doesn’t matter: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge. On all computers and in all browsers, everything will look fine.

Features of the Liner for Elementor

  • Tested and compatible up to WordPress 5+
  • Custom SVG support
  • Included 5 Liner templates
  • Start animation on hover, click, in viewport and autostart
  • Add a link to SVG
  • Custom setting of animation duration time
  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Easy to use and customize with modern User Interface
  • Responsiveness settings
  • Works well with all WordPress themes built on Elementor
  • Customizable path colors
  • Fast and smooth installing
  • Customizable Offset-X/Y
  • Perfect for Elementor 2.5 and higher
  • SEO Friendly
  • Included pot file for quick translation on any language
  • Perfect for RTL direction
  • All major browsers supported
  • Installation Guide and detailed Users Manual

Download Links for Liner – SVG Animation for Elementor v1.0


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