Liker v2.0.1 – WordPress Rating Plugin

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Liker v2.0.1 - WordPress Rating Plugin

Download Free Liker v2.0.1 – WordPress Rating Plugin

Liker – WordPress Rating Plugin Free Download 2.0.1 – CodeCanyon | Liker v2.0.1 – WordPress Rating Plugin is a premium plugin for gathering ratings of posts and pages from WordPress. The plugin enables you to collect information about the effectiveness of your articles easily and accurately.

Powerful Options of Liker 2.0.1 Plugin

In both like and opinion formats, the plugin is able to obtain reviews. One of the following can be chosen: like / dislike, yes / maybe / no, and a simple +1 button.

This configuration versatility allows you to use the plugin for different topics and various use cases. Similar solutions are used by many famous sites. Google does this, for instance, to measure the effectiveness of its reference materials.

The Liker WordPress Plugin 2.0.1 has very powerful settings that do not require comprehension of the code. You can change the text colour and the background colour of the buttons, change the number and location of the buttons, add a summary via the WordPress editor, and only enable/disable the plugin on certain pages.


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