Lighthouse (v3.9.5) Performance Tuning WordPress Plugin Free Download

Lighthouse - Performance Tuning WordPress Plugin
Lighthouse - Performance Tuning WordPress Plugin
Lighthouse Performance Tuning WordPress Plugin Nulled Free Download

Download Free Lighthouse – Performance Tuning WordPress Plugin v3.9.3 Nulled

Lighthouse – Performance Tuning WordPress Plugin Free Download v3.9.5 – Best Cache Plugins for WordPress 2021 | Lighthouse v3.9.5 – Performance Tuning WordPress Plugin is a WordPress performance tuning plugin, removing lots of default WordPress behavior, such as filters, actions, injected code, native code and third-party actions. (LATEST)

In order for a WordPress installation to work as expected, load fast and error-free, it needs a bit of cleanup in order to help the browser cache the requested content and the caching plugins to work with 100% efficiency.

Based on each user requirements, this plugins allows for removal of unused classes and IDs, redundant scripts and stylesheets, new and non-optional features and queries, disabling of various native requests and functionality.

Premium Features

  • Tons of options, clean and professional design, no ads
  • Does not conflict with other performance plugins
  • Lazy loading to speed up page loads
  • Removes WordPress bloat
  • Works in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera
  • Does not conflict with Cloudflare

This plugin also helps all pre-caching routines, by making the source code smaller and allow for improved minification and caching.

This plugin also helps with security, by adding several rules for HTTP(S) requests, XML-RPC and malicious requests.


Lighthouse Performance Tuning WordPress Plugin Free Download (LATEST)

Changelog Lighthouse Performance Tuning WordPress Plugin Nulled

= 3.9.2 =
* FEATURE: Added registration spam prevention feature
* FEATURE: Added option to disable the REST API for non-authenticated users
* FEATURE: Added option to disable user enumeration
* UPDATE: Added new "Security" tab
* UPDATE: Updated ChartJS to latest version (4.3.0)

= 3.9.1 =
* UPDATE: Added ClassicPress recommendation and update WordPress compatibility
* UPDATE: Moved Core Web Vitals to its own tab
* UPDATE: Updated Thin UI library to latest version (2.0.2)
* UPDATE: Updated ChartJS to latest version (4.2.1)
* UPDATE: Removed legacy toggle styles
* UPDATE: Optimized toggle UI
* UPDATE: Removed unneeded options and settings

= 3.9.0 =
* FIX: Fixed undefined queries in WordPress back-end
* SECURITY: Add failed login count
* SECURITY: Refactor Dashboard cards and add a Security card

= 3.8.9 =
* UPDATE: Added (experimental) Time to First byte and Interaction to Next Paint to CrUX report
* UPDATE: Tweaked Settings screen header size for better visibility
* UPDATE: Added option to remove the `classic-themes.min.css` file
* SECURITY: Added brute-force login basic functionality

= 3.8.8 =
* FIX: Fixed multiple plugin updates from the same provider

= 3.8.7 =
* FIX: Removed non-functional Git Updater plugin and all dependencies
* UPDATE: Refactored automatic lifetime updates

= 3.8.6 =
* FIX: Removed TGMPA plugin recommendations due to a conflict with PHP 8.1+
* FIX: Removed old, unused CSS styles
* UPDATE: Updated UI massively to use the standardized Thin UI library
* UPDATE: Refactored chart/metric boxes to use less HTML elements and load faster

= 3.8.5 =
* UPDATE: Updated PHP and WordPress recommendations
* UPDATE: Used the IntersectionObserver API to only prerender links when they are visible. This will prevent the browser from prerendering links that the user may never actually interact with, which can improve the overall performance of the page. Additionally, using requestIdleCallback to schedule the prerendering logic to run when the browser is idle can ensure that the user's experience is not impacted by the prerendering process.
* UPDATE: Used the function to measure the time it takes to execute the prefetching logic. The prefetch_throttle_delay value is adjusted based on the measured performance, ensuring that the prefetching logic only runs when the browser is able to handle it without impacting the user's experience.
* UPDATE: Optimized back-end performance by refactoring several loops
* UPDATE: Refactored code to allow for faster execution

= 3.8.4 =
* FIX: Remove option to block WebP image creation as it's not a Core feature yet

= 3.8.3 =
* FIX: Fix TGMPA library conflict with some plugins
* UPDATE: Update WordPress recommendations

= 3.8.2 =
* FIX: Fix custom UI fonts to prevent FOUT
* FIX: Fix SpeedFactor settings redirection (after save)
* FIX: Remove unused function
* UPDATE: Combine query tables
* UPDATE: Update WordPress recommendations
* UPDATE: Update WordPress compatibility

= 3.8.1 =
* FIX: Fix ChartJS version
* FEATURE: Add query tracker
* FEATURE: Add media-related settings
* UPDATE: Add heartbeat settings
* UPDATE: Add new preset "none" (reset all options)
* UI: Make nav tabs smaller to fit another tab

= 3.8.0 =
* FIX: Fix legend circle being too big and overlapping the text
* UPDATE: Update back-end fonts
* UPDATE: Update ChartJS fonts
* UPDATE: Update Lighthouse UI
* UPDATE: Update options tab name in SpeedFactor email notification
* UPDATE: Split SpeedFactor settings and prefetch/preconnect settings
* FEATURE: Add server details UI
* FEATURE: Add new Tips & Tricks section
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