Laravel Nova – Administration Panel For Laravel

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Laravel Nova - Administration Panel For Laravel

Download Free Laravel Nova – Administration Panel For Laravel v3.25.0

Laravel Nova – Administration Panel For Laravel Free Download 3.25.0 – Nova Laravel | Laravel Nova v3.25.0 – Administration Panel For Laravel is a nicely designed Laravel management panel. The developers of Laravel have been carefully designed to make you the most productive galaxy developer.

Features of Laravel Nova

Code Driven Configuration

Simple PHP code is used to set your whole Nova dashboard. Nothing in the database is stored in your Nova setup. Configuring without pain. Doubtless to use.

Keeps Your Application Pure

It is easy, without affecting your Eloquent models, to add a Nova management panel to an existing Laravel application. You are ready to lift off after setting up a Nova resource for each model.

Laravel + Vue.js = ❤️

Nova is a smart, single-page Laravel and Vue.js application. It is as smooth as silk and it’s a simple to write custom components.

Resource Management

For your Eloquent models, Nova provides a full CRUD interface. There is full support for every sort of Eloquent relationship. Do you need to change your polymorphic relationship pivotal data? We’ve covered you.


Actions are PHP task that a resource or group of resources can be executed using. Do you have a time-long action? No issue, the queued actions of Nova will keep your management team sharp.


To offer your consumers a rapid look at various areas of your data, write customizable filters for your resource indices. We have integrated “soft removed” resources filters in order to get you started.


Need a little more than a filter can provide to modify the resource list? No difficulty. Add lenses for full control over the whole Eloquent query to your resource.


Nova makes it easy to show your application fast with custom measurements, such that three graph types are generated in seconds. We have supplied query helpers to make everything like pie easier. to put the cherry on top.

Custom Tools

For the customized tools, Nova offers CLI generators. We’re going to provide you a view component and endless options. Construct and distribute the customer-based tools that your organization needs or design the next major Nova add-on.


Nova is wonderfully integrated into the existing licensing regulations of Laravel. Let your Nova resources leverage your current application policies to assess the capacity of a user automatically. Support is also provided for relationships, tools, actions, lenses and fields for thorough authorization.

Custom Fields

Does a field type not covered by Nova need? No issue – utilize the Nova CLI to create the custom field and control it completely.

Scout Search Integration

Feel the power of the ecosystem of Laravel by connecting your Nova panel with Laravel Scout. Once you do, Algolia and the cloud will produce blazing quick search results.

Download Links for Laravel Nova v3.25.0 – Administration Panel For Laravel

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