Lara’s Google Analytics Widget Pro for WordPress

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Lara's Google Analytics Widget Pro for WordPress

Download Free Lara’s Google Analytics Widget Pro for WordPress v3.3.3

Lara’s Google Analytics Widget Pro for WordPress Free Download 3.3.3 – xtraorbit | Lara’s Google Analytics Widget Pro for WordPress v3.3.3 adds a full-width Google Analytics dashboard widget to your WordPress admin interface as well as the most recent Google Analytics tracking code to all of your sites.

Visited pages on your website

The widget displays extensive statistics on the number of times each page on your website is seen, as well as its percentage of visitors compared to other sites.

Browsers that were used to browse your website

This is critical information to know if you want to ensure that your site operates properly across all browsers.

Languages spoken by visitors to your website

This section contains detailed information about the languages spoken by visitors to your website.

Your website visitors’ operating systems

Is it Windows, iOS, or Android that drives the most traffic to your site? You can now simply find all of the solutions.

Screen Resolutions for viewing your website

Our widget’s extensive and quick analysis of screen resolution statistics allows you to better optimise your website for different screen sizes.

Devices utilized by visitors to your website

Which device kinds are sending you the most data? You can now simply find all of the solutions.

Support for multiple sites and networks, as well as comprehensive permissions management.

Every blog/site in your network can have its own analytics tracking code and dashboard widget, as well as the flexibility to restrict which data your blog admins and users can see.

Examine stats for any time period, not just the latest 30 days.

For every given measure, you may easily change the time range that is displayed. The ranges include some predefined ranges such as “last 30 days,” “last week,” “this month,” and “last month,” as well as an interactive calendar that allows you to quickly select any time range of your choice.

Sales Page

Download Lara’s Google Analytics Widget Pro for WordPress v3.3.3(16)

On-site active users in real time

In addition to the top 10 pages and page views, the widget gives a real-time count of active users on the site.

Countries with the highest number of visits to your website are depicted on a gorgeous zoomable map.

The widget displays statistics data about the traffic to your website from each country. You can also zoom in on the map to see additional information about each country.

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