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King - WordPress Viral Magazine Theme
King - WordPress Viral Magazine Theme Nulled

Download Free King – WordPress Viral Magazine Theme Nulled v9.1.7

King Theme – WordPress Viral Magazine Theme Free Download v9.1.7 – ThemeForest | King Theme – WordPress Viral Magazine Theme Nulled v9.1.7 is a completely trendy and an extremely attractive, fully vibrant and youthful, 100% fast-loading and completely search engine optimized, well structured and visually stunning WordPress viral magazine and blog website theme. Its main emphasis goes towards great content readability, and ease of share on social media. (LATEST)

It is fully an ultra-responsive and it looks 100% amazing on any screen. It is certain that your viral site will work with any device.

Why King WP Theme?

The King Theme Nulled 9.3 is a WordPress Theme Viral Magazine designed to help your content go viral…

As the King theme Nulled has unique functionality, enables community users to upload news, videos, and photos, and it comes with user profile pages, follow the system, share buttons, hot, trend listings, multiple ad locations, and much more… all included in the theme, no plugins needed.

King Theme Nulled has many good features in this area if you want to make your website more interactive. A modern masterpiece that will transform your website into an ideal viral website is the King theme. Be Original with the Viral King Theme…

King Core Features:

  • 100% responsive design
  • Retina ready
  • Easy translation
  • Post like system
  • Comments Reactions
  • Viral User Profiles
  • Front-end post edit
  • User Groups
  • Post Reactions
  • Social Share buttons and share counter
  • 12 Post list templates
  • Categories and Tags follow
  • Mini slider
  • Editor’s Choice
  • User Leaderboard
  • Gallery Lightbox view
  • Different categories for different post format
  • Live Search
  • 6 Header Templates
  • Verified Users
  • Supports NSFW
  • Live Notifications
  • Save Posts as Draft
  • Night Mode
  • Social Logins ( facebook, google+ )
  • Views counter
  • Slider
  • Support for multi page articles
  • Viral Frontend submission
  • User follow system
  • Optimized for Google PageSpeed
  • Youtube Widget
  • Users, Dashboard, Hot, Trending, pages
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • User Badges
  • SEO optimized
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Translation ready
  • Custom widgets,

King – WordPress Viral Magazine Theme Free Download (LATEST)

Changelog King – WordPress Viral Magazine Theme

     NEW! - added AI content and image creator
     NEW! - added Reddit share option
     NEW! - added Youtube short video submission ,
     FIX -  fixed some bugs

     NEW! - added new 4 demo 
     NEW! - added 3 new header templates
     NEW! - added 4 new post templates
     NEW! - added new link & affiliates format
     NEW! - added customize post layout for every pages,
     NEW! - added new ad-free mode
     NEW! - added new slider
     FIX -  fixed some bugs
     NEW! - added Collections.
     NEW! - added new slider layouts.
     NEW! - added new social logins ( instagram, twitter, reddit and vk ).
     NEW! - added new widgets.
     NEW! - added new MAGAZINE demo.
     NEW! - added new header layout.
     NEW! - added new 3 post layout.
     NEW! - added megamenu cover and description.
     NEW! - added share button for posts.
     NEW! - redesigned footer.
     FIX - Improved RTL
     FIX - compatible with php8.1
     Fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added new template options for all pages.
     FIX - fixed stories bugs
     Fixed Some bugs
     FIX - fixed flags dropdown for admin
     FIX - fixed android bug with stories
     FIX - Improved stories
     Fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added flags to posts and comments
     NEW! - added new font styles to stories
     NEW! - added moderate stories and featured stories
     NEW! - added webp image support for front end 
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added stories
     NEW! - added categories and tags with mega menu to header
     NEW! - changed google+ to instagram
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added homepage login and register option
     NEW! - added use wordpress default login and register option
     NEW! - added lazyload for images
     NEW! - added NSFW for lists, polls and trivia quiz
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added Share buttons to Quiz and Poll
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added New post types Lists, Poll, Trivia Quiz 
     NEW! - added Gifs to comments
     NEW! - added Emojis to comments
     NEW! - added Down and up votes
     NEW! - added Post favorite button
     NEW! - added new grid style for featured posts
     NEW! - added post badges style
     NEW! - added post page styles for trivia quiz and poll post types
     NEW! - added votes to comments
     NEW! - added infinite loader for comments
     NEW! - Improved comments
    NEW! - submit button styles
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added Membership
     NEW! - updated profile
     NEW! - added tooltips
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added Kingflix Demo
     NEW! - added new theme options
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added new header layout
     NEW! - added new post layout
     NEW! - added new KingTube demo
     NEW! - added one click demo import
     NEW! - categories in mini slider
     fixed Some bugs
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added bookmarks
     NEW! - added newsletter popup
     NEW! - added mega menu for header
     NEW! - added headerstrip
     NEW! - added GDPR cookies popup
     NEW! - added instagram widget
     NEW! - added copy link for posts
     fixed some bugs
     NEW! - added new Music post format
     NEW! - added creating playlist
     NEW! - added new header templates
     NEW! - added more options for posts
     fixed some bugs
     NEW! - added tiktok video submission
     NEW! - added spotify submission
     NEW! - added category for specific post format
     NEW! - added video for homepage
     NEW! - added youtube widget
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added gallery lightbox option
     NEW! - added new gallery options for photos
     +3 new grid template for slider
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added new templates
     NEW! - +5 new header template
     NEW! - +12 new post templates
     NEW! - +3 new pagination options
     NEW! - +1 new grid template for slider
     NEW! - added new sidebar templates
     NEW! - added new search layout for header
     NEW! - added live search option
     NEW! - added new social share layout
     NEW! - added user groups options and group permissions
     NEW! - added user search option for search page
     NEW! - added templates page in theme options
     fixed some bugs
     NEW! - added notifications
     NEW! - added tags and categories follow
     NEW! - added text translation
     created new users page
     improved user dashboard page
     NEW! - added new options in theme settings
     removed google+
     fixed some bugs
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added editors' choice badge color change
     fixed css bugs
     fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added new featured posts grid templates
     NEW! - added new mega menu for header
     NEW! - added night mode
     NEW! - added save post feature
     NEW! - added editor's choice
     NEW! - added mini slider
     NEW! - added badges for menu items
     Fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added 11 new single post templates
     NEW! - added new categories page
     NEW! - added category and tags icon and background image
     NEW! - added allowed emails for register page
     NEW! - added instagram and pinterest social links for user profiles
     Fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added colors for categories
     NEW! - added customize option to categories menu on header
     NEW! - added envato market plugin
     updated woocommerce files
     Fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added Google AMP
     NEW! - added Facebook instant articles
     NEW! - added User badges
     NEW! - added User Leaderboards
     NEW! - added Reactions without comments
     NEW! - added Badges page
     NEW! - added New Widget
     NEW! - added Sponsored post option
     NEW! - added Ad Post
     NEW! - added Post delete option in post edit
     NEW! - added some new theme options
     Fixed Some bugs
     Improved WooCommerce
     NEW! - added subcategories in submit page
     Fixed Some bugs
     NEW! - added WooCommerce Support
     NEW! - added url in user settings
     NEW! - added social links in author box
     Updated Acf Pro Plugin
     NEW! - added new theme options
     Fixed Some bugs
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