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Kadence Blocks Pro

Download Free Kadence Blocks Pro v1.7.26 Nulled

Kadence Blocks Pro Free Download Nulled v1.7.26 – kadenceblocks | Kadence Blocks Pro v1.7.26 Nulled provide tools to enable WordPress users to make unique and purposeful content simpler from the native WordPress editor. Our Row/Layout block may produce customized designs on your webpages with simple column controller which you’re guaranteed to love. Together with our editing toolkit, the WordPress editor becomes a strong page builder along with all the functionality and controls you could desire.

kadence-theme-pro-addon-nulled.zip (LATEST)

Layout Library

Instantly launch any endeavor using our easy-to-use and lightning-fast prebuilt library. Browse by category or search to locate the content pieces that you would like to fall into your own pages. Correct text, tweak the fashions and you are on your way! Stunning inspiration to your next job is right at your fingertips.


The top designs hinge on utilizing the ideal typography in the ideal places. That is why we made a typography setting frame which enables you total control over your font preferences. Pick from over 800 google fonts and preview immediately inside the editor. Adjust font sizes, weights, designs, letter spacing, and much more.


The Image Overlay block is a fast and effortless means to produce a cover picture with a link and blot settings. Works great within the columns block along with other picture overlay cubes but it may also be utilized as a broad and fullwidth block.

The Post Grid Carousel cube is among the most effective cubes provided. You are able to display posts depending on the date, type, tag or name or you could quickly and hand pick which articles you would like to reveal through the respective pick article modal. As soon as you’ve the articles that you would like to display styling alternatives are near infinite. Control whistles, fonts, wallpapers, featured picture ratio, disable and enable places. You may even empower pagination.

This cube makes beautiful two pillar feature segments for your website. Easily create a 2 column row having a picture or video in 1 column, then drag to correct the press column width and then enter any desired blocks in the material column.

Easily make a call to action button which opens a mailbox. Contain any type of content inside your modal. Customize overlay, cartoon, size, positioning and much more.

Beautifully exhibit a thumbnail using overlay and blot effects that connect to a movie popup on click. Works with external or local videos!

Create beautiful sliders directly in the cube editor with simple to include overlay layers and cartoon. This slider is lightweight and can be the ideal substitute for another slider plugin.

Kadence Blocks Pro Nulled includes added gallery designs and choices when working together with our Advanced Gallery Block. You are able to produce a thumbnail slider with controls which specify the number of thumbnails show along with the proportion of the thumbnail picture. You might even cause a tiles gallery where you are able to specify the row height for each row.



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kadence-theme-pro-addon-nulled.zip (LATEST)

Old Version Download Links for Kadence Blocks Pro v1.5.3


Old Version Download Links for Kadence Blocks Pro v1.4.27



Old Version Download Links for Kadence Blocks Pro v1.4.23



Changelog Kadence Blocks Pro Nulled

1.7.21 17th January 2023
Fix: Possible php bug with 8.2
Fix: Dynamic issues with Blocks 3.0
1.7.20 19th December 2022
Update: Small change to the way hooked components work.
Update: Custom icon frontend support.
1.7.19 17th November 2022
Add: Woocommerce product gallery dynamic source.
Update: Screen reader text for pagination.
Update: Prevent issue with RankMath in sitemap XML sitemap.
Fix: Issue with Slide transition in advanced slider.
Fix: Issue with modal focus transfer when closed.
Fix: Author images alt text.
1.7.18 21st October 2022
Add: Option to show all custom fields in dynamic data selection.
Add: Option to search for active ActiveCampaign tags.
Update: Video Popup & Video Overlay to work in horizontal sections when a max width is applied.
1.7.17 19th October 2022
Fix: Possible Issue with Dynamic Gallery.
1.7.16 18th October 2022
Add: ActiveCampaign subscribe to form block.
Update: Custom icons to save sets as data and not files.
Update: Taxonomy Select for conditionals.
Update: Dynamic Content, custom field selection reload when source changes.
Update: Custom field rest call to use relationship as a source.
Update: Modal button color selection.
Fix: Issue with dynamic gallery styles.
Fix: Issue with ACF archive custom meta.
Fix: Slider transition issue.
Fix: Extra min height control issue with slider.
Fix: Issue with dynamic gallery block and conditional display.
Fix: Issue with animate on scroll not working consistently after layout shift.
Fix: Language strings, missing in translation.
1.7.15 29th August 2022
Fix: Issue with missing selection when using custom field for dynamic link.
1.7.14 24th August 2022
Fix: Issue with post grid carousel not rendering in admin.
1.7.13 23rd August 2022
Add: Pods Framework support to dynamic content.
Update: Author custom fields in link settings.
Update: include kadence_blocks_pro_product_carousel_atts filter.
Update: Add option to show author image in meta for post carousel grid block.
Update: Improve CSS when selecting dynamic fields.
Fix: Issue with carousel when empty.
Fix: Issue with show more and loop templates.
Fix: Issue with the dynamic content selector in split content.
Fix: Issue with thumbnail gallery slider showing navigation dots.
Fix: Issue with image overlay block and loop templates.
Fix: Issue with dynamic html block and relationship content.
Fix: Translations not working.
Fix: Issue with fallback text in dynamic content.
Fix: Issue with animate on scroll and some elements.
1.7.12 1st June 2022
Fix: Link style in dynamic list block.
Fix: Product carousel Autoplay speed.
1.7.11 31st May 2022
Add: Add option for auto-scroll carousel.
Fix: Issues with dynamic content not pulling in context.
Fix: Issue with dynamic galleries and thumbnails.
Fix: Issue with slow scrolling carousel.
1.7.10 5th May 2022
Update: By default force sticky posts to not increase the posts per page when using post grid without pagination.
Update: Option to disable link on the title in post grid block.
Fix: Issue with form entries search.
Fix: Issue with animate on scroll when below a carousel.
Fix: Issue with inline dynamic content not showing meta field options.
Fix: Issue with relationship ACF field where the return is an object.
Fix: Issue with dynamic galleries in columns.
Fix: Issue with form entries meta not being removed correctly when entry is deleted.
1.7.9 28th April 2022
Fix: Issue with carousel not loading with async.
1.7.8 21st April 2022
Add: Dynamic HTML Block.
Add: Relationship Dynamic Content Options.
Add: Filter to optionally enable dynamic content for password-protected posts.
Update: Splide js.
Fix: Issue with Typography component not saving.
Fix: Issue with dynamic gallery using slider type.
1.7.7 17th April 2022
Fix: Issue with post grid padding when only one direction is set in mobile and tablet.
Fix: Issue with auto-playing carousels in tabs.
Fix: Issue with portfolio grid block pagination.
1.7.6 14th April 2022
Add: BoxShadow controls to modal block link.
Update: Modal block with option to hide popup content when block is not selected.
Fix: ACF checkboxes not showing highlighted in custom post meta for dynamic list.
Fix: Issue with Advanced Slider Inner Max Width.
Fix: Issue with carousel in tabs.
Fix: Issue with modal link icon when using em units.
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