Jumbo – React Admin Template with Material-UI

Jumbo - React Admin Template with Material-UI

Download Free Jumbo – React Admin Template with Material-UI v5.5.0

Jumbo – React Admin Template with Material-UI Free Download 5.5.0 – ThemeForest | Jumbo v5.5.0 – React Admin Template with Material-UI is a React and Material-UI-based admin template that is based on Material Design Concept of Google. Material Design Concept and helps you to build your React web application more quickly efficiently, accurately and at a lower cost.

Beyond the Material-UI library, Jumbo has lots of other libraries that are extremely powerful, such as Coremat Pro, Redux, Storybook, ReCharts, and many more.

With Jumbo it is possible to reduce the UI development costs and time of your project by 60 to 70 percent and launch your app prior to the schedule.

Jumbo includes 360 degrees of premium support after purchase. Learn quickly with tutorial videos as well as online documentation, and also other community members. Or make a support request and you’ll be able to contact us here to assist you.

A few Highlights of Jumbo

  • Material-UI, Redux, React (A solid base to build your project)
  • Coremat Pro (A collection of 20+ highly reusable components)
  • React Hooks API, as well as Context API (Jumbo is in line with the current standards of React programming)
  • JSS style based (No other dependency, follow the Material-UI style that they recommend)
  • There are two: CRA as well as NextJS version (Build your app using one of the SPA or the SSR types)
  • Firebase, JWT and Custom Auth (Three built-in authentications and the base to expand by introducing an entirely new system)
  • Storiesbook integration (Quick and simple exploration of use-cases of components)
  • extractable components (Extract and then use the specific components of the Material-UI project)
  • 7 Unique Dashboards (100+ custom use as-is components)
  • 10 Layout Options (Simply begin with the design that matches the application you’re using)
  • 3 Theme Shades (Light, Semi-dark and Dark)
  • 6 fully coded User Interfaces for Apps (Task Manager Chat, Mail, Contacts Social Wall and Profile)
  • and many and much…

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Jumbo Admin Template Change Log V 5.5.0 – 9 August, 2021

ADDED - Added Kanban board.
FIXED - Fix WYSIWYG Editor loading issue.
FIXED - Fix loading icon issue in widget components.