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iThemes Security Pro Premium WordPress PluginDownload Free iThemes Security Pro Premium WordPress Plugin Nulled

Download Free iThemes Security WordPress Plugin 7.1.0 Professional – iThemes | iThemes Security Pro Premium WordPress Plugin v7.1.0 is the best premium WordPress security plugin especially build to completely secure & protect your entire WordPress site. Now Take The Guesswork out of Securing your WordPress site. i Themes built iThemes Security v4.7.3 to help especially taking the guesswork out of security.

Why to choose iThemes Security Pro Premium Plugin?

You should not have to be a security professional to use a security plugin, so i-Themes Security Professional makes it an easy to secure & protect your WordPress site.

As you know that security is in your hand so you cannot compromise on it, so if you really want to make your entire site more protected and more secured then this is the best and perfect solution for your complete sites and by using this secured plugin you can easily keep your whole blog away from all attackers and hackers.

Premium Features:

  • Brute Force Protection
  • Hide Login & Admin
  • Strong Password Enforcement
  • File Change Detection
  • Database Backups
  • 404 Detection
  • Lock Out Bad Users
  • Email Notifications
  • Away Mode
  • Google reCAPTCHA Integration
  • Dashboard Widget
  • Online File Comparisons

Stops automated attacks

Brute force attacks are the method of trial and error employed to find usernames and passwords for hacking into websites. WordPress does not track log-in activity of users, which means there’s nothing that is built into WordPress to shield users from a brute-force attack.

The iThemes Security Pro works to secure and defend the most vulnerable portion of your website The login page for your WordPress login, by preventing automated attacks.

Monitors for suspicious activity

iThemes Security Pro keeps track of security-related events that happen on your site. These events are essential to track to determine the time and date there is a security breach. The data contained in these records could be used to shut down malicious actors, identify any unwanted changes to the website, and assist to find and patch the entry point for an attack that is successful.

Strengthens user credentials

It is worth noting that the iThemes Security Pro plugin offers numerous layers of user security improvements, including secure password requirements, two-factor authentication and password-free logins. These crucial security measures for users lower the risk that a user account that is privileged could be used to attack a website.

Scans for plugins that are vulnerable and themes, and apply updates

The iThemes Security Pro Site Scanner is our method of securing and safeguard the security of your WordPress web site against the leading reason behind all malware hacks. Its Site Scanner checks your site for known vulnerabilities , and then immediately applies a patch when it is found to be available.

Blocks bots that are not legitimate and decreases spam.

The reCAPTCHA feature of iThemes Security Pro helps protect your website from malicious bots. Bots attempt to gain access to your site by using compromised passwords, sending spam or scraping content from your site. reCAPTCHA employs sophisticated methods of risk analysis to distinguish bots from humans.

Automatically takes action on your behalf to safeguard your website

One of the greatest features that comes with this iThemes Security plugin is the actions it automatically takes to safeguard your site. iThemes Security automatically locks out users, blocks IP addresses and user agents and applies updates to version numbers and much more on your behalf.


Everyday, a lot of activities are happening on your website which you aren’t aware of. Some of these activities could be connected to your website’s security, and therefore keeping track of these events is crucial to ensure your site’s security.

This plugin iThemes Security Pro plugin provides an in-real-time WordPress security dashboard that tracks security-related events on your website all day long all week long.


Take a look at a graph of the amount of attacks using brute force that occur on your website. You’ll be surprised by the frequency with which your site is being attacked.


Check out what number of people who have been blocked from iThemes SecurityPro due to failed login attempts or bot signatures.


Access important metrics about security for users such as password strength as well as two-factor status, and much more.


Site Scanner Site Scanner checks for the most current vulnerability disclosures to ensure that your website is kept up to date as quickly as it is.


It also checks your Google blocklist status. Site Scan also checks your Google’s blocklist status . It will alert you when Google has detected the presence of malware or viruses on your site.


Automatically update your themes, plugins and WordPress core in the event that the version you’re using has a vulnerability that’s known.


During any scheduled site scans, you’ll get an email if iThemes Security Pro discovers any known vulnerabilities.During any scheduled site scans, you’ll get an email if iThemes Security Pro discovers any known vulnerabilities.


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