ionWordPress v1.3 – WordPress full Integrated mobile app

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ionWordpress - WordPress full Integrated mobile app v1.3
Free Download ionWordPress mobile app Plugin v.1.3 – CodeCanyon | ionWordpress v1.3 – WordPress full Integrated mobile app is the best and easiest way to take your entire WordPress website to the next level you wish! You just need to have added some plugins to your WP website and you will have a mobile app ready to go. It has tons of plugins, components and examples so you can build the kind of app you need.

Download Links

  • Full Integration with WordPress
  • Ready to use with your own WordPress site
  • Cordova Full Hybrid App / PhoneGap 
  • Ionic framework open source front-end SDK
  • Beautiful UI/UX
  • Easy style customization
  • App walk-through
  • AngularJS Controllers, Directives, Factories, Filters, Services
  • UI Route Authentication
  • Login / Register fully integrated with WP Platform
  • Complete guide to help you understand and use this app
  • Push Notifications for Android and iOS
  • WP Integration with JSON API
  • Access your phone native email sender provider
  • App settings
  • Action Sheet Integration
  • And More…