Hub v2.0.0 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Hub - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Download Free Hub – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v2.0.0

Hub – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Free Download 2.0.0 – ThemeForest | Hub v2.0.0 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is a high-performance all-in-one designer, intuitive editor, exclusive functionality and a distinguished design set. It contains over 60 prefabricated websites, more than 600 models in section and more than 100 internal sections.

Hub WordPress Theme is a high-performance all-in-one designer, intuitive editor, exclusive functionality and a distinguished design set.


Bringing an intuitive visual editor to life with your thoughts. Creating, editing and visually adapting the website and seeing the changes immediately. No coding necessary!


Hub offers all the resources you need for on-line sales. Enjoy your WooCommerce customers at their best.


Select your desired demo and data form and press import. This is it! This is it!


The last series designed by designers of world class. With a single click, import a pre-built section block or save your own individual block to be reused on other sections. Create various section blocks to start your design process and easily create unique combinations.


Create and customize awesome pages in minutes. A wide range of elements, extensive adaptability choices, versatile templates and fast performance!


Hub is very light. A rock-solid structure and technology of next generation provide the highest efficiency with minimal capital.


The screen size is detected automatically and the contents adjusted in order to provide completely sensitive and optimized pages.

More Features

  • Advanced Carousel
  • Stunning Parallax
  • Pinning/Sticky BG
  • Social Integration
  • Newsletter
  • GDPR
  • RTL
  • WPML/Multilingual
  • Clean Code
  • GIF Support
  • Shop Quick View
  • Ajax
  • SEO Friendly
  • Lazy Load
  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Header Builder
  • Shape Dividers
  • Font Icon/SVG
  • Child Theme
  • Automatic Updates
  • Media Libraries
  • Color Manager
  • One/Multi Page
  • Adaptive Images
  • Coming Soon & Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Rev Slider
  • Mega Menu
  • Dark/Light Layouts
  • Advanced Code
  • Sidebars/Widgets
  • Device Mockups
  • Dynamic Shape
  • Slideshow
  • Modal Popup

Download Hub – Responsive WordPress Theme Nulled 2.0.2(672) Download Hub – Responsive WordPress Theme Nulled 1.5.2(273)

Changelog Hub – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

2.0.2 / 18 March 2022
  • Site crashing (elementor)
  • Team member widget link not working (elementor)
  • Header bg color issue (elementor)
  • Portfolio Style 4 animation issue (elementor)
  • Site gradient colors issue (elementor)
  • Tab widget Style 8 alignment issue (elementor)
  • Blog list 13 style issue (elementor)
  • Woocommerce breadcrumb option not working
  • Header adaptive color issue
  • Button Widget padding issue (elementor)
  • Liquid Box Widget content position (elementor)
  • Liquid Woo Product List Widget broken issue (elementor)
  • Header Language Switcher Widget flags disappear issue (wpbakery)
  • Password protected page broken layout
  • Asymmetric Slider Widget HTML Tag option (elementor)
  • Archive pages title wrapper bg options
  • Related post-global style to the Blog Page options.
  • GDPR style options
2.0.1 / 9 March 2022
  • Progressbar widget (elementor)
  • improved Plugins Update
  • contact form select style issue (wpbakery)
  • vertical slider widget images not loading issue (elementor)
  • 3d banner widget button issue (elementor)
  • Blog widget broken layout (elementor)
2.0 / 3 March 2022
  • performance beta
  • floating box author global option (theme options > blog > blog single post)
  • liquid google maps widget content box option (elementor)
  • performance beta
  • blog post date option (theme options > blog)
1.5.2 / 30 December 2021
  • counter widget issue
  • icon box circle widget visibility issue
1.5.1 / 18 December 2021

product single style global option (theme Options > woocommerce > product single style)

  • single page crash
  • theme options saving on specific php versions
  • global titlewrapper background overriding issue
  • woocommerce global product layout option
  • column video backgorund broken (for wpbakery)
  • megamenu background color issue
  • safari browser image loading issue
  • elementor editor not being opened (for elementor pro)
  • header elements loading issue (for wpbakery) / 3 December 2021
  • prevention to keep both page builders active
  • js fix for adaptive background on safari
1.5 / 19 November 2021
  • prebuilt website: starthub one
  • prebuilt website: starthub two
  • prebuilt website: starthub three
  • prebuilt website: masonry shop
  • menu hover style
  • disable animation option for mobile
  • testiminonial widget style
  • sticky row
  • elementor section templates
  • off canvas cart
  • section scroller improvements
  • adaptive background
  • custom animations
  • button icon sticky colors
  • carousel stack
  • color option for underline alt style
  • testimonials widget functions
  • milestone styling
  • tabs navigation on mobile
  • newsletter button position
  • latest post style 7
  • gdpr mobile styling
  • fatal error
  • cart spinner after item
  • woo remove item issue
  • empty header issue
  • titlebar background is not visible on mobile when parallax enabled
  • liquid social share widget issue
  • header-dropdown fatal error
  • fixed megamenu sizing issue in wpbakery version
  • marquee loop issue
  • woo filter
  • tab style 10 issue on mobile
  • text rotator jumping on mobile
1.4 / 13 October 2021
  • prebuilt website: blog minimal
  • prebuilt website: events portal
  • custom mobile menu builder
  • animated frames for elementor
  • smart sticky
  • trigger style
  • elementor section templates
  • elementor roadmap widget
  • GDPR box into theme options
  • adaptive background improvements
  • blog style 22 content alignment
  • woocommerce breadcrumb
  • setup wizard
  • srcset improvements
  • linked iconbox
  • modal closing issue when clicking on form elements
  • hotspot svg image not showing
  • liquid radial issue with gradient picker
1.3 / 24 September 2021
  • classic magazine prebuilt website
  • spa/welness/resort prebuilt website
  • hand-made prebuilt website
  • restaurant prebuilt website
  • dark scheme colors
  • animated frames autoplay
  • overlay link widget
  • dark typography
  • fancybox custom height
  • countdown handler
  • upgrade notice
  • adaptive background
  • improved
  • preloader
  • header dynamic colors
  • row custom cursor
  • megamenu functionality
  • php 8 improvements
  • widgets styling
  • parallax functionality
  • custom cursor in editor
  • custom animations
  • tabs styling
  • dynamic shape on mobile
  • latest post styles
  • iconbox circle color
  • outline to testimonial style two border
  • cover submenu position
  • mobile header warning
  • testimonials responsiveness
  • blog post sticky parts positioning
  • woo category missed container
  • search dropdown positioning
  • mobile search and cart position
  • elementor global options titlebar issue
  • wpbakery js error
  • button text hover not working with column custom animations enabled
  • header dynamic colors issue
  • tabs responsiveness issue
  • cart button color
  • fancy image reveal effect
  • portfolio layout in tabs
  • php fatal error
  • fancy heading spacing
  • header cart svg issue
  • mobile logo center alignment issue
  • overlapping vertical bars issue
  • slide elements hover issue
  • error when removing slideshow element
  • global product layout option
  • woo empty category crash
  • newsletter border for plain button
  • sidebar style
  • google map marker styles issue
  • duplicated header
  • portfolio body class
  • custom cursor issue on multiple sections
  • animated frames video playback
  • search dropdown positioning
  • custom animations easing


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