Formidable Forms Pro v5.2 – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder + Addons

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Formidable Forms Pro - WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder + Addons

Download Free Formidable Forms Pro – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder v5.2 + Addons

Formidable Forms Pro – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder + Addons Free Download 5.2 – formidableforms | Formidable Forms Pro v5.2 – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder + Addons has all of the qualities you will need to construct strong WordPress variants and data-driven net software. Have a peek at the characteristics which produce Formidable Types the most effective online form builder applications for your own project.

The most innovative WordPress kinds plugin. Proceed beyond contact kinds using our drag & drop form builder for polls, quiz types, and much more.

In Formidable Nulled Plugin, making the very extendable form builder plug is our #1 priority, which means that you save time when constructing even the most innovative forms. Contrary to other WordPress form manufacturer plugins which concentrate solely on creating a contact type, we consider in enabling our customers to push the limitations and create complex forms quickly!

This form builder plug is the lite version of Formidable Types that includes all the features you’ll ever need. Our superior features include choices for you to make an innovative email subscription type, multi-page type, document upload type, or a wise type with automatic logic.

Advanced Online Form Creation

Do you want to create a few complex forms?

Or perhaps several simple forms?

In any case, Formidable excels where other WordPress form builders fail. Our WordPress custom form builder includes all of the form building features you’ll need to succeed at any size.

  • Conditional logic
  • Advanced calculations
  • File uploads
  • Repeater fields
  • Registration forms
  • Star ratings
  • Dynamic prefilled fields
  • Multi-page forms
  • Built in captcha (reCAPTCHA v2 + honeypot)
  • Save and continue

Form Entries Management

You’ve worked hard to gather your entries; now it should be simple to manage them. Why leave form submissions unanswered?

With Formidable, you can manage your form entries from the backend of your website using our user-friendly interface.

  • Send unlimited email notifications
  • Approve or reject entries easily
  • Enable front-end editing of forms
  • Send data to popular 3rd parties
  • Access all entries in dashboard
  • Schedule forms and limit entries

Views are a great way to show off your data.

What makes Formidable more than just a WordPress contact form plugin?

Views that are unrivaled. Using the only form builder plugin with an integrated application builder, you can easily convert your entries into powerful content. Simply put, Views generates beautiful webpages automatically when users enter data into forms.

  • Display entry tables, listings, and directories
  • Enable user-generated posts and content
  • Generate user profiles, tables, and more
  • Show users only their own submissions
  • Search entries from the front-end
  • Filter dynamically by date, user, and more
  • Get entry statistics and display graphs

Formidable Forms should be used by who?

Formidable Forms is ideal for freelancers, agencies, business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and pretty much anyone else. If you want to build a custom WordPress form, you should use Formidable Forms.

Their mission is to enable freelancers and agencies to confidently create advanced, solution-focused forms.


Download Nulled Formidable Forms Pro 5.2 (307)

Changelog Formidable Forms Pro

= 5.2.01 =
  • New: Added new checkboxes to toggle form title and description visibility. The form preview page will no longer always show title and description by default, and will use these checkboxes instead.
  • Fix: In-Theme Previews trigger a fatal error in WordPress 5.9.1.
  • Fix: Checkbox fields were appearing as broken vertical lines when using the Enfold theme.
  • Fix: A deprecation message was occasionally logged in PHP8 when trying to decode null values.
= 5.2 =
  • Increased WP version requirement to 5.2.
  • New: Added a new Embed Form modal and a new Embed button that appears in the form builder and form settings pages beside Preview and Update. Now a form can be embedded into a new page or an existing page with just a few clicks.
  • Fix: A Notice was being logged that wp_enqueue_script() was called incorrectly when loading the new Widgets editor since WordPress 5.8.
  • Fix: An unexpected array value in form data would cause some text fields to break in PHP8.
  • Fix: Some AJAX calls for API loaded forms were occasionally targeting the wrong site, causing unwanted redirects.
  • Fix: Dropdown field options were including redundant class=”” HTML that has been removed.
= 5.1 =
  • Updated Bootstrap Multiselect to version 1.1.1, fixing issues with the accessibility of backend multiselect dropdowns for blind users.
  • New: Inputs with errors will now add the aria-describedby attribute during JavaScript validation for more accessible errors.
  • New: Form errors will now always include the role=”alert” attribute for more accessible errors. New fields will now also include role=”alert” in custom field HTML.
  • New: Added a new frm_entries_column_value filter hook.


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