Fontawesome Pro v6.5.3 (Web & Desktop) Download

Fontawesome Pro (Web & Desktop) Nulled
Fontawesome Pro (Web & Desktop) Nulled

Download Free Fontawesome Pro (Web & Desktop) Nulled v6.5.3

Fontawesome Pro (Web & Desktop) Free Download Nulled v6.5.3 – FontAwesome | Fontawesome Pro (Web & Desktop) Nulled v6.5.3 can be used on your desktop using Font Awesome. Add icons to mockups, presentations and other designs. With our new ligature-based font files, we have tried to make it super easy. And when more is needed, we have separately included polished SVG vector versions of every icon.

Using a Package Manager

For you and your team, package managers such as the npm and yarn are probably familiar tools. You can easily upgrade to newer Font Awesome versions with them and improve access to Pro packages. They are also easy to use.


That New Icon Smell!

The Beta version of v6 contains 13,841 total icons in 5 + brands, as against 7,865 versus v5. There are currently 5,976 new icons. No, we are not joking. We are not joking.
Tell Font Awesome Thin Hello

Say Hello to Font Awesome Thin

We challenge you to walk-off the icons of your website! Check 2,680 icons and find out who wins in our all-new Thin style.

Icon Commissions + Top Requests

We have handled the top icon demands of the community and have also sent a round of icon sponsors commissions.

Cleaned-Up Categories

We have cleaned and improved all our categories in spring to make sure every icon is the right size, name and set.

Expanded Emoji

In each of our 5 styles, we have expanded the Emoji category massively to 99 different icons.

Fruits + Vegetables

Get on with this all-new delicious icon category of yer fruit ( and veg).


The Font Awesome-style numbers are ready and accessible to your numbers. Five styles of numbers from 0 to 9 and coupled to circles and squares as well.


Even a thousand words icon can’t tell what you need, sometimes. Spell it out yourself for those times. Everything is A to Z for U.

Packaged Up + Ready to Render

Beta version 6 is now ready for installation and use through npm packages!

React + Vue Components

In version 6 our official components and the simpler syntax for referring icons have been updated for your projects.

Updated Styling Toolkit

Adjustment through CSS Custom properties and enhanced size utilities are just a few of the things we did better when we examined our design again.

New Animations

Bring new CSS animations such as beat, fade, flash and twist to life for your icons!


Fontawesome Pro Free Download Link

Changelog Fontawesome Pro Nulled

Released November 27, 2023

Introducing Font Awesome Sharp Thin!

3,000+ icons in an elegant new style: Sharp Thin
Sharp Solid, Sharp Regular, and Sharp Light are already available for use. Sharp Duotone is coming soon!
Icons are all built on the same 16px grid as existing Font Awesome Classic icons.
Icon upload now supports Duotone Icons!
A batch of new brand icons, including: Google Scholar, Pixiv, Signal, Upwork, and Webflow.
Added the Mintbit brand icon, commissioned by Mintbit.
Our dinosaur icon was lonely, so we added a T-Rex icon to keep it company.
Made our childhood selves happy by adding truck-fire, excavator, and bulldozer icons. Also added a truck-ladder icon.
Added a selection of City Management icons commissioned by WBlue, including landmark-magnifying-glass, tent-double-peak, truck-utensils, hammer-brushh, sign, sign-wrench, sign-post, building-memo, building-magnifying-glass, and hand-holding-circle-dollar.
Went back to the future, and added our version 4 spinner icon.
Included some popular icon requests, including: bell-ring, folder-check, cannon, court-sport, and wave.
Collected a number of new file-type icons.
Searched for a selection of new magnifying glass icons: magnifying-glass-waveform, magnifying-glass-play, and magnifying-glass-music. The latter was commissioned by Undeco.
Flipped out on new reflect-horizontal and reflect-vertical icons.
Added new ticket-based icons: tickets, ticket-perforated, and tickets-perforated.
Updated Facebook, Patreon, Ubuntu, and SUSE logos.
Simplified the "fire" icon modifier in a number of our icons.
Updated all of our "square" brand icons to use a consistent corner radius.
Fixed an issue with a number of our icons that had self-intersecting vector paths, making them more compatible with the Icon Wizard.
Fixed minor issues with our scroll-old, spray-can, and filter-circle-dollar icons.
Released August 1, 2023

Dug up a new, commissioned, raccoon icon.
Turned on new subtitles and subtitles-slash icons.
Cast a spell on new, commissioned, person-fairy and person-dress-fairy icons.
Swapped in new, commissioned, swap and swap-arrows icons.
Shone a light on a new lighthouse icon.
Trotted out a new globe-pointer icon.
Pointed to a selection of new arrow-*-to-*-arc and arrow-*-from-*-arc icons.
Got up to get down with a new angles-up-down icon.
Added the Threads brand icon.
Added the twitter X brand icon.
Added the Debian brand icon.
Added "types" to the package.json exports for TypeScript defintions in JS packages.
Fixed an issue with the classic light style of the arrow-down-wide-short icon.
Fixed issue with the regular styles of the clone and copy icons.
Fixed an issue with the hand-spock icon.
Fixed an issue where the "heart" in the hand-holding-heart and other "hand/heart" icons where too heavy in the Thin style.
Fixed a warning in Edge browser using createElementNS for svg elements.
Released March 3, 2023

Introducing Font Awesome Sharp Light!

3,000+ icons in an elegant new style: Sharp Light
Sharp Solid and Sharp Regular are already available for use. Sharp Thin and Sharp Duotone are coming soon!
Icons are all built on the same 16px grid as existing Font Awesome Classic icons.
Unearthed a new dinosaur icon.
Saved the planet with a new bin-recycle icon.
Reduced, reused, and recycled a new jug-bottle icon.
Added to our file collection with new file-doc and file-zip icons.
Added a new gear-complex icon, along with a gear-code icon.
Rounded up a new sponsored grid-round icon and variants.
Exchanged a new sponsored chf-sign icon.
Donned a new sponsored hat-beach icon.
Batch of new sponsored icons, including arrow-progress, bag-seedling, bin-bottles-recycle, calendar-users, chart-line-up-down, chart-mixed-up-circle-currency, circles-overlap, cloud-binary, conveyor-belt-arm, display-chart-up-circle-currency, flask-gear, gear-complex-code, laptop-binary, lightbulb-gear, person-running-fast, right-left-large, and user-group-simple.
Minor adjustments to all icons in the Classic Light, Classic Thin, and Duotone styles for consistency and clarity.
Swapped the placement of the laptop and file in the laptop-file icon.
Updated file-pdf and file-csv to be more legible.
Adjusted all of our newspaper icons.
Adjusted hands-asl-interpreting.
Made our rugby-ball icon look more like a rugby ball.
Updated teamspeak logo with new version.
Fixed a regression in 6.3.0 where a number of icons weren't centered properly in their viewboxes.
Adjusted the copy icon to be consistent across all styles.
Fixed image-landscape in the Sharp Solid style to make it, you know, actually sharp.
Fixed an issue with the interior shape of our "virus" icons.
Fixed fill state of the regular narwhal icon.
Fixed duotone of our gear icon.
Fixed misalignment of the thumbs-down icon in duotone and light.
Fixed an issue where ligature in OTF files weren't working properly for the plus and ampersand icons.
Fixed the light style of the wreath-laurel icon.
Fixed box-archive in regular.
Released February 1, 2023

Introducing Font Awesome Sharp Regular!

3,000+ icons in a new, modern style: Sharp Regular
Sharp Solid is already done. Sharp Light, Thin, and Duotone are coming soon!
Icons are all built on the same 16px grid as existing Font Awesome Classic icons.
New sponsored pencil-mechanical icon.
New sponsored billboard icon.
New sponsored wreath-laurel icon.
Calcified a new skeleton-ribs icon.
Saved up for some new circle-euro, circle-sterling, and circle-yen icons.
Added a new webhook icon.
Swept up a new broom-wide icon.
Shined the light on a new sparkle icon.
New circle-quarters-stroke and circle-three-quarters-stroke icons to match the existing circle-half-stroke
Every Classic Regular icon has been reviewed and redrawn where necessary to better compliment the new Sharp Regular style.
Simplified our chess and chess piece icons for consistency.
Updated the Algolia brand icon
Brought back the search terms in the YAML and JSON metadata files
A number of fixes to Sharp Solid icons.
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