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FluentCRM Pro – Email Marketing Automation Dedicated to WordPress Nulled Free Download 2.3.1 – fluentcrm | FluentCRM Pro v2.3.1 – Email Marketing Automation Dedicated to WordPress Nulled manage your prospects and clients, email campaigns, automatic email sequencing, student and affiliate management, and track user actions and a lot more in 1 area; without ever needing to leave your WordPress dashboard.

Is FluentCRM FREE to Download?

The FluentCRM FREE Version is completely free and is packed with many great options. You can actually automate lots of tasks, such as dynamic tagging, in the version that is free. But it also comes with PRO Version that means you can also buy its premium version that has lots of useful features which FREE hasn’t.

Can you automatize your CRM?

CRM automation allows you to automate the process of storing, accessing, and leveraging all the information about leads and clients in a CRM software.

Does WordPress come with marketing automation?

This WordPress Marketing Automation plugin automates the tracking of the number of visitors who visit your website and informs you when you have new or returning lead! Alongside the tracking of visitors to your site and tracking leads from email campaigns, it also tracks leads generated by emails.

Handle Volume Email Campaigns

Email marketing delivers the maximum ROI. With FluentCRM’s email campaign manager, you’ll have the ability to mass email campaigns to get increased conversion prices. Our simplified CRM can enable you to grasp email advertising just like a pro!

360° User Review

A strong customer information platform is crucial to developing a successful advertising effort. When it is a glimpse above a customer’s profile or monitoring their credit history information, FluentCRM presents them in simple biteable sizes, letting you have eyes everywhere.

A well-sorted email list management system is instrumental in creating an effective email marketing campaign. And also to be certain you’re on very top of your game, FluentCRM enables you to section results by tags, lists, and insert dynamic sections to filter them.

Do not waste your time producing email funnels each single time you’ve got a new contact. Together with FluentCRM’s automatic email sequences, you will have an universal contact on-boarding alternative available. Never lose out on a touch conversion together with an onboarding email arrangement!

You wish to flip your readers into paying customers and sell more goods to the present ones.

How can FluentCRM help you attain these conversion targets using its electronic marketing funnel?

Set Automated Funnels and Sequenced Emails

The manual process of sending out emails each day or even every week can be an exhausting task. Why bother when you could set up an automated email channel and then concentrate on your other tasks?

With FluentCRM you can send mass emails to your customers automatically in response to what they do (newsletter subscription forms, form submission, purchase from EDD/WooCommerce, LMS subscription or course completion, etc.)

Once you’ve set the settings it, FluentCRM will continue sending bulk emails in response to the conditions, actions, and time intervals you choose to set.

CRM Reports and Analytics

CRM analytics and reports are critical to implementing a successful advertising effort. FluentCRM presents amazing analytics of your daily effort, funnels, strings, and consumer actions. In the end, data matches the ideal marketing campaigns !

Convert Leads into Customers

Have you completed the automation configuration? It’s time to pay the bills and make the funnel more efficient! With FluentCRM’s in-detailed report feature it is possible to see how your various subject lines perform in A/B tests, which ones are generating better CTRs and which aren’t performing as well.

Additionally you can see those who don’t open your emails by using the robust “Dynamic Segments” option and make them more appealing offers to convert them from prospects to customers.

Why Sell Once When You Can Upsell?

FluentCRM was built in such a way it lets you embark on a journey that lasts an entire lifetime with your customers. With the powerful features this tool offers, you can create multiple sales funnels which will eventually help you sell more products/services/courses to your already existing customers.

If a client or user gets to the end within your sales funnels you can use that indicator as an opportunity to add that customer to a different funnel. This will let your customers make better decisions and buy more products from you!

Send Emails

The process of sending bulk email messages has been simpler! Make an email campaign and write one from scratch or pick one from the templates you have saved. You might want to test your subject lines , or test the pre-header. We’ve got your back! Create the body of the email. Shortcodes as well as design templates can be useful.

Configure the UTM parameters to further track when you require. Send out emails to recipients on a list, and exclude others in case you require. Make sure to send a test message and test the settings prior to sending out or creating the campaign!

Create Contacts List

Upload any already existing WordPress users or save it in an CSV file. You can also create new lists and add users in a timely manner. Select the trigger to add a new user an existing list.

These triggers can be simple WordPress signup, Easy Digital Downloads/WooCommerce purchase, LMS subscription/course completion, or simple newsletter signup via WordPress forms. Create the triggers and FluentCRM will begin adding users to the appropriate lists immediately.



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Changelog FluentCRM Pro Nulled – Email Marketing Automation Dedicated to WordPress

= 2.3.1 (Date: October 25, 2021) =

* BuddyBoss/BuddyPress Integration
* ThriveCart Integration (Addon)
* LearnPress Integration
* Dynamically Import Existing users from LMS/Membership/BuddyBoss
* Email Editor Improvement
* Persistent Contact Page
* Dynamic Segment Improvement and Bulk Operations
* Automation Funnel Improvement
* Integration improvements
* and so many new features and improvements

= 2.2.0 (Date: July 20, 2021) =

* Whole New Dashboard Design
* Added Lots of WooCommerce Integrations
* More integration added with LifterLMS, LearnDash, and TutorLMS
* Outgoing Webhook in Automation
* WooCommerce Conditional Block and new action and triggers added
* User Registration Action Block added to Automation
* Custom fields improvements
* Added Plain Text Email Template
* Added Fluent Forms force subscribe feature
* User role-based tagging feature added
* Added Redirection Option after Double-Optin
* Email Builder Blocks Improvements
* Add Option to remove contacts on WP User delete
* Showing in details purchase history from WooCommerce on Contact Screen
* Webhook bounce handler with all major Email Service providers