Fixed TOC v3.1.25 – Table of Contents for WordPress Plugin

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Last updated on April 22nd, 2022 at 10:39 pm

Fixed TOC - Table of Contents for WordPress Plugin

Download Free Fixed TOC – Table of Contents for WordPress Plugin v3.1.25

Fixed TOC – Table of Contents for WordPress Plugin Free Download 3.1.25 – CodeCanyon | Fixed TOC v3.1.25 – Table of Contents for WordPress Plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin is Set TOC. It scans the headings automatically via the post content and produces the contents table, which is fixed in the page view.

The content they want can be found faster by users.


  • Automatically produces a table of contents from postal material.
  • Post, page, and other public postal types are supported.
  • Fully reactive. Suitable for all sizes of devices.
  • Post content on top of the display.
  • The page is set.
  • Added widget support for lateral bar attachment.
  • Scrolling to goal smoothly.
  • Dynamically indicate the current heading of the tour.
  • Enable the sub list collapse / expand.
  • The free position, size, font, and color customization.
  • Placing somewhere to view TOC in the posting, support the shortcode function.
  • Promote the post with a quick tag ‘next page.’
  • Live demo support customizer.
  • Identify which titles to display in TOC.
  • Displaying a short tip when you scroll to the target heading.
  • Build your own style free of charge.
  • For each page set a separate choice.
  • Many animated selection effects.
  • Ready to translate.
  • Support popular build page plug-ins like Elementor, Elementor, Visual Composer, Thrive, Architect, Divi, etc.

Download Nulled Fixed TOC – Table of Contents for WordPress Plugin 3.1.25(57)


= v3.1.25 = ( 16 April, 22 )
  • Fixed several bugs and made some improving
= v3.1.24 = ( 20 July, 21 )
  • Fixed a bug existed in the previous version
= v3.1.23 = ( 18 July, 21 )
  • Fixed several bugs
= v3.1.22 = ( 20 May, 21 )
  • Supported AMP reader mode(legacy theme)
  • Added several hooks for development
  • Improved code quality, such as use strict mode, safely escape translating text, update deprecated functions, etc
= v3.1.21 = ( 01 February, 21 )
  • Supported AMP
  • Updated several deprecated methods on jQuery
  • Compatible with Kadence Block/Tabs
  • Added the aria-label attribute to expand/collapse buttons
  • Added ‘before/after the 2nd heading’ choices to the Position In Post option
  • Fixed several bugs
= v3.1.20 = ( 13 October, 20 )

Fixed bug:

  • ‘$’ characters disappear on TOC if headings include them.
  • The short title feature doesn’t work.
= v3.1.19 = ( 22 August, 20 )
  • Fixed a bug for Finding headings.
  • Fixed a conflict with Rank Math plugin.
  • Added the ‘fixedtoc_header_title’ filter hook.
= v3.1.18 = ( 20 June, 20 )
  • Contents title tag can be changed to ‘div’ or ‘span’ for SEO.
  • Custom CSS Controller supported syntax highlight.
  • Fixed several bugs.
= v3.1.17 = ( 14 April, 20 )
  • Added an option to set a TOC width when it is none-float in the post.
  • Added an option to center a TOC in the post content.
  • Added an option to Collapse/Expand for Initiation on mobile.
  • Improved performance and fixed several bugs.


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