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Facebook Reviews - WordPress Facebook Reviews Plugin

Download Free Facebook Reviews – WordPress Facebook Reviews Plugin v1.2.5

Facebook Reviews – WordPress Facebook Reviews Plugin Free Download 1.2.5 – CodeCanyon | Facebook Reviews v1.2.5 – WordPress Facebook Reviews Plugin to increase your visitors’ trust in your brand. The reviews can be filtered and information on their writers, images, ratings and other data can be shown. Four versions, three analysis templates, a versatile header and more are included in the customization options.

Embed Facebook reviews on your web page

All you need to incorporate your Facebook reviews on the site is to be allowed on Facebook as a manager with Elfsight Facebook Reviews. The Elfsight widget receives feedback automatically and publishes them on your website. Automatic updating helps reveal any new review on Facebook as soon as it appears.

Three filters to sort the content

There are three helpful filters to show you the best feedback. Show all reviews or choose just positive, you can sort reviews with keywords using the Exclude By Filter but limit the amount of reviews shown by means of a quantity filter.

Add trust-raising review elements

Not just the text, the name and picture of the reviewer, date of the review, Facebook recommendation icons, and the star rating are shown on the Elfsight widget. These elements can be switched off and a clean review gallery can be created.

Ratings and counts

The widget header displays stars and the number of people who suggested your Facebook page. The last reviewers’ pictures are clickable and can be seen by the users of your Facebook page.

A button to request reviews

If you use a review request button with an action call, your user will be taken to your Facebook page for a review, or a message window will appear to display the user’s custom text or email address. In this way, more feedback can be collected or users can gain insights.

Three review templates

Our widget offers three review templates: classic Facebook review template, Bubble – to instruct the author information into the review text, and Spotlight to focus on all elements.



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