Eventic – Ticket Sales and Event Management System

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Eventic - Ticket Sales and Event Management System

Download Free Eventic – Ticket Sales and Event Management System v1.2

Eventic – Ticket Sales and Event Management System Free Download 1.2 – CodeCanyon | Eventic v1.2 – Ticket Sales and Event Management System can be described as an excellent event management and ticket sales system similar to Eventbrite, TicketMaster, Twickets.

Based on the secure and robust Symphony framework Eventic gives event planners and organizers an range of convenient features to manage their events starting with the creation of their event’s page and registering guests using an efficient mobile application.

In the age of Covid-19 The majority of events are now being held on the internet, which is why Eventic encourages online events as events that are held in venues.

How it Works?


An administrator will be the sole owner for the application. He will set up the application and adjust the settings according to his preferences. He will mostly approve payment requests made from the organizers


The organizer holds the responsibility that permits him to design events and to sell tickets. He may make a payment request to the chosen account for payout, which will be authorized by the administrator.


The customer is the person who is attending the event at Eventic. Tickets can be purchased on the internet or at the point of sale and show tickets to go to the event.

Point of Sale

The accounts at point-of-sale are introduced by the event organizers and are dependent on a specific dates of the event. They log in using their credentials, and they sell tickets, and then get paid in cash.


The scanner accounts have been added by organizers and can be affected by the event’s date or dates. The user logs in using their credentials or through the platform or the mobile application for scanners, and then verify the tickets presented by attendees.

Eventic Ticket Scanner Mobile Application

The Eventic Scanner Mobile Application is an application that lets event organizers to verify attendance through scanning the QR Code that was generated on the tickets purchased from on the Eventic platform.

About its Security

  • All passwords are encrypted with the BCRYPT algorithm.
  • All information about payment gateways, payment methods and the payment methods used by organizers are encrypted with the DEFUSE key.
  • Every form includes the token from CSRF.
  • The platform is secured from SQL injections.
  • The platform is secure from XSS attacks
  • All inputs of users are cleaned


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