eShop – Flutter Multi Vendor eCommerce Full App

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eShop - Flutter Multi Vendor eCommerce Full App

Download Free eShop – Flutter Multi Vendor eCommerce Full App v1.0.3

eShop – Flutter Multi Vendor eCommerce Full App Free Download 1.0.3 – CodeCanyon | eShop v1.0.3 – Flutter Multi Vendor eCommerce Full App is a multi-vendor marketplace unlike any other where Store Owners, Vendors Retailers, Vendors, and Whole Sellers are able to showcase or sell their goods through a single platform.

eShop Full App Features

Elegant Home page

Easy to use and eye-catching home screen, which can show search options, sliders different sellers, dynamic sections of products, categories and more.

Dynamic Products Sections

The most popular and sought-after feature that lets you create dynamic sections for your products with many options including Newly, Added Products as well as products for sale. Best Rated Products, Top selling Products, and Custom products from all or specified categories.

Products Listing

A powerful product listing page that includes grid view and list view options for display Advanced Filter by, as well as Sort By options. Product Details A stunning and useful product detail view that provides your customers with all the information regarding the product. Video and images of the product, specifications of the product, variations of the product and their price, reviews from customers as well as seller information and items list, all of which is organized in a tidy way.

Product Swatches

Color Swatches Image Swatches, and Text Swatches that create interesting and easy to distinguish variations of products.

Product Attributes, Tags and Filters

Create unlimited attributes to let your products to be filtered efficiently through lists of products, sections Search results, and more. Create attributes for Sizes, Colors Brands, Weights, Colors Storage, and more. You can also assign different tags to the items to make the overall experience easier and more precise.

Compare Products

Add the products you want to Compare List and effortlessly examine specifications, attributes and costs of various products easily.

Zip codes

Find out if the product you’re searching for is available within your local area or not before adding it to the cart.


Manage and display categories with unlimited categories that can be displayed at any time. and also display popular categories that are based on activity of the user, your favorite categories and more easily.

Offers Zone

Unique and Exclusive Deals that are Unique and Exclusive Zone that lists items that fall under a certain percent of price.


A new version of the promo code section, where you can display promo codes with ease, allowing your customers to select the promo codes that are available.

Cart & Save for Later

Manage and store your items on a server cart, and then use it across different platforms as well as devices. Also, you can save items to be able to checkout later from the cart in case you are not able to continue at the moment of checkout.

Multiple Addresses

Control your various addresses, whether it be your home address or your office address. Choose from many addresses when you check out.


Addresses, preferred Delivery Date Options for Time, Payment methods to choose from , and the order summary provides enough information regarding the order that it will be sent to vendors, sellers, and system administrators.

Pay methods

Provide your customers with a variety of payment options that can be easily managed with only one click. We offer Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Razorpay, Paystack, Flutterwave, Stripe, Paytm and Direct Bank Transfer payment options to mention just a few.

Orders and Invoices

Find and track each item in your order with accurate information accessible starting from the state of the order until the delivery state. You can also locate the invoice’s details whenever you’d like.


The built-in wallet function makes your order process more efficient. Charge your wallet and keep track of each transactions to your wallet easily.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard is powerful and has multiple managers and module-specific permissions to manage sellers, products and categories as well as orders, sliders, banners for promotions, control highlighted sections, and more.

Seller panel

You can easily manage sellers via the dashboard. Accept or deny their registration requests, and view or manage their listings.

Products & Variants

Manage your product and its variations with a wide array of options, including Attributes, taxes, bulk upload and update functions.

System settings

The store has a wide variety of settings options that offer great customization choices to system owners with numerous options to manage payment methods such as timeslots SMTP emails, one-click automatic system update feature and notification, among other things.

Sliders & Offers

Highlight special promotions, featured categories or products by using sliders and banners for offers.

Support Tickets System

It allows customers to instantly create an support ticket directly from the mobile app , and the respective team members will be able to process the request.

Promo Code

Effectively manage promo codes. Create clever promo codes using multiple options and conditions to restrict it to specific conditions.

Delivery Boys

Control Delivery guys and their orders and payments efficiently

Web Settings

Web settings options that allow you to modify some of the features according to your requirements. The options to manage general settings, themes Front-end Languages, and Firebase security settings for authentication

System Users

Create and manage users on the system by assigning different roles such as editors, managers, admins and assign them the desired rights for each module.

Seller Panel

A separate Seller panel allows them to handle your Products & Categories, Orders and Media files that they own Transactions in Wallets, withdrawal requests made via the browser.

Sales Page

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Change Log eShop – Flutter Multi Vendor eCommerce Full App

20th DEC, 2021 – Version: 1.0.3
  • Add Product feature Added in seller App
  • Seller Details Added in Delivery Boy App
  • Show TOP sellers and categories on admin dashboard
  • Shipping and Return policy
  • Admin can add the wallet balance to the customer’s wallet from the backend
  • Showing seller outlines on the dashboard
  • Improvements and bugs fixes


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