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Elementor Page Builder Pro Free Download v3.13.3 | Elementor Pro Nulled v3.13.3 is a professional WordPress page builder that comes with no limits of design. A website builder that delivers high-end page designs and advanced capabilities, never before seen on WordPress. Build your website from the ground up. Add any widget or section to your canvas with a simple drag and drop.

elementor-pro-nulled-(free-and-pro).zip (LATEST)

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor PRO Nulled is an extension to Elementor that provides you with a wide range of professional tools that will speed up your design and workflow.

The main features of Elementor Pro are:

  1. Theme Creator allows you to customize every aspect of your theme
  2. Visually design and integrate forms
  3. Professional templates and blocks
  4. The following are key professional widgets and features. For a complete list of widgets and features, click here
  5. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you

Elementor Pro VS Elementor Free Comparison

Elementor’s free version has endless design options. Elementor Pro however gives you more tools to speed up your workflow and increase conversions.

Here is a detailed comparison of Elementor Pro and the free version. Here are four points that will help you understand why you should upgrade to Pro. Theme Builder allows you to customize every aspect of your theme

elementor-pro-nulled-(free-and-pro).zip (LATEST)

The Elementor PRO Theme Builder Nulled lets you customize any part of your theme. Elementor allows you to design the header, footer and archive pages of your website. This is possible with any WordPress theme and does not require any coding. This plugin and no other theme offer this feature. You can complete web projects much faster by making web design visual and code-free.

Create Visually design forms , and then integrate them

Contact forms are essential for every website as they are the engine of leads and conversions. The Elementor PRO’s Forms widget makes managing forms easy and intuitive. You can design your forms in the front end and then connect them to any automation platform or CRM you choose with just a few clicks.

Professional templates blocks

The Elementor Pro has many professional-made templates and blocks that you can customize to make stunning websites. You can use the templates and blocks to integrate with the Pro widgets so that you can create pages that include slides, animated headlines, forms, and other important Elementor Pro features.

The Top professional widgets and features

Elements Pro contains some essential widgets that are vital for professional web designers. These include animated headlines for a stunning display of blog posts, Posts widget to show off your blog posts, Slides, Media Carousel, custom fonts and WooCommerce widgets.

Elementor Pro | Brings New Designs Experiences to Your WordPress (Full Template Kits)

Live Drag & Drop Editor

With Elementor’s visual builder, you can easily create and customize every aspect of your website. There is no need to code.

90+ Widgets

Using a wide variety of widgets, you’ll be able to achieve your design goals with ease.

Pixel-Perfect Design

You’ll be able to create flawless websites with custom positions, padding, margins, and global color and typography settings.

Advanced Web Creation

You can use advanced animations, custom CSS, responsive designs, and more to create a unique website design.

Professional Workflow

Standardize your web designs with a custom template library and global design settings that streamline your projects.

Enhancing WordPress

The use of multiple plugins is no longer necessary. With Elementor, you can create professional websites and improve your page speed.

Grow Your Business

You can create your own expert profile, showcase your best work, and get hired for projects in design, marketing, and development.

Hire an Expert

We have a wide range of Elementor experts available to help you with your next project.

Collaborate With Others

If you’re looking for a place where you can exchange ideas with other professionals and learn from each other, then join us!

Create and host your website All With Elementor

Everything you need, from beginning to end. Elementor Pro includes hosting and WordPress installation.

Enhance Your Skills Professionally Grow

We offer resources and tools that will help you grow and learn at all levels.

Elementor’s greatest asset is its community and the talented developers who created it. This gives us confidence in the product’s quality and the assurance that Elementor is around for many years.

Our Users Add-Ons

Our community has created custom add-ons to Elementor by professionals. This extends our extensive selection of templates and widgets.

Make Your Own

Elementor is an open-source tool that provides extensive API. You can extend the product’s functionality by creating your own templates or widgets.

Expand Your Business

Make your profile and present your best work to get hired for marketing, design, and development projects.

Hiring an expert

Look through our Elementor experts to find a marketer, developer, or designer who can help you with your next project.

Collaboration with others

Join our community of professionals to share knowledge, hacks and join forces.

Meet Elementor’s live editor

You can visualize and build your website from the top. Drag and drop any section or widget onto your canvas. No coding required.



Elementor Pro Free Download

elementor-pro-nulled-(free-and-pro).zip (LATEST)

Old Versions

v3.9.0 (Nulled)

  • https://www113.zippyshare.com/v/4m2Yi28I/file.html
  • https://www.file-upload.com/5ptvu7xntrnx
  • https://send.cm/s6i30f7vslpj
  • https://www.upload.ee/files/14812979/elementor-pro-3.9.0.zip.html

Changelog of Elementor Pro Nulled

3.11.7 - 2023-03-22
Tweak: Improved code security enforcement in WooCommerce components

3.11.6 - 2023-03-14
Tweak: Improved code security enforcement in Author Box and Countdown widgets

3.11.5 - 2023-03-12
Fix: Hamburger Menu Toggle not showing if breakpoint is set to Tablet Extra in Nav Menu widget (#21003)

3.11.4 - 2023-03-07
Tweak: Prevented SVG file upload for better security enforcement in Forms widget

3.11.3 - 2023-02-26
Fix: Error message appears when submitting a form placed below Loop Grid and Loop Carousel widgets (#21432)
Fix: PHP 8.x compatibility issues in various places

3.11.2 - 2023-02-22
Fix: Save & Back handle from the Loop Carousel becomes inaccessible in some cases ([#21316]https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/21316)

3.11.1 - 2023-02-15
Fix: Featured Image dynamic tag is not working in Background images (#21313)
Fix: Time zone is not correct in Countdown widget (#17485)
Fix: File upload field is not working in Form widget (#21341)
Fix: Post Image Attachments dynamic tag is not working in various widgets (#21314)

3.11.0 - 2023-02-13
New: Introducing Loop Carousel widget - Create powerful & repeating loop templates and populate each one with dynamic content (#219)
New: Added Date and Time Range option to Advanced Rules in Popup
Tweak: Improved accessibility when opening and closing a popup (#9788)
Tweak: Improved accessibility of full-screen mode in Search Form widget (#19907)
Tweak: Added keyboard accessibility support to Flip Box widget (#5861)
Tweak: Add aria-label to read more link in Posts widget (#13784)
Tweak: Use aspect-ratio property instead of CSS trick in Media Carousel widget
Tweak: Updated translation string in Stripe widget
Fix: Masonry and Columns controls are not working as expected with responsive in Posts and Loop Grid widgets (#20670)
Fix: Invalid attributes names in Nav Menu widget (#17400)
Fix: Post Image Attachments dynamic tag is not working as expected in various widgets
Fix: Form fields order is not presented correctly when exported to CSV in Form Submissions
Fix: Dynamic background image and video are not working with ACF in Loop Grid widget

3.10.3 - 2023-01-29
Tweak: Added introduction video to loop item information modal in Theme Builder
Fix: PHP 8.x throws errors and notices in some cases (#21087)
Fix: Infinite Scroll and Load on click pagination are not working as expected in Archive template
Fix: Show row even when values do not exist in Form Submissions
3.10.2 - 2023-01-17
Fix: Updated compatibility tag for Elementor v3.10
3.10.1 - 2023-01-09
Fix: Preview Could not be loaded error message appears on pages containing the Loop Grid in a header or footer templates

3.10.0 - 2023-01-09
New: Added new dynamic tag for due date in Countdown widget (#7737)
Tweak: Added modified and comment_count to Order By in posts query control (#11159)
Tweak: Replaced footer tag in Blockquote and Comments widgets for better semantics
Fix: Compatibility issue in Imagify Media Library filters due to _elementor_is_screenshot meta filter (#19988)
Fix: Hotspot Widget label icon height issues when Inline Font Icons experiment is active
Fix: Editing glitch when using two loop grid widgets on the same page with the same loop item template
Fix: Equal height is not working when using sections in Loop Grid widget
Fix: Large amount of menu items are not appearing correctly on a mobile device in Nav Menu widget
Fix: Featured Image does not change dynamically when using infinite/click pagination in Loop Grid widget
Fix: Removed action call of non-existent display_empty_cart_template() method in Cart widget
3.9.2 - 2022-12-21
Fix: JS events do not trigger in Popups (#20708)
Fix: PHP Errors appear when not using the toggle menu in Nav Menu widget (#18636)
Fix: Popups' backgrounds disappear when using Lazy Load Background Images experiment
3.9.1 - 2022-12-14
Fix: WooCommerce Product Gallery dynamic tag is not working in Basic Gallery, Gallery and Image Carousel widgets (#20678)
Fix: Hide Empty option is not working in Menu Cart widget
Fix: The Stripe Button widget doesn't work in Templates
3.9.0 - 2022-12-06
New: Added support for WooCommerce to Loop Builder (#20020)
Tweak: Added more options to 'Show up to X times' advanced rule in Popups (#8187)
Tweak: Allow saving and reloading a page while editing in-place loop item template (#19882)
Tweak: Added $location param to elementor/theme/get_location_templates/template_id hook (#18453)
Tweak: Removed redundant labels from group controls (#11666)
Tweak: Added support to use sections and columns as the layout structure of a Loop item template
Tweak: Disabled movement when a repeater item is in focus in edit mode
Tweak: Upgrade the autoprefixer package to better minify CSS files
Tweak: Removed duplicate SQL queries on every page for better performance
Tweak: Improved License validation mechanism to avoid limitations
Tweak: Added more units options to Border Width control in various elements
Tweak: Added em units to Border Radius control in various elements
Tweak: Added 'Equal height' functionality to Loop Grid widget
Fix: Issue with Related Products widget and WooCommerce Pixel Manager plugin (#16934)
Fix: My Account widget gets hidden when using a single page template with post content (#19627)
Fix: Cart is not updated when cache enabled in Menu Cart widget (#19312)
Fix: Entrance animations are not working as expected with Infinite Loop and Load on CLick pagination in Loop Grid widget (#20293)
Fix: Loading page issues in Form Submissions screen (#19973)
Fix: Recently Edited date and time not working as expected in Elementor Overview plugin in WordPress dashboard (#17966)
Fix: Recurring license mismatch error message when using translators plugins
Fix: Submenu items triggers page transition instead of opening in Nav Menu widget
Fix: Query values of Posts widget are not imported correctly when importing a Kit
Fix: Loop items are exceeding the widget boundaries in Loop Grid widget
Fix: Order by option is not working as expected when choosing Upsells, Cross-Sells and Related Products query in Products widget
Fix: Various widgets disappear in certain scenarios when choosing direction Row or Column in Container
3.8.2 - 2022-11-21
Fix: Z-index issues when applying sticky to Container
Fix: Error message appears on front with Editor and Shop Manager roles when using the Loop Builder widget
3.8.1 - 2022-11-07
Fix: Sticky inner section is not staying in the column when applying sticky option in Sections (#20203)
Fix: Post Title widget located in a loop item template disappears when enabling the hide title option inside page settings (#20207, #20255)
Fix: ACF Dynamic data not rendering correctly in various scenarios (#20235, #20258, #20277)
Fix: Z-index issues when applying sticky to Container (#20227)
3.8.0 - 2022-10-30
New: Introducing Loop Builder as a beta status experiment - Create powerful & repeating loop templates and populate each one with dynamic content and design flexibility (#4440)
Tweak: Add wp_body_open() to header in Header template (#11562, #15828, #13089)
Tweak: Added support border-radius option to the Code Highlight widget (#14316)
Tweak: Import/Export CLI and UI mechanisms were merged into a unified service
Tweak: User with no permission to Notes cannot be mentioned in a note
Tweak: User with no permission to view a post cannot be mentioned in a note
Tweak: Notes was added to the right click context-menu
Tweak: Notes panel can be resizable
Tweak: Notes panel can be dragged outside of the canvas in responsive mode in the editor
Tweak: Updated form validation messages translation strings in Form widget
Tweak: Updated translators comments
Tweak: Theme Builder logo and Title should be clickable
Tweak: Reduced API requests and DB calls on non-write setup
Tweak: Added media queries to the Table of Contents widget
Fix: Sticky option is not working as expected in various scenarios in Container (#18357, #19540, #19618, #19777, #19827)
Fix: Mixed Content errors on HTTPS in Video Playlist Widget (#18895, #18945)
Fix: Note's timestamp is being updated according to the last activity in Notes (#19123)
Fix: Accessibility attribute role=navigation is redundant in Nav Menu widget (#17582)
Fix: Accessibility attribute role=navigation is redundant in pagination in Posts widget
Fix: Share buttons is accessible with keyboard but not clickable
Fix: Sub-items icons style is missing in preview with Inline Font Icons experiment in Nav Menu widget
Fix: Quotes are appearing as HTML when editing a note in Notes
Fix: Label's Icon height increases when Inline Font Icons experiment is active in Hotspot Widget
Fix: Sub conditions of templates are not overridden when importing a Kit
Fix: X/Y Anchor Point controls were not visible for Scale and Rotate effects
Fix: PHP warning notice appears in some situations when using motion effects
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