Ekattor School Management System PHP Script

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Ekattor School Management System

Download Free Ekattor School Management System PHP Script v6.1

Ekattor School Management System PHP Script Free Download 6.1 – CodeCanyon | Ekattor School Management System PHP Script is the most comprehensive and adaptable school management system available on the Envato market. It is a school echo system that integrates instructors, students, parents, and other school personnel into a single automation software. This comprehensive bundle includes an advanced backend ERP, a frontend school website, and an iOS and Android mobile app.

Who is Ekattor for?

Ekattor ERP can be used by any educational institution. For example, school, college, and university. You can also keep an eye on and regulate the branch school administration. Ekattor is useful for those in positions of power, such as administrators, teachers, students, parents, accountants, and librarians.

Academic activities

The academic activities features aid in the operation of classrooms and other educational activities, which include various features.


Students’ attendance can be taken by the superadmin, administrator, or teacher in order to track academic achievement. Attendance can be viewed by students and parents via their panel.

Class routine

The class routine aids in the completion of normal academic activities. The class routines for various classes are created by the superadmin and admin. Students and parents are able to see class routines.



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