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Easy Digital Downloads Nulled WordPress Plugins Free Download
Easy Digital Downloads Nulled WordPress Plugins Free Download

Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Addon v3.1.2

Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Addon v3.1.1.8 | Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Addon Nulled v3.1.1.8| Join 50,000+ smart business owners who use Easy Digital Downloads Nulled to easily manage their store and sell everything from eBooks, to WordPress Plugins, PDF Documents, and more. No code required.

easy-digital-downloads-all-addons-pack-nulled.zip (LATEST)

We believe in your unlimited potential

Unlimited products, unlimited transactions, no monthly fees.

Get paid effortlessly

Provides flexible payment options, including support for popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, as well as subscriptions, giving customers a range of options to pay in a way that suits them.

Easily offer discounts

Effortlessly create highly customizable discount codes that can increase conversions, with options for one-time discounts, maximum discounts, and custom date ranges.

Not just a payment form

With the robust ecommerce platform that comes with a full-featured shopping cart, Easy Digital Downloads allows you to sell digital products with ease and manage your online store efficiently. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of customization options, Easy Digital Downloads Nulled is an excellent choice for anyone looking to sell digital goods online.

Unlimited file downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a platform for selling digital products that does not impose any additional bandwidth charges on file downloads. This means that you can sell and distribute your digital products without worrying about any extra fees based on the amount of data transferred to customers.

Customer-first focus

We offer stunning WordPress blocks that seamlessly integrate with the platform, enhancing the customer experience from start to finish. With our intuitive blocks, customers can easily manage their accounts and checkout in style.

Automatic access control

With Easy Digital Downloads Nulled, you can rest easy knowing that our secure file delivery system logs every customer interaction, giving you complete control over your business. Sleep soundly knowing your digital products are in good hands.

Over 100 integrations

With numerous integrations with popular services like Stripe, PayPal, and Mailchimp, Easy Digital Downloads Nulled empowers business owners to seamlessly manage their digital products. This extensive range of integrations with leading services allows business owners to automate their workflow, increase efficiency and drive growth.

Make data-driven decisions

Easy Digital Downloads Nulled provides comprehensive reporting tools that enable store owners to analyze their sales, customers, and products, helping them make data-driven decisions to boost their conversions and drive business growth.



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easy-digital-downloads-all-addons-pack-nulled.zip (LATEST)

Easy Digital Downloads Addon List

  • Easy Digital Downloads PRO v3.
  • Easy Digital Downloads GetResponse v2.1.7
  • Easy Digital Downloads Wysija / Mailpoet 1.4.4
  • Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing v3.8.7
  • Easy Digital Downloads Invoices v1.3.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads myCred Gateway v1.2.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Commissions v3.5.3.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads All Access v.
  • Easy Digital Downloads MailChimp v3.0.16
  • Easy Digital Downloads Campaign Monitor v1.1.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Limit v1.2.23
  • Easy Digital Downloads Zapier v1.3.11
  • Easy Digital Downloads Stripe Payment Gateway v2.9.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Frontend Submissions v2.7.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Slack v1.1.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Gravity Forms Checkout v1.5.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Content Restriction v2.3.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Campaign Tracker v1.0.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads User History v1.6.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads PayPal Commerce Pro v1.0.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Reviews v2.2.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Conditional Gateways v1.0.4
  • Easy Digital Downloads Checkout Fields Manager v2.2.0.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT v1.5.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Custom prices v1.5.8
  • Easy Digital Downloads Duplicate v1.0.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Gateway Fees v1.5.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Pushover Notifications v1.3.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Simple Shipping v2.3.12
  • Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments v2.11.9
  • Easy Digital Downloads ConvertKit v1.0.10
  • Easy Digital Downloads Custom Deliverables v1.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Sequential Order Numbers v1.0.11
  • Easy Digital Downloads Coupon Importer v.1.1.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads ActiveCampaign v2.0
  • Easy Digital Downloads Add to Cart Popup v1.1.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Pdf Invoices v2.2.30
  • Easy Digital Downloads Conditional Success Redirects v1.1.8
  • Easy Digital Downloads Acquisition Survey v1.0.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads PayPal Pro and PayPal Express v1.4.7
  • Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Sequential Order Numbers v1.0.10
  • Easy Digital Downloads Email Reports v1.0.8
  • Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Reports v1.0.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Resend Receipt v1.0.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Sendy v1.1.4
  • Easy Digital Downloads Discounts Pro v1.5.0
  • Easy Digital Downloads Widgets Pack v1.2.8
  • Easy Digital Downloads Coinbase Payment Gateway v1.2.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Authorize.net v.2.0.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Wallet v1.1.7
  • Easy Digital Downloads Points and Rewards v2.1.11
  • Easy Digital Downloads Download Image Watermark v1.1.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Currency Converter v.2.2.0
  • Easy Digital Downloads Amazon S3 v2.3.13
  • Easy Digital Downloads Fraud Monitor v1.1.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Recommended Products v1.2.13
  • Easy Digital Downloads Cross-sell and Upsell v1.1.9
  • Easy Digital Downloads Featured Downloads v1.0.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Free Downloads v2.3.10.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Message v1.2.4
  • Easy Digital Downloads Braintree v1.2.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads Conditional Gateways v1.0.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads 2Checkout Payment Gateway v1.3.13
  • Easy Digital Downloads Git Download Updater v2.0.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads Xero v1.2.12
  • Easy Digital Downloads Wish Lists v1.1.10
  • Easy Digital Downloads Upload File v2.1.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Per Product Emails v1.2.4
  • Easy Digital Downloads Manual Purchases v2.0.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads File Store for Dropbox v2.0.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Compare Products v1.1.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Gift LearnDash Courses v1.1.0
  • Easy Digital Downloads License Free Download v1.0.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads Restrict Content Pro Member Discounts v1.1.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Favorites v1.0.8
  • Easy Digital Downloads Keep Add To Cart v1.0.0.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads PayPal Adaptive Payments v1.3.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Variable Pricing Switcher v1.0.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Check Payment Gateway v.1.3.4
  • Easy Digital Downloads AWeber v.2.0.9
  • Easy Digital Downloads Updates v.1.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Social Login v.2.5.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads PDF Vouchers v2.2.0
  • Easy Digital Downloads ClickBank Gateway v1.3.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads EDD Social Discounts v2.0.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Discount Code Generator v1.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads iDevAffiliate v.1.3.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads Fields v1.1.0
  • Easy Digital Downloads ZenDesk Support Addon v1.3.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads Git Update Downloads v1.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads Payza Payment Gateway v1.0.5
  • Easy Digital Downloads Password Meter v1.2.1
  • Download Email Attachments for EDD v1.1.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Product Updates v1.2.7
  • Easy Digital Downloads Recently Viewed Items v1.0.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads SOFORT Banking v1.0
  • Easy Digital Downloads Mad Mimi v1.0.2
  • Easy Digital Downloads Envato Integration v1.0.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads Per Product Notifications v1.2.4
  • Easy Digital Downloads Multi Currency Addon v1.0.0
  • Easy Digital Downloads Duplicate Downloads v.1.0.1
Easy Digital Downloads Free Download

easy-digital-downloads-all-addons-pack-nulled.zip (LATEST)

Changelog Easy Digital Downloads Nulled, MAY 1, 2023
Security: Improved validation for edd hooks., APRIL 21, 2023
Fix – Blocks: Harden blocks loader to verify files exist before requiring them., APRIL 20, 2023
Improvement: Removed a possible unsupported PHP configuration from the email summaries.
Improvement: The edd_get_users_purchases function has been updated to account for customer email address changes.
Improvement: Reports have been updated to more accurately account for timezones and date ranges.
Improvement: The onboarding wizard loading was not allowing a close and exit after the first step.
Improvement: License key handling for 3rd party extensions has been accounted for.
Improvement: When using sequential order numbers, searching has been updated to account for order number.
Improvement – Stripe: The Payment Element has been improved to handle failed 3DS challenges.
Improvement – Stripe: Failed payment attempts are now more reliably accounted for.
Improvement – Stripe: The Payment Element billing fields can now be filtered.
Improvement – Stripe: The Payment Element now supports mandates, improving multi-regional payments.
Improvement – Stripe: The ‘Card Name’ field is re-introduced for regions that require it.
Improvement – Blocks: Better support for custom fields with the Checkout Block.
Improvement – Blocks: Developers can now register custom columns for the User Downloads block.
Improvement – Blocks: The Buy Now button can now have its behavior defined as Add to Cart or Buy Now.
Fix: Discounts with high value amounts were not saving correctly.
Fix: Bulk Editing prices was not working with WordPress 6.1+.
Fix: Exporting product sales was not always respecting the date range filters.
Fix: Exports with date queries were not always accounting for timezones accurately.
Fix – Blocks: Cart section headings were not always displayed when reloading the section via AJAX.
Dev: New custom hooks in database row transitions have been added., MARCH 23, 2023
Improvement: The orders list table in the admin now sorts orders by date as the default.
Improvement: Removed unnecessary options in the onboarding wizard.
Improvement – Stripe: Store owners can now control which payment methods to accept within their Stripe account.
Improvement – Stripe: We’ve added a better explanation for the Restrict Stripe Assets setting.
Change: Translations are now always managed by WordPress.org.
Fix: Existing tables might not have been updated correctly.
Fix: Attempting to update the default email address from the profile editor could fail in some circumstances., MARCH 17, 2023
Improvement: The order details screen in the admin has been updated to use the Currency class to be consistent with customer receipts.
Improvement: Determining whether a plugin is a core extension for telemetry data has been improved.
Fix: Enabling/disabling the sequential order numbers setting no longer prompts an upgrade notice, since that setting does not affect past orders.
Fix: When exiting the onboarding wizard, the double overlay has been removed.
Fix: The typos in the pro eligibility pointer notice have been corrected.
Fix: The user verification email could cause a fatal error with some translations.
Fix – Stripe: Improve custom Payment Element rules to merge with existing.
Fix – Stripe: Single price products purchased through “Buy Now” no longer have a price ID assigned in the order items table.
Dev: Using get_page_by_title has been deprecated in WordPress 6.2; our importer has been updated accordingly.
Dev – Stripe: Unneeded source files are no longer included in the release., MARCH 14, 2023
Fix: Ensure that Stripe only tries to verify the domain for Apple Pay when Stripe is connected.
Fix: PHP 7.1 Compatibility with Stripe.
Improvement: Avoid a race condition when updating where a function might not be available for a moment.
New: New installations will be directed to an onboarding wizard to help set up key features and get new stores up and running more quickly.
New: Users with an active pass can manage extensions with one license key and easily upgrade to Easy Digital Downloads (Pro).
New – Stripe: Our Stripe integration now uses the Universal Payment Elements and Link support. Legacy users are encouraged to opt in.
New – Blocks: A new EDD User Downloads block has been registered to show users the files they can download.
Improvement: Trashed orders can now be deleted in bulk.
Improvement: EDD’s metaboxes have been moved up in priority when editing a download.
Improvement: Reports styling has been updated to account for different graph types.
Improvement: The Product Sales export tool has been added back to the Reports > Export screen.
Improvement: EDD telemetry tracking has been completely rewritten to anonymize data collection.
Improvement: The extensions licensing screen has been updated to improve messaging and the license management experience.
Improvement: Querying for a customer by email address has been improved to include all email addresses.
Improvement: The PayPal Commerce connection error messaging has been updated to give users more information to help troubleshoot before contacting support.
Improvement: Improved performance when using order related functions which have been updated to accept the order object directly.
Improvement: EDD admin screens now show only EDD notices.
Improvement – Blocks: New installs will automatically use the checkout block instead of the legacy shortcode.
Improvement – Blocks: The Login Page and Login Redirect Page settings have been reordered.
Improvement – Blocks: When adding the EDD Buy Button to a download, the current download is set as the default.
Improvement – Blocks: Additional security has been added to the checkout, login, and register blocks.
Fix: Report charts could group orders by date incorrectly when dates spanned a change in Daylight Savings.
Fix: In some cases, the customer database table was not getting the updates needed.
Fix: An additional security check has been added to the system info file download form.
Fix: The ajax spinner could be duplicated on the checkout screen for stores which collect taxes.
Fix: Stores with quantities enabled could experience unexpected behavior on checkout.
Fix – Stripe: Support links have been updated.
Fix – Blocks: Some themes/plugins caused the checkout forms script to not be enqueued.
Dev: The new minimum WordPress version is 5.4.
Dev: The new minimum PHP version is 7.1.
Dev: The edd_sanitize_amount function has been updated for PHP8 compatibility.
Dev: Notifications are now registered as an EDD component.
Dev: Notifications can now be registered locally.
Dev: Additional debugging has been added if a legacy payment cannot be migrated due to invalid payment metadata.
Dev: The discounts HTML is now always filterable, even if there are no discounts applied.
Dev: Code for the legacy WordPress media loader has been removed., FEBRUARY 9, 2023
Improvement: The PayPal Backup IPN now sends the payment date when handling a renewal from Recurring Payments.
Improvement: Further improve the AJAX download search.
Fix: Improved reliability with the PayPal API.
Fix: Some plugins could conflict with the login URL filter to customize the login page.
Fix: It is now possible to deselect a page in the settings after it’s been set.
Fix: All documentation links have been updated to use the new locations.
Fix: Some passwords could not be validated when using the login form on the checkout page.
Fix: The orders export did not allow only orders with a specific status to be exported., JANUARY 25, 2023
Improvement: New customer report tiles now only count customers with purchases.
Improvement: The email address field at checkout now adheres to the database schema and limits to 100 characters.
Improvement: Further improve the AJAX download search to be more accurate.
Fix: Earnings exports report now accounts for partially refunded orders.
Fix: Added validation to prevent duplicate order addresses from being inserted.
Fix: When saving a non-variable product, an empty post meta value was being saved.
Improvement – Blocks: Updating the wording for the Disable Redownload setting if the block is available.
Fix – Blocks: Added sanitization to the ‘additional classes’ block setting before rendering the block., JANUARY 5, 2023
Improvement: The cart performance has been improved by disabling tax rate lookups when a customer address is supplied, but taxes are disabled.
Improvement: Reports now factor in order item adjustments like negative fees.
Improvement: The Downloads list table now loads faster on sites with a large number of download categories.
Improvement: The Sales REST API Endpoint was updated to respect the new order statuses in EDD 3.0.
Improvement: Improve semantic markup by not allowing two of the same ID attribute for redirect to checkout buttons.
Improvement: Discount code lookup performance has been improved when looking up a discount by the discount code.
Fix: Looking up payments with a Download ID that was a string or integer would return incorrect or no orders.
Fix: Reduced the number of HTTP calls that the notifications API can make per day.
Fix: Avoid the “Request-URI Too Long” error when performing multiple actions in a row on list tables.
Fix: Negative fee amounts are now properly considered when determining an item’s final price in the cart.
Fix: PayPal: Arabic characters in download names could cause an unexpected error during checkout.
Fix: PayPal: The backup IPN is not loaded if the PayPal integration is not connected.
Fix: PayPal: The payment_date field was assumed to be present when processing the backup IPN.
Fix: The edd_get_payment_amount function could improperly return an empty string instead of a float value.
Fix: Add to cart buttons were not using the token values to improve caching compatibility.
Fix: When many items were purchased at once, some order item download links were not working due to an improper status.
Fix: Hardened the search query for the AJAX endpoint for searching for downloads by title., NOVEMBER 23, 2022
Improvement: The PayPal webhook connect/disconnect process has been improved to ensure proper webhook delivery.
Improvement: An IPN Backup has been added to the PayPal gateway, to avoid missing webhooks that may have been disconnected.
Fix: PayPal Buy Now functionality has been fixed for guest users.
Fix: Exporting orders was including orders with the Trash status.
Fix: Trashed orders were showing in the purchase history shortcode (templates updated: history-downloads.php and history-purchases.php).
Fix: The file downloads graph was formatting integers as currency.
Fix: Searching by download ID on the Orders list table was not working.
Fix: In some timezone settings, the reports could incorrectly display.
Fix: Determining if a product can be purchased was improved for performance.
Fix: Switching gateways when resuming an order was resulting in the wrong gateway value being added to the database.
Fix: The migration process can now identify custom discount meta for migration to the new adjustment meta table.
Fix: Non-Standard (but still supported by WordPress) directory structures could fail if the site_url and home_url were different.
Fix: Discount amount calculations were assuming that the discount has Price ID assignments.
Fix: Logging in from the {receipt_link} in emails now properly redirects the user to the receipt page.
Fix – Blocks: The checkout block could prevent purchases if a logged in user did not have a name already.
Fix – Blocks: The Order History block no longer shows Trashed orders.
Fix – Blocks: Incompatible combinations of settings on the Checkout block could produce a fatal error., OCTOBER 27, 2022
New – Blocks: The registration block now supports the WordPress password strength script.
Improvement: The products API now includes the product permalink.
Improvement: The user registration process and messaging has been updated to more closely match WordPress Core.
Improvement: Searching in the product dropdown is now restricted to titles only.
Improvement: The no-js/js class switcher has been prefixed and made more specific.
Improvement: Editing a bundled product has been updated to be more performant.
Improvement – Blocks: Fees in the cart/checkout blocks have been updated to more closely match cart items and other amounts.
Improvement – Blocks: Update block definitions so that icons show on the repository.
Improvement – Blocks: The order history block filter has been updated to not override filtered values.
Improvement – Blocks: A filter has been added to the Terms block to allow users to filter the query.
Fix: The 3.0 migration for customer addresses could create duplicate addresses.
Fix: A redundant database update for customer addresses was removed from the 3.0 migration.
Fix: The main checkout function now checks directly for the checkout block rather than relying on a filter.
Fix: The Tools screen could time out on a site with a large number of products.
Fix: The options for bundled products now show the general product in addition to each price option.
Fix: For some time zones, reports could show incorrect dates for a range such as “last quarter”.
Fix: The block editor was not showing the correct list of authors for a download.
Fix: Some settings for the legacy cart widget could not be disabled once saved.
Fix: Customer names with unexpected characters could be improperly interpreted by spreadsheet apps.
Fix – Blocks: The checkout helper function was incorrectly returning true.
Fix – Blocks: The cart block is now disabled in the block editor.
Fix – Blocks: The purchase link filter could incorrectly override previous adjustments to the button class.
Dev: The CLI order migration has been updated to allow partial order migrations., OCTOBER 21, 2022
This is a very minor point release, with a single change to try and correct an issue within the PayPal API that is causing 403 and 400 errors.
It is not intended to resolve the issue within PayPal’s API, but offer us some time to continue to work with PayPal to solve the issue long term without it impacting customer’s purchases.

IMPORTANT: If you have been experiencing issues with the PayPal webhooks, please update EDD and visit Downloads > Settings > Payments > PayPal and re-check your payment status and sync webhooks.
Fix: Attempts to create a specific user-agent to send to PayPal for webhook validation to avoid 403/400 errors., OCTOBER 8, 2022
Fix: With taxes enabled, updating the address fields in the shortcode would replace the cart with the cart block.
Fix: The dashboard widget was not using the order currency to display amounts for recent orders.
Fix: No JS fallback buttons were being improperly toggled by JavaScript changes.
3.1, OCTOBER 6, 2022
New: Websites running WordPress 5.8 and above (and PHP 7.0 or greater) have access to ten new registered EDD blocks.
New: Store owners can receive weekly or monthly email summaries of their store’s performance.
New – Blocks: A new EDD Products block has been registered to display downloads.
New – Blocks: A new EDD Terms block has been registered to display download categories or tags.
New – Blocks: A new EDD Buy Button block has been registered to display a purchase button for any download.
New – Blocks: A new EDD Cart block has been registered to show either a mini or full cart anywhere on your site.
New – Blocks: A new EDD Order History block has been registered to show a customer’s order history.
New – Blocks: A new EDD Login block has been registered to render a login form which supports a full lost password recovery flow and reCAPTCHA support.
New – Blocks: A new EDD Registration block has been registered to render a registration form which includes reCAPTCHA support.
New – Blocks: A new EDD Receipt block has been registered to show a customer’s receipt. This receipt supports guest purchases.
New – Blocks: A new EDD Confirmation block has been registered to show some order details when successfully completing a purchase.
New – Blocks: A new EDD Checkout block has been registered to completely update the EDD checkout experience. This block is still considered to be in beta.
Improvement: Store owners can now require that a user be logged into their account to download files.
Improvement: The CLI migration to EDD 3.0 has been updated to improve memory usage for larger stores.
Improvement: The PayPal Commerce button is disabled until required fields have been completed.
Improvement: Relative date ranges are now compared against similar ranges in reports.
Improvement: Report line graphs with multiple scales now use unique y-axes to display data.
Improvement: Development asset files have been removed from the final build.
Improvement: Updating download calculations has been moved from the order completion process to a slightly delayed cron event.
Improvement: Dismissing the advanced filters on the order table has been improved.
Improvement: Filters have been added to prevent certain logs from being recorded.
Improvement: EDD registered pages now show in the pages list table.
Improvement: The order ID column in the orders table no longer has a constrained width.
Improvement: Store admins can now view the customer receipt from a link on the orders table.
Improvement – Blocks: A confirmation page/block has been registered to separate the order completion view from the receipt.
Improvement – Blocks: If the core EDD cart and terms widgets are not already in use on the site, they will not be displayed in the block editor as legacy widgets.
Improvement – Stripe: Session validation throughout Stripe actions has been updated to improve reliability.
Improvement – Stripe: Error messages have been updated to help customers with failed purchases know what action to take.
Improvement – Stripe: Supported payment methods are included in the gateway registration.
Improvement – Stripe: Optimized validation during checkout.
Improvement – Stripe: Optimized cleanup of logging.
Improvement – Stripe: Added better checkout session handling.
Fix: Resetting the store was incorrectly deleting discounts and tax rates.
Fix: The price option assignment for variably priced bundled product conditions could be incorrectly assigned.
Fix: Report graphs could be inaccurate when grouping by month due to time zone adjustments.
Fix: Querying the Stats API for a store using a UTC relative time zone would crash the site.
Fix: Calculations for report tiles have been updated for consistency.
Fix: The edd_load_gateway JavaScript hook is now triggered when only one gateway is active.
Fix: Adding an adjustment on a manual order could cause unexpected cursor behavior.
Fix: Using edd_insert_payment with incomplete data now creates an order if possible, or fails without errors if not.
Fix: Legacy log functions now query logs correctly.
Fix: Stores with more than 30 tax rates now can view all rates on the settings screen.
Fix: Deleting a customer now properly deletes their orders as well.
Fix: It is now possible to set a 0% tax rate for a region to exclude taxes from being collected for that region even if a country wide rate exists.
Fix: When selecting a gateway and refreshing the checkout screen, some browsers could fail to load the payment fields.
Fix: Searching the orders table for a discount code which does not exist now correctly returns no orders.
Fix: The customers API endpoint now uses the correct parameters to return data.
Fix: When registering a new user from an EDD form, spaces were incorrectly removed from user names.
Fix: When the browser timezone differed from that of the Store, line graphs could offset the points from the gridlines.
Fix: Users with the shop worker role were not able to create new downloads.
Fix: Upon activation, EDD could have thrown a PHP notice about the orders table not existing on new installs.
Fix – Stripe: Customers were not always automatically logged in with Auto Register’s successful purchase setting.
Fix – Stripe: When changing the store mode, the Stripe admin notice displayed incorrectly.
Dev: Legacy compatibility code has been removed from the downloads metabox.
Dev: A filter has been added to the customer row actions.
Dev: Drop-ins have been added to the system information file.
Dev: Templates which have been overridden now show in the system information file.
Dev: Test mode can now be activated by setting a constant and the setting will reflect this.
3.0.4, SEPTEMBER 6, 2022
Fix: Stripe Pro license key detection was not working on older versions of the Stripe Pro gateway.
Fix: Hour by hour graphs that spanned more than one day would group all data into the first day.
Fix: Reports that span more than one year would group stats by month only.
Fix: Some of the report tiles were not accurately accounting for refunded orders.
Fix: The purchase receipt was limited to only showing 30 items.
Fix: When using persistent object caching, discount codes would not always update immediately.
Fix: When manually adding a new order, region based tax rates were not updating.
Fix: Improved migration of order address data when checking tax rates of previous orders.
Fix: The stats API endpoint data did not match the reports data. This improves the iOS app accuracy.
Fix: The template modification checks for 3.0 compatibility were checking for modifications too often.
Fix: Guest customers using an email address associated with an existing user were not always connected.
Fix: When editing an order’s address, it was not always saving changes.
Dev: Actions were added to the edd_add_customer and edd_update_customer functions.
3.0.3, AUGUST 16, 2022
New: Added support for Global Tax rates as a fallback with the new Tax Rates UI.
Fix: The old ‘fallback tax rate’ was not imported as a new tax rate.
Fix: Improved discount code validation with product restrictions and requirements.
Fix: Viewing a custom report with a date range over 2 days could throw an undefined variable notice.
Fix: Single priced downloads were showing incorrect stats in reports.
Fix: Adding a download to a new order would not let you manually set prices in Safari.
Fix: When an order with a discount code is deleted, the discount code’s usage count is decreased.
Fix: The total refund amount tile was incorrectly calculating the relative percentage.
Fix: The customer table upgrade assumed the table prefix hadn’t been changed after installation of EDD 2.x.
Fix: The 3.0 migration could incorrectly identify a price ID as invalid and set it to the default price ID.
Fix: The file download log could produce an notice if a file had been deleted from a product.
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