Easy Digital Downloads Stripe Payment Gateway Addon v2.8.0

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Easy Digital Downloads Stripe Payment Gateway Addon

Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Stripe Payment Gateway Addon v2.8.0

Easy Digital Downloads Stripe Payment Gateway Addon Free Download 2.8.0 – EDD | Easy Digital Downloads Stripe Payment Gateway Addon v2.8.0 extension enables stores to accept credit card payments on their websites. What is more – this extension is the most feature-rich integration of Quick Digital Downloads payment gateways. There is no better option than Stripe when you’re selling digital goods on your website.

Stripe is the leading online credit card processing option; it’s also the popular Easy Digital Download bonus payment gateway – and that’s our preferred choice!

Gain more money

Our comprehensive analysis found that Stripe Download Store receives an average of 47 percent more revenue than PayPal. Make use of powerful features such as subscriptions, on-site checks and saved cards to increase and make more money.

Checkout on-site

The check-out page for all eCommerce sites is the most critical page on the whole site. It is critical to provide a simple, reliable and rapid way for buyers to provide you with money. With Stripe, customers will never be redirected to complete payment elsewhere. All transactions are safely completed on your platform.

The number, expiry and CVC fields of the credit card may also be combined or kept separate.

Subscriptions Subscriptions

Our experience and that of many other online sellers was that the acquisition of new customers almost always costs much more than the retention of past customers. Using Stripe and our Repetitive Payment extension to deliver subscriptions that will massively boost customer retention!

Configure your goods so as to charge consumers on a recurrent schedule before they cancel their subscription – even before you launch a free trial!

For anyone who sells software licenses, services, courses, all access passes and much more, this is extremely powerful. Streamlined and completely optimized, with the Stripe Payment Gateway extension, there’s no need for consumers to manually return and order again.

Saved credit cards

Shop on your platform without hassle, enabling customers to pick previously used cards. By adding Stripe, consumers can safely save their credit cards, providing a smooth shopping experience when they return to their shop.

Additionally, all customers can add, delete, and change their saved cards by logging into their account on your site. This makes the buying process quicker and simpler, saving customers time and making you more money. And to ensure that customer data is safe at all times, Stripe securely stores and presents the information, ensuring that no confidential data is ever stored on your site.

Payments for pre-approval

If you need to collect and check customers’ payment details and want to process the fee at a later date, this extension is the solution. When buying your items, customers can complete a standard checkout process and manually authorize or decrease payment from your dashboard.

Comprehensive refunds

Refunds are never fun, but they’re simple at least with Stripe. You can do it by one click from your dashboard instead of wasting time logging into your Stripe account and returning money to your customers. Edit all payment documents, change the refund status, and Quick Digital Downloads do the rest!



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