Duplicator Pro v4.5.4 – Site Migration & Backup Plugins For WordPress Nulled

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Duplicator Pro - WordPress Site Migration & BackUp

Download Free Duplicator Pro – Site Migration & Backup Plugins For WordPress Nulled v4.5.4

Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin Free Download 4.5.4 Nulled – ThemeForest | Duplicator Pro v4.5.4 – WordPress Site Migration & BackUp helps you to save your lots of precious time while installing the same theme, plugins or other content on all your sites. Instead of manually configuring the same pro themes and premium plugins over and over, just configure one site and bundle it into a Duplicator package. Then install the package to create a pre-configured site on as many locations as you want!

Duplicator Pro Features

Duplicator Pro is the ultimate Duplicator software with many features that you will love.

  • Drag and Drop Installations – drag and drop an archive to the destination location!
  • Scheduled backups
  • Cloud Storage for Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Amazon S3 and FTP/SFTP.
  • A special 2-step streamlined installer mode for mega-fast installs
  • For very rapid site restorations, Recovery Points are available
  • Support for Managed hosts like WordPress.com, WPEngine and GoDaddy Managed.
  • Multi-threaded support for larger websites & databases
  • All multisite WordPress networks can be migrated in one go
  • As a standalone website, install a multisite subsite
  • Database and user creation using the installer of the cPanel api
  • Installer allows you to connect directly to cPanel
  • Notifications by email
  • Support from professionals
  • And much more!

Super Simple

Engineered with simplicity, elegance, and no unnecessary features.

Premium Support

You can rest assured that our support team will quickly solve any issues you may encounter.


Duplicator Pro uses proven technology that runs on more than 700,000+ websites.

Eliminates the need to work!

Two words: Preconfigured Sites

Duplicator is a great tool to save time if you have the same theme, plugins, or content installed on all of your WordPress sites.

Instead of configuring the same themes or plugins repeatedly, you can just create one site and bundle it with a Duplicator package. To create a pre-configured website in as many places as you like, simply install the package.

Migrate WordPress Sites Easily

Duplicator creates an archive that bundles all of the site’s themes, plugins, content, and WordPress files into one zip file known as a package. The package can be used to migrate WordPress sites to any other location. You can move to any server or across servers. WordPress does not need to be installed, as the package includes all site files.

PRE-Bundled Sites

Duplicator allows you to create your own sites from pre-configured templates. This eliminates the need for rework. Duplicator allows you to create one site instead of configuring the same theme, plugins, or content multiple times. You can easily migrate your WordPress site to multiple locations once you have the bundle site.

Other useful features

Drag and Drop

Duplicator Pro now supports Drag and Drop site restores and migrations. Drag the site archive from the bundle to the site that you want to overwrite.

Large-Site Support

The new package engine works faster with larger sites. Confirmed migration for a site of 100GB!

Recovery Points

Recovery Points provide protection against errors and bad updates by quickly rolling back your system to a good, known state.

Backup Limits

To prevent over-staging your cloud or local storage, limit the number of backups you have.

Single File Packages

Duplicator Pro bundles all your sites into one archive. This is unlike other plugins which create many files that are difficult to manage.


Besides standard single sites, Duplicator Pro supports multisite network backup & migration. A subsite can be installed as a separate site.

Support for Managed Hosts

You can easily migrate to managed hosts. WordPress.com, WPEngine and Liquid Web Managed are supported.

Streamlined Installer

Installing in just two steps is possible with the new simplified installer mode. A four-step advanced installer mode is also available.

Auto Database Creation

You can easily select existing cPanel users and databases, or create new ones from scratch without leaving the installer.

Notifications by email

You will immediately know if Duplicator is having problems with a backup, has times out, or requires some attention.



Download Nulled Duplicator Pro v4.5.4(12) Download Nulled Duplicator Pro v4.0.6.2(196)


  • Multisite Support
  • Large Database Support
  • Backup Limits
  • Filter Data
  • Auto Database Creation
  • Easy Plugin Updates
  • Email Notifications
  • Larger Package Support
  • Database File
  • Advanced Options

Changelog Duplicator Pro Nulled WordPress Plugin

V4.5.5 / 2022-7-18


[NEW]: Split and adapted form tables for 3 different kinds of S3 providers, including one specialized for Backblaze.
[UPD]: Improve recovery point UI with help icons
[UPD]: Added a feature to remove unused plugins and themes
[UPD]: Improved handling of installer file name and filters applied to it in the code
[UPD]: Removed usage of DUP_PRO_RestoreOnly_Package class
[UPD]: Improve scanner message for mixed-case DB tables names
[UPD]: Improved scheduled build email with additional information about the package
[UPD]: “Save Brand” button disabled except when it is needed.
[UPD]: Disable notice that recommends Duparchive on a new site
[UPD]: Exposed real region values in UI for Amazon S3 Direct storage, next to the human readable strings
[UPD]: Added a specific error message for cases where the archive package file is missing
[UPD]: Updated phpseclib to the latest version
[UPD]: Make multisite tab (build step 1) visible for all license types, but only enabled for Business and Gold
[UPD]: The tmp folder will be emptied every 24 hours
[FIX]: Eliminated image overflow problem in branding preview
[FIX]: Fixed strings referring to Amazon S3


[NEW]: Added a feature to remove users without permissions
[UPD] Showing correct message on AJAX error with status code and appropriate documentation link
[UPD]: Improved the Cleanup Labels in the Advanced Installer
[UPD]: Added an explanation to help for the Cleanup options
[UPD]: Prevent click of browser backward and forward buttons
[UPD]: Introduced a new archive check for manual extracts
[UPD]: Encapsulated the check for manual extracts case and installation directory existence
[FIX]: Fixed invalid charset and collate replace bug
[FIX]: Fixed the missing getSuperAdminsUserIds method in DUPX_MU
[FIX]: Create new tables option not to trigger the count of affected tables
[FIX]: Fixed a bug that was preventing the installer to work if “Create Database” is selected in the first step Patch Release Date: 2022-2-1
  • PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
  • WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
  • Tested up to: 5.9

[FIX]: Fixed SFTP data storage
[FIX]: Enhanced import logic to account for case when hosting prevents PHP files from being executed inside wp-content
[FIX]: Added preliminary check when setting up the Recovery Point to make sure recovery is possible. Patch Latest-Stable Release Date: 2022-2-4
  • PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
  • WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
  • Tested up to: 5.9

[FIX]: Fixed problem that prevented sites with expired certificates from importing.
[FIX]: Fixed problem with serialized objects getting corrupted when they had non-breaking spaces between strings.


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