Droppy – Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled v2.4.6

Droppy - Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled

Download Free Droppy – Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled v2.4.6

Droppy PHP Script Free Download 2.4.6 – CodeCanyon | Droppy Nulled is an internet-based file-sharing service which allows you to share files with friends and colleagues. You can send the files by email , or copying a unique URL.

The files are kept on the server, and (when activated) Droppy will encrypt them so that nobody can access them. For instance, Droppy Nulled PHP Script will automatically remove the files following the stipulated time period or after all users have download the files.

Droppy Nulled Features

  • Multi-file support
  • Assistance for multiple recipients
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Email files to share
  • Files can be shared using a link
  • Automatically deleting files after a specific time period or the number of downloads
  • Secure uploads with passwords
  • File encryption
  • Chunked uploads of files
  • Verification of email
  • Automatic upload resumes after connection loss
  • Option to select the default upload recipients
  • User accounts
  • Login required for upload or download pages
  • Fullscreen backgrounds (image / video)
  • Space to display 2 different AdSense ads
  • Fully translatable, and support for multi-language support.
  • Contact form built into the form.
  • Terms and information about pages
  • Admin panel
  • Statistics on download and upload
  • Change the settings of your site
  • Control all downloads and uploads
  • Control all email templates
  • Control all background
  • Manage users
  • Control the settings for uploads
  • Create a custom analytics code
  • Four different themes are included.
  • Make changes to the entire application in one click.
  • S3 support using the S3 Add-on of Droppy to connect to AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, Digitalocean Spaces and numerous other S3 compatible endpoints! – (optional)
  • FTP and SFTP support by using the FTP Add-on for Droppy – (optional)
  • Support for subscriptions using an optional subscription support add-on – (optional)
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Changelog Droppy – Online File Transfer and Sharing

V2.4.7 (14 November, 2022)


  • Issue that caused upload folders to stay on the webserver when external storage plugin was installed.
  • Limit issue on admin user page
  • Email recipient list splitting


  • Some parts of the user authorization process
  • Droppy log to download button


  • Translation files

V2.4.6 (13 October, 2022)


  • Support for uploading folders
  • Authentication support for future add-ons
  • Download expiration time to download page
  • More options for email list pasting such as spaces ” ” or semicolons “;”


  • Issue that caused the amount of upload expire time options to be limited
  • Some general bug fixes and textual changes
V2.4.0 (21 January, 2022)
- Fixed issue with base URL in custom navbar pages
- Fixed issues with email verification form
- Email verification code form can now be submitted using the enter button
- Added cron job to clean up pending email verifications
- Added "view video" button to video backgrounds on the backgrounds page in the admin panel
- Improved session security

V2.3.9 (5 January, 2022)
- Added email verification option to verify the sender's email address using a verification code
- The change language tab will now stay hidden when there's only 1 language available
- Language select list is now sorted in alphabetical order
- Site logo is now clickable and points to home page
- Added advertisement space to mobile version

V2.3.8 (7 November, 2021)
- Added option to add custom pages and tabs
- Added expiration date to admin uploads page
- Added recaptcha to normal user login
- Improved loading of animated icons

V2.3.7 (2 October, 2021)
- Fixed issue where incorrect file sizes were shown on the download page
- Fixed issue where removing file from upload selection would cause the total to reset to 0
- Fixed tab window size issue on ipad
- Fixed logging issue
- Added extra margin to captcha on contact form
- Updated French and German translation files
- Removed "Powered by Droppy" from admin page