Droppy (v2.6.0) Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled Free Download

Droppy - Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled
Droppy - Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled
Droppy – Online file transfer and sharing

Droppy Online File Transfer and Sharing Free Download v2.6.0 – CodeCanyon | Droppy Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled v2.6.0 is an internet-based file-sharing service which allows you to share files with friends and colleagues. You can send the files by email , or copying a unique URL.


The files are kept on the server, and (when activated) Droppy will encrypt them so that nobody can access them. For instance, Droppy Nulled PHP Script will automatically remove the files following the stipulated time period or after all users have download the files.


  • Multi-file support
  • Assistance for multiple recipients
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Email files to share
  • Files can be shared using a link
  • Automatically deleting files after a specific time period or the number of downloads
  • Secure uploads with passwords
  • File encryption
  • Chunked uploads of files
  • Verification of email
  • Automatic upload resumes after connection loss
  • Option to select the default upload recipients
  • User accounts
  • Login required for upload or download pages
  • Fullscreen backgrounds (image / video)
  • Space to display 2 different AdSense ads
  • Fully translatable, and support for multi-language support.
  • Contact form built into the form.
  • Terms and information about pages
  • Admin panel
  • Statistics on download and upload
  • Change the settings of your site
  • Control all downloads and uploads
  • Control all email templates
  • Control all background
  • Manage users
  • Control the settings for uploads
  • Create a custom analytics code
  • Four different themes are included.
  • Make changes to the entire application in one click.
  • S3 support using the S3 Add-on of Droppy to connect to AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, Digitalocean Spaces and numerous other S3 compatible endpoints! – (optional)
  • FTP and SFTP support by using the FTP Add-on for Droppy – (optional)
  • Support for subscriptions using an optional subscription support add-on – (optional)
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Changelog Droppy – Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled

V2.5.6 (22 October, 2023)
- Added automatic browser language detection support, make sure to properly setup your locale values in your language settings.
- Added option to edit languages
- Added password reset feature to admin panel
- Added option to set a different admin url path
- Added ability to login using local Droppy accounts when Active directory is connected
- Changed logging level when in development mode
- Fixed some general issues and improved code quality

V2.5.5 (2 October, 2023)
- Fixed some issues that caused Droppy to stop working in PHP 7, although it's still recommended to use PHP 8.0 or higher
- Fixed issue that caused the mobile logo to not be shown on the mobile version of Droppy
- Added extra connection checks to auto-updater
- General bug fixes and improvements
- Added extra debugging lines

V2.5.4 (7 September, 2023)
- Added option to set different mobile logo that is shown on the mobile version of Droppy
- Added missing accept terms option back and moved it to the "General settings" page in the admin panel
- Added PHP 8 check
- Added option to set the order of the pages (Menu order)
- Fixed timezone setting not being used in the admin panel
- Fixed issue with "View terms" button on the accept terms window by introducing a new page type "Terms of service"

V2.5.3 (3 September, 2023)
- Added option to create multi-language pages
- Moved about and terms pages to the new multi-language page system
- Improved plugin loading

V2.5.2 (8 July, 2023)
- Fixed issue that caused mail to be sent to empty email address on upload destruction
- Fixed dark mode issue for uploads table in admin panel
- Added SMTP connection tester to admin panel email settings
- Added option to admin panel to set frontend date format
- Added option to admin panel to set session expiration timeout

V2.5.1 (21 May, 2023)
- Added support for PHP 8.2+
- New documentation content and styling
- Fixed admin panel uploads page navigation issue
- Improved authentication
- Updated spanish translation

V2.5.0 (13 March, 2023)
- Added thumbnail generation for "large" images when file preview is enabled
- Added improved uploads table to admin panel including the option to filter records
- Added uploads export option to admin panel
- Improved file preview layout
- Increased length of background path and url
- Decreased concurrent uploads to prevent possible server issues and improve performance
- Fixed some styling issues for the premium add-on
- Changes for upcoming premium add-on update

V2.4.9 (12 February, 2023)
- Fixed issue that caused upload button to no longer work after clicking it once when the fields are empty
- Updated translation files

V2.4.8 (30 January, 2023)
- Added confirm delete upload page when file sender deletes upload
- Added extra info to self-destruct option in admin panel
- Added message to admin panel when using PHP 8.2 or higher
- Fixed upload spamming by blocking the upload button until upload starts
- Fixed error issues in log
- Fixed missing assets errors
- Fixed issue that caused htaccess to get removed from temp upload folder
- Updated plugin list in admin panel

V2.4.7 (14 November, 2022)
- Fixed issue that caused upload folders to stay on the webserver when external storage plugin was installed.
- Fixed limit issue on admin user page
- Fixed email recipient list splitting
- Changed some parts of the user authorization process
- Changed droppy log to download button
- Updated translation files

V2.4.6 (13 October, 2022)
- Added support for uploading folders
- Added authentication support for future add-ons
- Added download expiration time to download page
- Added more options for email list pasting such as spaces " " or semicolons ";"
- Fixed issue that caused the amount of upload expire time options to be limited
- Some general bug fixes and textual changes

V2.4.5 (17 August, 2022)
- Fixed issue that caused incorrect email error when trailing blanks were added in the email address
- Fixed issue with the background on login page
- Fixed issue that caused about tab to stay visible on mobile when the contents were empty
- Fixed issue that allowed upload button spamming and multiple verify emails to being sent
- Fixed issue that caused uploads with share mode link to still send out emails to uploaders
- Updated translation files based on customer input
- Updated core framework

V2.4.4 (18 July, 2022)
- Fixed issue with incorrect pointer icon on file previews
- Fixed issue where temp folder wasn't automatically cleared in some setups
- Fixed missing translation for "Preview files" text
- Fixed some dutch translations
- It is now possible to preview download details and view file previews when the upload is password protected

V2.4.3 (11 July, 2022)
- Fixed issue that caused cron to not work properly when using the S3 add-on
- Fixed issue that caused the user to be redirected to a white page when the download password was incorrect
- Fixed possible download issue with systems that were upgraded from Droppy V1 to V2
- Fixed some issues with IP logging
- Fixed some mobile height issues
- The terms and about tabs will now be hidden when their content is empty
- Added file previews on download page (optional feature)
- Added new directory permission checks to admin panel
- Deprecated: Themes "default", "grey" and "oldtimer" are now deprecated and will no longer be supported. Please use the new "modern" theme.

V2.4.2.1 (15 May, 2022)
- Quick patch for issue that caused downloads to fail with the old themes

V2.4.2 (5 May, 2022)
- Fixed an issue that caused the downloading of files not to work in some mobile browsers
- Fixed an issue that caused some incorrect tabs to be shown in the header when using the Premium add-on

V2.4.1 (17 March, 2022)
- Fixed issue where upload buttons wasn't showing in the latest update of Safari
- Added message to download page when using Facebook in-app browser

V2.4.0 (21 January, 2022)
- Fixed issue with base URL in custom navbar pages
- Fixed issues with email verification form
- Email verification code form can now be submitted using the enter button
- Added cron job to clean up pending email verifications
- Added "view video" button to video backgrounds on the backgrounds page in the admin panel
- Improved session security

V2.3.9 (5 January, 2022)
- Added email verification option to verify the sender's email address using a verification code
- The change language tab will now stay hidden when there's only 1 language available
- Language select list is now sorted in alphabetical order
- Site logo is now clickable and points to home page
- Added advertisement space to mobile version

V2.3.8 (7 November, 2021)
- Added option to add custom pages and tabs
- Added expiration date to admin uploads page
- Added recaptcha to normal user login
- Improved loading of animated icons

V2.3.7 (2 October, 2021)
- Fixed issue where incorrect file sizes where shown on the download page
- Fixed issue where removing file from upload selection would cause the total to reset to 0
- Fixed tab window size issue on ipad
- Fixed logging issue
- Added extra margin to captcha on contact form
- Updated French and German translation files
- Removed "Powered by Droppy" from admin page

V2.3.6 (19 September, 2021)
- (Modern theme) Added translation for connection issue popup
- (Modern theme) Added translation for "no expire" option
- (Modern theme) Added option to specify multiple default recipients in "Default recipients" input and added email select dropdown to upload form
- (Modern theme) Added option to hide "Share type" option from upload form
- (Modern theme) Added option to hide "Destruction" option from upload form
- (Modern theme) Added option to specify default expiration time
- (Modern theme) Fixed possible auto-fill issues on password input
- (Modern theme) Fix expiration date being shown on download page when upload expiration is disabled
- Fixed JS error in admin panel
- Fixed destruction email not being sent immediately when the upload is marked as inactive

V2.3.5 (2 September, 2021)
- Added upload expiration option to upload form
- Added dark mode toggle to admin panel
- Added missing "My account" page to admin panel
- Fixed issue where download link in sender email would not work
- Fixed issue in admin panel where clicking on the logo would not bring you back to the admin home page
- Fixed styling of email settings page in the admin panel
- Fixed infinte reloading issue on system page
- Fixed issue where htaccess message was incorrectly showing
- Moved upload settings to separate page in the admin panel

V2.3.4 (31 August, 2021)
- Redesigned admin panel
- Added recaptcha to admin panel login
- Added debugging mode
- (Modern theme) Added automatic upload resume on network failure
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue with error message and help message showing at the same time
- (Modern theme) Advanced upload options will now open faster
- (Modern them) Small mobile improvements

V2.3.3 (21 August, 2021)
- Added changes for upcoming premium add-on update V2.0.10
- Small database performance improvements to upload handler
- Improved session handling
- (Modern theme) Fixed some small styling issues on mobile
- (Modern theme) Fixed some inconsistency issues with the help info popups
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where user login page wasn't shown properly on mobile
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue with closing tab window on download page
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where it wasn't possible to switch language on the download page
- (Modern theme) Added extra font smoothing and backup fonts
- (Modern theme) Language selection will now be blocked while uploading
- (Modern theme) Fixed language selection not working on download page
- Fixed issue where upload wouldn't work properly when there were no blocked file types specified
- Redesigned installation page

V2.3.2 (18 August, 2021)
- Added extra security checks to check if the application/.htaccess file exists.
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where incorrect download password didn't show error message.
- (Modern theme) Fixed upload form height issues on mobile devices
- (Modern theme) Fixed missing line-breaks in download message and made the message scrollable
- (Modern theme) Fixed upload percentage not always showing immediately
- (Modern theme) Fixed auto-fill issue on email to field
- (Modern theme) Added total files left indicator
- (Modern theme) Added small border to tab window
- Added option to specify the upload ID length
- Added option to auto-fill sender email on next site visit

V2.3.1 (11 August, 2021)
- Improved uploading of large selection of files (100+)
- Added ability to specify email button color for each theme
- (Modern theme) Added logout buttons to modern theme
- (Modern theme) Added option to specify different theme colors (can be found on the themes page)
- (Modern theme) Fixed text sizing issue on Safari
- (Modern theme) Added help popups to upload option section

V2.3.0 (5 August, 2021)
- Added option to disable IP logging
- Changes for Premium add-on V2.0.9
- Fixed issue where default email to was not set

V2.2.9 (5 August, 2021)
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where background was not clickable
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where error message popup didn't disappear
- (Modern theme) Fixed issue where upload box corners weren't always round
- (Modern theme) Improved recipient adding process
- (Modern theme) Improved calculation of file sizes and progress size indication
- (Modern theme) Prevent auto-zoom on mobile
- Added extra database connection checks to the installation
- Updated german translation file
- Updated turkish translation file
- Small code improvements

V2.2.8 (31 July, 2021)
- Fixed issue with background transition not being smooth
- Fixed issue where missing mobile-header.php error was shown V2.2.7 (30 July, 2021)
- Fixed issue in modern theme where contact form was still shown when disabled
- Fixed issue where default share type wasn't working V2.2.6 (30 July, 2021)
- Added a complete new modern theme
- General bug fixes

V2.2.5 (17 July, 2021)
- Fixed invalid email error message
- Fixed missing asset in installation
- Fixed small issues with plugin pages
- Fixed custom upload directory feature
- Fixed issue where upload password was being autocompleted by the browser
- Fixed issue where download email was being sent when the admin or uploader downloads a file
- Fixed issue where Invalid email error was thrown when the email input field was empty but the recipient list wasn't

V2.2.4 (22 June, 2021)
- Fixed missing jquery file since update 2.2.3

V2.2.3 (21 June, 2021)
- Fixed issue where email fields weren't verified
- Fixed issue where "Okay" button was disabled on password protected uploads
- Minor changes for the premium add-on

V2.2.2 (12 May, 2021)
- Fixed issue with autofill of user email
- Added turkish translation

V2.2.1 (09 May, 2021)
- Fixed some installation issues
- Updated some libraries for the mobile version

V2.2.0 (07 May, 2021)
- Updated core framework
- Updated dependencies
- Small code improvements

V2.1.9 (10 July, 2019)
- Added option to define maximum upload chunk size in the admin panel
- Fixed an issue where downloads were corrupted

V2.1.8 (10 July, 2019)
- Fixed an issue where upload password field was locked for premium users
- Fixed an issue where the direct open link wouldn't open the right modal on the mobile version
- Fixed an issue with the favicon file not loading on download page.

V2.1.7 (10 July, 2019)
- Added a delay to the "Okay" button after starting the download
- Fixed an issue where {size} placeholder in emails was showing the incorrect file size
- Fixed an issue where meta keywords weren't included in the mobile version
- Updated the project framework
- Decreased the total project size of Droppy

V2.1.6 (31 May, 2019)
- Added validate email address function to contact form 
- Contact form will no longer disappear after sending an email
- The recaptcha in the contact form is now optional (Disable it by leaving the site key and secret key empty in the admin panel)
- Users will be redirect back to the home page when trying to access the /upload page
- Improved zipping speed, this causes a minor increase in file size
- Issue where browser would report errors when leaving the recaptcha site key empty
- Height of plugin views
- Issue with email library in PHP 7.2+
- Issue with automatic updater

V2.1.5 (7 May, 2019)
- Added separate translation values for contact input placeholders
- Fixed an issue with incorrect file size in emails when file is larger than 1 GB
- Fixed an issue with links not showing correctly in the success alert.

V2.1.4 (6 May, 2019)
- Added contact form (needs to be enabled in the admin panel)
- Added contact form settings to the admin panel
- Added recaptcha settings to the admin panel
- Added new manual update functions
- Added site keywords setting to the general settings page for SEO
- The file size in emails will now be shown as KB, MB or GB depending on the file size (Make sure to update your email templates)
- Changed the upload speed from Megabytes per second to Megabits per second (The speed most ISPs will advertise)
- The uploader will now show the total file size and file size left in Gigabytes when the total size is greater than 1000 Megabyte
- Fixed an issue with redirecting after selecting an email template language

V2.1.3 (29 April, 2019)
- Fixed an issue with redirect after logout in admin panel
- Fixed an issue that caused loading the wrong admin url when installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where admin users page pagination would not work properly
- Fixed an issue with redirecting to the home page after accepting the terms
- Added more checks to the installation (Checking if database credentials are properly entered etc.)

V2.1.2 (11 April, 2019)
- Fixed an issue where the dashboard button in the admin panel would redirect to the home page when installed in subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the logo wouldn't show in the admin panel when installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the admin logout button wouldn't work when installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the upload complete image wouldn't show when installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the upload password option would always be disabled
- Fixed an issue where mobile navbar would stay open after opening clicking one of the menu items
- Fixed an issue where the installation would not properly set the url to https when installing Droppy
- Fixed a possible memory leak in the file upload library

- Fixed issue with admin redirect when installed in subdirectory
- Fixed issue where adding language would not add the "directory" correctly.
- Fixed issue with new language email templates not loading properly.
- Fixed issue that caused the destruct email to be sent to an empty email.
- Fixed oldtimer theme page styling
- Fixed issue with emails not showing correctly when using specific SMTP providers
- The upload button will be disabled for a second to prevent spamming
- German translation

- Delete_old_date was set to true by default in the config.php, this is now set to false.
- Decreased automatic cleanup of failed/incomplete uploads to 12 hours
- Fixed issue where temp files weren't purged from the temp directory
- Fixed issue pagination on admin downloads page
- Fixed password always showing "Yes" on uploads page
- The error message "Some files were too large" will disappear when removing files from the queue.

- Fixed cancel button translation
- Fixed alignments ad section
- Fixed ad showing on login page
- Fixed issue where you couldn't remove a recipient from the list (Upload form)
- Fixed issue where ad wouldn't keep padding on top when adding a file/recipient

- Fixed issue where it was possible to submit upload without selecting files.
- Fixed issue with background video not scaling when changing screen width/height
- Fixed ad design (some alignment issues)
- Fixed some more issues with the email design of the sendEmailClean function
- Duration column to backgrounds page.
- You can now close the settings window by clicking the gear icon again.

- Fixed {start_password} and {end_password} not available in sender email.
- Fixed side window not closing on terms page
- Fixed mail logo not passed to sendEmailClean function

- Fixed some minor coding flaws
- Added {start_password} and {end_password} tags to email templates (All the text between these tags will not be shown when there's no password set)
- Admin panel login background

- Fixed issues with the upload size.
- Fixed missing popup when leaving the page while uploading.
- Fixed error not showing up when entering wrong password for upload
- Fixed error not showing up when there's an invalid login for the admin panel
- Fixed error message "no decode delegate"
- Fixed issue where some browsers weren't able to download encrypted files (file size in header was incorrect)
- Fixed the upload cancel button
- Added cache purge for browser cache.

- Fixed mouse hover on sidebar links.
- {password} email tag is back in the receivers email template
- Improved form validation
- Removed logo from mobile page
- Download page styling on mobile
- Issue where external plugin (S3, FTP) were not able to do uploads with more than 1 file.

- Issue where total upload size wasn't shown in the email (Caused by V2.0.2)
- Fixed issue where assets wouldn't load when Droppy is installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed email styling in outlook
- Fixed email styling on mobile
- Removed some debugging lines
- Issue where changing the default language from english to something else would cause errors to show up on different places
- Slightly improved authentication security
- Issue where website would be inaccessible/stuck while downloading.
- Fixed issue where S3 didn't show the file size while downloading.
- Option "Set default" to language page.
- Updater has been moved to external update library, with support for multiple SQL files.
- Site logo to the top of the emails
- Logout button when page is locked for upload or both download and upload
- New translation "logout"

- Language translation in javascript were always english (File upload alerts etc.)
- Reply-to email in the file receivers email has been changed to the sender's email address
- Fixed issue where there was no "Maximum files" alert after selecting too many files.
- Fixed issue where small file uploads (1-100 kb) would show 0 as total files and size.
- Fixed issue where modals on mobile wouldn't show on the download page
- Fixed issue where the "View terms" wasn't visible on mobile
- Some extra paddings on mobile
- Option to specify timezone (Settings -> General settings)

- Issue where uploads page wouldn't load in the admin panel
- Issue where the "Link" form would not load when the default has been set to "Link"
- Issue where destruct buttons would dissapear when set to "Yes"
- The accept the terms page was missing
- The installation will now the proper path to the language directories
- Fixed the path of "Here" button on the template page
- Fixed incomplete uploads cron
- Fixed files that are still uploaded even though you removed them from the file selection list.
- Fixed error message shown on the admin uploads page while someone is uploading a file.
- Option to specify the language directoy name and language name.
- Mobile version of Droppy has been added again.
- Added message column to uploads page
- Added grey border around the boxes
- Added delete_old_data option
- Added manual update option

- Entire codebase has been rewritten from scratch
- Chunked file uploads ! (Sending files to the server in small pieces)
- New background library for smoother transitions
- Specify the length(time) of each background
- New (more secure) password hashing
- Email placeholder {expire_time} format has been changed
- Backgrounds do now have their own page in the admin panel
- Setting a default language can now be done from the language page in the admin panel
- Encrypting method for files has been changed to openssl
- File decryption will now happen while downloading a file
- Site backgrounds are now shown on the login page

- {password} email tag has been removed
- Dropped support for PHP version lower than 7, PHP 7 or higher should be used from now on.

- Issue where user wasn't able to go to the download page after uploading (constantly loading until the actual upload finished processing).

V 1.4.6 (16 October, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue where upload was not assigned to premium user
* Added: "Are you sure" message to translation files

V 1.4.5 (31 July, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue when only 1 background image was uploaded
* Fixed: "Default email to" vulnerability
* Fixed: Theme preview links in the admin panel
* Fixed: Issue where upload progress wasn't showing when selected file was too large
* Fixed: Copy button on upload page
* Fixed: Some errors being caused by the loading of the plugins tabs
* Fixed: Issue with file deletion on report
* Added: Confirmation message on upload cancel
* Added: Arabic language file
* Removed: "Pages" tab from the admin panel

V 1.4.4 (09 April, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue where the background video wasn't showing when it was the only available background source.
* Fixed: Admin panel vulnerability.
* Fixed: Issue that caused the "Okay" button to redirect to the wrong location.

V 1.4.3 (19 March, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue that caused the page to become scrollable when a background video was playing
* Fixed: Issue where some themes weren't showing the upload settings sidebar correctly.
* Fixed: Improved fade-in and fade-out effect of video backgrounds.
* Fixed: Issues with filename escaping since update 1.4.0

V 1.4.2 (09 March, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue where premium plugin pages weren't showing on the mobile page.

V 1.4.1 (4 March, 2017)
* Fixed: Issue where "Upload not found" page was shown when the terms weren't accepted.

V 1.4.0 (27 February, 2017)
* Added: New improved file/directory structure.
* Added: New improved upload code.
* Added: New rewrite to access the pages more SEO friendly. (E.g http://yourdomain.com/page/premium). (The old URL still works)
* Added: You are now able to add an comma separated email list to the receiver field.
* Added: Confirmation popup when user closes website while uploading.
* Added: Support for background videos (MP4 only).
* Added: File upload encryption (This is an option and by default disabled).
* Fixed: Issue with special characters in file name.
* Fixed: Installation and upload issues when MySql strict mode is enabled.
* Fixed: Issue where old rows weren’t automatically deleted from the database (if enabled).
* Fixed: Report button on mobile version.

V 1.3.5 (14 February, 2017)
* Fixed: Vulnerabilities in the admin panel.

V 1.3.4 (28 January, 2017)
* Fixed: Included some missing stylesheets

V 1.3.3 (18 January, 2017)
* Fixed: Updated PHPMailer to prevent possible vulnerabilities.
* Fixed: The system will not be able create an upload with the same id anymore.

V 1.3.2 (28 August, 2016)
* Fixed: Issue where not destroyed files where removed from the DB.
* Fixed: Issue where message was not looking correctly on the download page.
* Fixed: Issue where file size in emails was incorrectly.
* Improved: Admin panel security
* Added: Support for new plugin
* Added: Cancel upload button
* Added: You can now upload/delete backgrounds through the admin panel.

V 1.3.1 (13 June, 2016)
* Fixed: Issue where download page was showing ?Upload not found? when the file was still processing.
* Fixed: Issue where file size was showing a negative number.
* Added: Function that will automatically remove an upload that is processing for more than 1 Day (86400 sec).
* Fixed: Some small typos, and improved coding.

V 1.3.0 (25 April, 2016)
* Added: Italian translation
* Added: Reply-To header to the emails
* Fixed: Issue where upload form was getting taller every time a recipient was added.
* Fixed: Issue with an empty email input.
* Fixed: Issue where it wasn?t possible to allow all file types.
* Fixed: Issue where it wasn?t possible to change the language on the mobile version.
* Fixed: File sizes are now more precise (MB / KB).
* Improved: Upload speed indicator.

V 1.2.9 (28 March, 2016)
* Fixed: Issue with Drag & Drop

V 1.2.8 (28 March, 2016)
* Added: Selected file list to mobile version.
* Added: "About us" tab to terms popup.
* Added: System requirements validation to the installation.
* Added: Updater will now remove the downloaded zip file after updating.
* Added: You can now leave the background URL inputs blank so it won?t redirect.
* Fixed: Issue where password was undefined (Always set)
* Fixed: Issue where remaining GB was incorrect after too many files were selected.
* Fixed: Issue where selected GB was incorrect.
* Fixed: Issue that was causing Safari to redirect on file selection.
* Fixed: Scrolling issue.

V 1.2.7 (1 March, 2016)
* Added: Drag & Drop functionality.
* Added: Possibility to add files from different folders/directories.
* Added: Possibility to drop a whole folder/directory.
* Added: List of selected files before uploading.
* Added: Option to remove a specific file before uploading.
* Added: ?None? as security option for the SMTP connection.
* Added: The upload section will now check the file file types before uploading.
* Added: Option to set the default email to which all uploads should go.
* Fixed: Issue where downloads were not counting.
* Fixed: Security issue with language function.
* Fixed: Issue where page crashes when language was not found.
* Fixed: Issue where background urls and images where not matching or incorrectly.
* Fixed: Issue where emails were sent to the spam folder.
* Fixed: Security issue with admin panel.
* Fixed: Issue with Turkish translation.
* Fixed: Some other small minor issues.
* Updated: Font-awesome.
* Improved: Upload system has become more ?stable?.

V 1.2.6 (19 December, 2015)
* Added: The update.php file will now remove itself after updating.
* Fixed: Issue where uploaded files were duplicated in the tmp/ directory.
* Fixed: Weeks, days, hours and months are now translatable.

V 1.2.5 (18 December, 2015)
* Added: Uploader can now download his/her own files.
* Added: Droppy will now remember the user?s language when sending the emails.
* Added: New improved email system.
* Fixed: Issue with errors on login page.
* Fixed: Issue with login background.
* Fixed: Issue with speed indicator.
* Fixed: Email styling for G-Mail and other email clients.
* Fixed: Empty emails when file was removed by cron job.
* Fixed: Some issues with accessing files (You are not allowed to view this file message).
* Improved: Some coding structure.

V 1.2.4 (13 December, 2015)
* Fixed: Email messages where empty when language was not set.
* Fixed: Issue where upload could be submitted with not valid email addresses.

V 1.2.3 (13 December, 2015)
* Added: View terms button to agree terms page.
* Added: Navbar to the mobile page (To view all the tabs).
* Added: Translatable email messages.
* Fixed: Issue where users weren?t able to visit the page while downloading.
* Fixed: Issue where accept terms was still showing up on mobile page.
* Fixed: Issue where password was always showing ?Yes? (Admin panel).
* Fixed: Issue where password field on was not checked if it was empty.
* Fixed: ?Email to? will now show the email instead of ?Droppy user?.
* Fixed: Some styling issues.
* Improved: Automatic updater.

V 1.2.2 (20 November, 2015)
* Added: The email recipients input will now be validated and checked if empty.
* Added: New system to check the latest version.
* Added: ?Uploaded of? to translation.
* Added: Upload speed indicator
* Added: Destruction date to download page.
* Added: Notification when update server is offline
* Added: Analytics code field to general settings page.
* Added: Option to force the users to accept the terms of service.
* Fixed: Issue where destruction email shortcodes where not replaced using admin destruction.
* Fixed: Issue where upload was not downloading.
* Fixed: Issue with advertisement on mobile page.
* Fixed: Some small issues with the download header.
* Fixed: Some minor styling issues.

V 1.2.1 (5 November)
* Fixed: Some general issues.

V 1.2.0 (2 November)
* Added: Some functions for future plugins
* Added: New time destruction system.
* Added: Option to disable/enable password function.
* Added: System log page (Admin panel).
* Fixed: Some misspelled text.
* Fixed: Some uploading issues.
* Improved: Mobile detection.

V 1.1.5 (5 October, 2015)
* Added: Function to add custom themes.
* Added: Plugin updater function.
* Added: Download email to download list
* Added: New (simple) theme.
* Added: Hand cursor when hovering over the background.
* Added: Default share type option.
* Added: Background is now randomised.
* Added: New admin panel design.
* Fixed: Some bug fixes.

V 1.1.4 (21 September, 2015)
* Fixed: Bug where users weren't able to download files.
* Fixed: Some updating issues.

V 1.1.3 (20 September, 2015)
* Added: Support for mobile/tablet uploading
* Added: ?Total downloads? value in the uploads table.
* Added: Remaining upload time while uploading
* Added: Mobile responsive
* Added: Turkish translation
* Fixed: Minor bug fixes
* Improved: Coding of the script
* Improved: Some re-designing

V 1.1.2 (30 August, 2015)
* Fixed: Minor bug fixes

V 1.1.1 (12 August, 2015)
* Fixed: Issues with the installation
* Fixed: Issues with automatic updater

V 1.1.0 (12 August, 2015)
* Fixed: Some updating issues
* Fixed: Logo height issue.

V 1.0.9 (11 August, 2015)
* Fixed: Issue when downloading multiple times.
* Fixed: Issue with Droppy logo won?t change.
* Added: Support for plugins
* Added: Automatic plugin installer
* Added: Automatic updater for Droppy (You can now update Droppy with 1 single click)
* Improved: Installation

V 1.0.8 (17 July, 2015)
* Fixed: Issue with cron job.
* Fixed: Issue with height of upload message area.
* Fixed: Problem when 1 single background has been set.
* Fixed: Problem with secret URLs that are allocated to the receiver of the file(s).
* Added: French translation.

V 1.0.7 (9 July, 2015)
* Added: Option to lock down the upload and/or download.
* Added: {email_list} tag.
* Added: {item_list} tag.
* Added: User can now select between multiple languages from the front page.
* Added: Advertising support.
* Added: Terms of service page.
* Added: About us page.
* Added: Copy URL button.
* Added: Function to disable the expire time.
* Added: More expire times (Months).
* Added: Reminder to change the tmp directory permissions.
* Added: Possibility to change the email receiver name.
* Added: Function to remove the added recipients
* Improved: Design of upload settings menu.
* Improved: Nearly all of the email tags are now available on all the email templates.
* Improved: Upload speed when using ?Link? function (message ?Generating Link? removed).
* Fixed: Some small email issues.
* Fixed: Max upload size will now show GB when higher than 1000MB
* Fixed: Some installation issues
* Fixed: Minor bugs.

V 1.0.6 (10 June, 2015)
* Improved: New upload system
* Improved: New download system
* Improved: URL privacy (No emails in the URL anymore)
* Improved: Windows OS improvements
* Added: Possible to sort table views in admin panel
* Added: Possible to view all the rows in tables
* Added: Option to automatically destroy file after certain amount of reports
* Added: Option to change the password and email of the admin user
* Added: Option to restore admin password
* Fixed: Small minor bug fixes

V 1.0.5 (4 April, 2015)
* Fixed: Minor bug fixes

V 1.0.4 (30 March, 2015)
* Added: Upload report system.
* Added: Social button links will now open in a new tab
* Added: Variable {download_btn}.
* Added: Variable {password}.
* Added: Clickable file id to uploads and downloads table in the admin panel.
* Added: Social buttons to all pages.
* Added: Social buttons will now open into a new tab.
* Added: Email when receiver has downloaded the file(s).
* Added: Error message when file size to large.
* Fixed: File names in a zip file will now be their old name.
* Fixed: Problems that not all the files were zipped into one zip file.
* Fixed: Some meta tags improvements.
* Improved: Better styling for the receivers section on upload page.
* Improved: Some styling and error messages.
* Improved: Responsive improvements.
* Improved: Uploading function.

V 1.0.3 (11 March 2015)
* Fixed: Bug droppy not working with subdirectory.
* Fixed: Some email template character coding.
* Fixed: Some little bugs.
* Added: {email_to} tag to the email templates.
* Added: Social buttons to the download page.
* Added: Option to admin panel to update your current url.
* Change: Made some small changes to the translation.

V 1.0.2 (8 March, 2015)
* Fixed: "-" and "," not working propperly in filename.
* Fixed: Social logo settings not working properly.
* Fixed: Upload settings section not closing/opening in some browsers.
* Fixed: Success message when user clicks the download button.
* Fixed: UTF-8 coding in email templates settings (Russian language etc.)
* Fixed: Translation bug.
* Added: Multiple website backgrounds with live update after set seconds.
* Added: Clickable background url per background image.
* Added: Email when destruct upload from admin panel
* Added: German translation.
* Added: Function to disallow specific file types
* Added: Download page in the admin panel.
* Added: {password} option added to email templates
* Changed: Replaced the social buttons (For future plans).

V-1.0.1 (3 March, 2015)
* Fixed: Some errors and bug fixes.
* Fixed: Email bug.
* Fixed: Translation bug.

V-1.0 (2 March, 2015)
* Release
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