Divi Supreme v4.8.76 – Custom and Creative Divi Modules Nulled

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Last updated on September 12th, 2022 at 04:30 pm

Divi Supreme - Custom and Creative Divi Modules

Download Free Divi Supreme – Custom and Creative Divi Modules v4.8.76 Nulled

Divi Supreme Pro with Divi Modules Free Download 4.8.76 – Divisupreme | Divi Supreme v4.8.76 – Custom and Creative Divi Modules is an amazing Divi plugin with everything you require to build stunning websites quickly. Excellent plugin that works in conjunction with Divi framework.

It unites elements that otherwise would require their own plugins or a number of custom CSS This is an absolute lifesaver and allows me to build websites much more effectively.

Effective, efficient, time and money

  • Economical, 49 Modules and 7 extensions in one PLUGIN
  • Coding skills are not needed
  • Quick and efficient
  • Access to all recently released modules, extensions and Free premium landing pages
  • Renewal Discount available
  • Simple to make use of

Easy to build better to build a better visitor experience

  • Created with clean code to ensure the smallest amount of amount of
  • Many options for beautiful subtle animations
  • Easy responsive editing
  • Complete design control
  • Convenient, accessible, and user-friendly
  • Integrates seamlessly with Divi

Reliable, trustworthy and reliable

  • The theme is built according to standards of the Divi quality standard and with collaboration with Elegant Themes
  • Compatible seamlessly with every Divi theme Child theme, Divi theme or Extra Theme
  • Quality, reliable and dedicated support
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Regularly, high-quality user reviews
  • Auto updates

Why Divi Supreme – Custom and Creative Divi Modules?

Discover your way through the Entire Suite of Divi Supreme Tools. In addition, you will find lots of innovative and high-quality Divi modules. Additionally, you can find extensions that are distinctive and beneficial that will alter the way you design using it.

Over 40+ premium Divi Modules and increasing to accelerate your process. With everything you need to create amazing websites with any effort.

With more than 15 effects to pick from, you can create amazing interactive content that can be converted. Make Flipboxes using Divi unlike ever before, without the need to learn Coding.

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Download Nulled Divi Supreme Custom & Creative Divi Modules 4.8.76(23) Download Nulled Divi Supreme Custom & Creative Divi Modules 4.8.40(284) Download Nulled Divi Supreme Custom & Creative Divi Modules 4.7.55(111)

Changelog Divi Supreme Pro Nulled Custom and Creative Divi Modules

4.8.76 – 09.09.2022

Added: Divi FAQ Module.

4.8.75 – 02.09.2022

Fixed: Divi Masonry Gallery module not showing up properly in Divi Advanced Tabs Module.
Fixed: Divi Embed Twitter Module not showing up on frontend.

4.8.74 – 24.08.2022

Fixed: Divi Image Carousel lightbox not working in some cases.
Enhanced: Divi Image Carousel lgihtbox with zoom effect.
Added: Srcset and Sizes attributes for Divi Masonry Gallery module.

4.8.73 – 22.08.2022

Fixed: Divi Library not showing up properly in Divi Advanced Tabs Module Option.
Enhanced: Data Attribute single quotes for Divi Card Carousel Module.

4.8.72 – 19.08.2022

Enhanced: Standardize all Divi Supreme Icons.

4.8.71 – 17.08.2022

Added: Divi Progress Bar Module.

4.8.70 – 15.08.2022

Fixed: Animation CSS file not loaded when using Divi Advanced Tabs Module.
Added: Tabs Wrapper Alignment in Divi Advanced Tabs Module.

4.8.69 – 09.08.2022

Fixed: PHP Warning showing up in some cases – Divi Advanced Tabs Module.

4.8.42 – 24.03.2022

Updated: CSS and JS files
Enhanced: Divi Flipbox child css selector due to Divi static css conflict.

4.8.41 – 23.03.2022

Fixed: Floating images not showing due to recent MacOS/iOS update.

4.8.40 – 18.03.2022

Fixed: Popup not working in Card and Card Carousel button.
Enhanced: Popup button target method.

4.8.39 – 16.03.2022

Fixed: Divi Card Carousel title header tag.

4.8.38 – 15.03.2022

Fixed: Popup link trigger.
Enhanced: Popup switching method.

4.8.37 – 11.03.2022

Added: Trigger by CSS Class for Divi Popup.
Fixed: Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in Card Carousel item.

4.8.36 – 11.03.2022

Added: Trigger by ID for Divi Popup.
Fixed: Cookie not defined causing popup not to show.

4.8.35 – 10.03.2022

Enhanced: Divi Popup js file size to 6kb, previously at 26kb.
Enhanced: missing a “SameSite” attribute for Divi Popup.
Fixed: Divi Facebook Like Button module width issue.
Fixed: Divi Image Hotspots CPT icon font size rendering in Builder.
Updated: cookie.js version

4.8.34 – 01.03.2022

Added: Overlay padding in Divi Masonry Gallery Module.
Added: Block elements styling in Divi Flipbox Module.
Fixed: Divi Card Module Text Alignment not working in frontend.

4.8.33 – 25.02.2022

Fixed: Easy Theme Builder for header top padding issue with Divi style css.
Enhanced: Divi Card Carousel JS $ not found in some cases.

4.8.32 – 24.02.2022

Enhanced: Move dsm_delete_library_transient outside of Popup Function.
Fixed: Divi Card Module overlay icon alignment.
Fixed: Divi Blog Carousel – Readmore button margin not working.
Enhanced: Divi Card Carousel now works with Conditions.
Fixed: Divi Masonry Gallery lightbox images not working in some cases.

4.8.31 – 18.02.2022

Removed: Force load required module styles for Blurb and Image module.
Fixed: Divi Icon list module CPT list-style-type.
Added: ID/CSS Input field to Divi Image Hotspot item.
Fixed: Divi Image Carousel module only showing the first world of Alt text.
Enhanced: Accept different condition for lightbox, custom URL and download for Divi Image Carousel module.

4.8.3 – 16.02.2022

Enhanced: Remove importancy on node element when using Easy Theme Builder.
Fixed: Safari Bug when using Supreme Image module.
Fixed: Parallax Background Effect for Divi Flipbox Module.
Fixed: Divi Card Carousel Arrow positioning.
Fixed: Divi Breadcrumbs module alignment on frontend.
Fixed: Divi Text Notation module when using Divi native animation.

4.8.2 – 14.02.2022
  • Removed: Dynamic Assets Notification.
  • Updated: Facebook SDK version to version 13.0.
4.8.1 – 12.02.2022
  • Fix: Enqueue magnific_popup css file if Dynamic Assets is enabled.
4.8 – 08.02.2022
  • New: Dynamic Assets for Divi Supreme Pro.
4.7.55 – 02.02.2022
  • Fixed: Divi Image hotspot item et_pb_border position value not correct due to Divi style static css.
  • Fixed: Divi Image Text Reveal not showing properly in Visual Builder.
  • Fixed: CSS global classes for equal height conflict.
  • Enhanced: Divi Facebook Page Feed Module width not correct due to lazyload in some cases.
  • Enhanced: Allow empty value for Divi Custom Attributes.
4.7.54 – 20.01.2022
  • Fixed: Fix Popup not showing when using Divi Builder.
  • Enhanced: Popup compatibility with Divi Theme, CPT and Divi Builder.
4.7.53 – 11.01.2022
  • Fixed: Fix Popup to prevent black overlay or duplicated popup.
  • Enhanced: Divi Icons for Popup Close Icon compatibility.
4.7.52 – 11.01.2022
  • Fixed: Popup Styling not rendering in Custom Post Type due to append wrapper.
  • Fixed: Undefined variable $attachments in Divi Masonry Gallery Module in some cases.
  • Added: Divi Extensions to show in Divi Icon module settings.
4.7.51 – 08.01.2022
  • Fixed: Missing PHP file for Divi Icon Divider Module (Thanks to Tommy).
4.7.50 – 07.01.2022
  • Enhanced: Load icons assets to Divi et_global_assets_list.
  • Enhanced: New Divi Icon update Compatibility.


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